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Byelaw of the Association

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  1. Name: The Society shall be called Calicut University Campus Alumni association(CUCA) Emblem-invited.
  2. Registered Office: The registered office of the Society shall be at Calicut University Campus, Calicut University P.O.
  3. Area of Operation: No geographical  limit.
  4. Objectives:   The following shall be aims and objectives of the Society.
    1. To facilitate interaction between old students of the entire Departments of Calicut University Campus, which includes university centres at (29 Departments) Palayad, Thrissur and Vatakara.
    2. To promote and support research and academic activities of the University teaching departments of the campus.
    3. To promote social and cultural activities of former and current students of the Departments of University Campus.
    4. To encourage and appreciate academic and other outstanding achievements of the Departments/Faculty.
    5. To establish endowments and scholarships.
    6. To award incentives/prizes for outstanding contributions of scholars.
    7. To raise and administer funds for the society (contribution-collection).
    8. To acquire hold and transfer properties both movable and immovable for the above purpose.
    9. To act as a discriminating agency for transmitting knowledge, help the students to find out job opportunities through placement cell and other academic works in India and aboard.  To provide service to the people.
  5. The Association shall be non-profit sharing and no member shall have any proprietary right or interest in the assets and liabilities of the society.  Net income arising out of the activities of the Association shall be ploughed back into the funds of the Association and no portion thereof shall be paid as dividend to the members.
  6. Membership:  Membership of the Association is open to all former students, of full time/part time courses of the Departments of the Calicut University campus, which includes centres at Palayad, Thrissur and Vatakara.
    1. Membership:  Application for membership shall be made in the prescribed form signed by the applicant accompanied by the requisite fee.
      1. Membership in the Association shall be of the following categories:
      2. ‘Founder Members’ means those who took initiative in the formation of the Association and paid the prescribed fee to the Association.
      3.  ‘Life members’ means members who contribute a sum of Rs.2,000/- to the Association.
      4. ‘Ordinary members’ means members who contribute an amount of Rs.150/- (enrolment fee of Rs.50 + Rs.100 membership fee) which have to be renewed every year.
      5. ‘Honorary members’ means the teaching staff of the Departments/Statutory Officers, University of Calicut other than Alumni.
      6. Every member, other than Honorary members, shall have a right to vote in the meeting of the Association.
      7. The Association shall maintain a register of members and it shall be open to inspection by all members. 
      8. A member may resign from the society with 15 days’ notice.
      9. The ordinary members shall lose their membership temporarily if they default in the payment of annual subscription for a continuous period of 3 years.  Re-admission is at the discretion of the Executive Committee.  In such case the fee for enrolment and membership has to be remitted (Re-Registration).
    2. Governing Body (Executive Members)
      1. The society shall be governed by a Body of Executive Committee consisting of 15 members elected by the General Body in addition to 1 President;  2 Vice-Presidents;  1 Secretary; 3 Joint Secretaries and 1 Treasurer.
      2. The members of the Association shall be elected by the members of the General Body in the Annual General Body Meeting according to the rules mentioned below.
      3. The members elected by the General Body shall hold office for a period of one  year.
      4. The members of the Executive Committee shall not be entitled to any remuneration.
      5. The Executive Committee shall meet at least once in three months.
      6. Quorum for Executive Committee meeting shall be 1/3 of the total members.
      7. The Executive Committee shall be convened by the Secretary.
      8. Proceedings of the Executive Committee meeting shall be recorded in a Register maintained for such purpose.
      9. A person who is not a member of the General Body shall not be elected to the Executive Committee.
      10. Any vacancy in the Executive Committee arising out of death, insanity or resignation of a member may be filled up by the Association.
    3. Duties of the Committee
      1. Duties of the President:

The President shall preside over all meetings of the Society.

      1. Duties of the Secretary:

Secretary is the Chief Executive Officer of the Society and shall convene the meeting with the consent of the President.  He/She shall be the custodian of all records and properties and shall discharge all administrative duties approved by the Association.

      1. Duties of the Vice-President:

In the absence of the President, any one of the Vice-President shall preside over all meetings of the Society.  In the absence of the President and the Vice-President, the President of the day shall be elected from amongst the members present.

      1. Joint Secretary:

In the absence of the Secretary, the Joint Secretary shall discharge all the duties assigned to the Secretary.

      1. Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer is the sole responsible person to maintain all accounts in a proper manner.

    1. Powers of the Association.
      1. The affairs and properties of the Society shall be vested in the Executive Committee and shall be subject to the supervision and control of the General Body.
      2. The Executive Committee shall have powers to appoint staff and fix their terms of service.
      3. The Executive Committee shall have powers to incur necessary expenditure for managing and carrying out the objectives of the Association.
      4. The Executive Committee shall have powers to open accounts with any scheduled, co-operative or nationalized bank or banks.  Such accounts shall be opened by three members and operated by the Treasurer and the President.
      5. The Executive Committee shall maintain all books of accounts.
      6. The Association shall have powers to borrow funds, receive donations to raise funds according to the requirements of the Association.
      7. The Association shall cause the accounts to be audited annually.
      8. Every transaction of the Society shall be decided in the meetings of the Executive Committee or supported by a resolution validly passed subject to ratification in the next meeting of Executive Committee.
      9. In case of equality of votes, the President of the meeting shall exercise a casting or second vote.
      10. Any vacancy in the Executive Committee shall not affect the validity of the proceedings of the Executive Committee if quorum is there.
      1. All members of the Association constitute the General Body and the general body meeting of the members of the Association shall be held annually on November  of every calender year (3rd Saturday) to transact the following business:
  1. Approval of audited balance sheet and Income and Expenditure account of the Association.
  2. Approval of the Secretary’s Report.
  3. Election of members to the Executive Committee when such election falls due and the presentation of the new budget.
  4. Suggestions or recommendations of the members regarding the policies of the Association.
  5. Consideration of such ordinary matters as approved by the President.
  6. Amendments, if any, in the Rules of the Association about which clear intimation is given through the notice for the Annual General Body Meeting with a majority of 3/5th of the members present.
      1. Notice under sub-clause 7.6.2. above shall state the venue, date and time for the meeting and also the agenda for the meeting, including the Audited Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account and Secretary’s Report.
      2. Fifty percent of the members of the Society may in writing request for convening a Special General Body Meeting to consider specific issues.  The Secretary shall convene a Special General Body Meeting within 30 days from the date of receipt of such requisition in consultation with the Executive Committee.
      3. Quorum for any General Body Meeting shall be 10% of the total members of the Association.
      1. The funds of the Association shall be those funds which are brought into the accounts of the Association.
      2. The Treasurer or any other official of the society shall not keep with him funds of the Association exceeding Rs.1,000/- not more than one week.
      3. Assets of the Association shall be such properties, movable and immovable, of the Association as shown in the Register of Assets of the Society.  The Register shall show the nature of the property, its value and the nature of the right of the Association over the same.

In case of dissolution, the properties (movable and immovable) and funds shall be transferred to the Calicut University fund after the settlement of the obligations and liabilities of the Association.
1. Fund utilisation: The fund shall be utilised for achieving the objectives noted under rules 4.1 to 4.9.

    1. No-confidence motion: Each and every member has the right to bring a no-confidence motion against the governing body (body of Executive members), provided such notice for non-confidence is signed by a minimum of 10% of total members of the Association.
    1. Records to be kept: 
      1. Byelaw of the CUCA.
      2. Minutes of the executive meetings.
      3. Minutes of the members showing name and address.
      4. Accounts of the Association.

We affirm that the above is the true copy of the Byelaw of Calicut University Alumni Association and which was approved by the general body meeting held on ( Date………) and that the above rules are framed in accordance with section 13 and 14 of society Registration Act XXI 1860