1. Check List for Starting new Colleges


2. List of Affiliated Colleges under University of Calicut


3. Proforma To Accompany the request for Continuation of Provisional Affiliation


4. Form for Starting of Additional Courses/Permanent Increae of Seats


5. Report of Inspection for Continuation of Provisional/Permanent Affiliation


6. Proforma to Undertaking


7. Affidavit and Legal Scrutiny Certificate


8. Guidlines for Marginal Increase-UG Programmes in the colleges for the academic year 2014-2015


9. Fee stucture-Starting of New Colleges and New Courses


10. Circular for starting new colleges,new courses and permanent increase of seats in affiliated colleges-during the academic year 2015-2016 and 2016-2017


11. Marginal increase of seats for the existing UG/PG Programmes in the existing colleges for the academic year 2014-15


12. Report of Inspection for continuation of Provisional Affiliation


13. Affliation---Colleges and courses--Fee Structure for Govt/Aided/unaided Colleges-Consolidated-- Modified--Revised orders issued


14. Dissaffilation of Courses-Imposing of disaffiliation fee for courses in the Colleges


15. Affliation -Reallocation of seats for B.Ed course among different optional subjects-Fee for reallocation per optional subjects --fee fixed


16. Pernanent increase of seats for the exsting courses in the existing Arts and science Colleges from the academic year 2015-16 onwards_sanctioned


17. Marginal increase of seats for the UG and PG Programmes for the academic year2015-16