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  • The Registration of Ph.D scholars in various disciplines in the University Departments, recognized research centers in affiliated colleges and other institutions have now crossed 1400 ( live research registrations). This is an all time record…
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  • Started in the 1970's as a developmental university in northern Kerala, the university has now grown to the largest in Kerala, enrolling nearly 300,00 students every year for various programmes. Significant research enhancement has also…
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Director's Message
Dr. P.A. Baby Shari
Director of Research
     Research, which is a scholarly and creative endeavour of faculty leading to innovations and development, is a major pillar of strength in a university system. The advancement achieved through research and development contributes significantly to the academic excellence. However, in a multi-disciplinary and diversified university organisational set up, nurturing and promoting scientific excellence through faculty-driven research is a challenging task. In this regard, Directorate of Research (DoR) of the University of Calicut, established…
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