University of Calicut
College Development Council


College Data Management System (CDMS) is indigenously developed software to manage the data related to the colleges affiliated to the University of Calicut. The software has three dimensions that facilitate University level data management, college level data entry and web based data publication.
College Development Council officials can log in the CDMS to monitor college data under their domain. Each official is provided with ID and Password for this purpose.
 College Principals are to enter the data related to their colleges. They can submit data to the University server through CDMS only when all the segments are completed.

The data segments are:

  1. 1. Basic Data.
  2. 2. Principal Data.
  3. 3. Manager Data
  4. 4. Other Officers Data
    1.        a. NCC Officer
    2.        b. NSS Officer
    3.        c. Public Information Officer
    4.        d. SC/ST Officers
    5.        e. Students Grievance Cell Officers
    6.        f. Women Cell Officers
  5. 5. Programme Data.
  6. 6. Admission Details.
  7. 7. Faculty Details.
  8. 8. Infrastructure
    1.        a. Basic Facilities
    2.        b. Non-Teaching Staff
    3.        c. Building Facilities
    4.        d. Events and Jobs
    5.        e. NCC Details
    6.        f. NSS Details
    7.        g. Other Details
    8.        h. Achievement and Description About College

    9. Principals will get User ID and Password through the college email ID Those who have not availed the university mail service shall get it from the Director, CUCC, and University of Calicut by producing an attested copy of the Affiliation Order.
      All the data entered by the Principals will be treated as authentic and official since they will be published on the University Website for public view. More so, the same data will be used for various official purposes, such as preparation of plan documents, proposals, annual reports etc. Hence, the Principals shall ensure the authenticity of the data before uploading to the server.




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