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PhD Awardees


Ph.D Awardees 2016

1 Muhammed Amanulla.A.K Education Influence of Social Sensitivity,Teacher Accountability And Teacher Efficacy On Professional Development of Higher Secondary School Teachers 25.01.2016 Dr.P.K.Aruna,Senior scale Lecturer,Dept of Education,University of Calicut
2 Bisini.P.S Education Effectiveness of rational emotive education model interms of inter personal skills irrational beliefs and tolerance for ambiguity of VIII standard students 25.01.2016 Dr.Muhammedunni Aliyas Musthafa,Asst Professor,Dept of Education,University of Calicut
3 Haskarbabu.U Education Influence of select psychological variables on teaching styles of secondary school teachers of kerala 25.01.2016 Dr.Abdul Gafoor,Reader,Dept of Education,University of Calicut
4 Asokan.P.K Education Relative Effectiveness Among different formats of video based instruction in environmental education 25.01.2016 Dr.P.K.Kelu,Dept of Education,University of Calicut
5 M.K.Sarath Josh Chemistry Studies on hazardous phthalates:In silico analyses and bio-chemical remediation 25.01.2016 Dr.Vijayalakshmy Amma.K.S,Associate Professor,Research&Post Graduate,Dept of Chemistry,Sri Vyasa NSS College,Wadakkanchery,Thrissur
6 Santhosh.P.K Mathematics Some problems on C-Spaces 25.01.2016 Dr.Ramachandran.P.T,Associate Professor,Dept of Mathematics,University of Calicut
7 Abdul Rasheed.K.P Statistics A Study on queueing models with server regulation 25.01.2016 Dr.Manoharan,Professor,Dept of statistics,University of Calicut
8 Babu.P Commerce A study on the role of selfhelp groups in social capital formation in kerala 26.02.2016 Dr.A.K.Sarada,Reader,Dept of Commerce,Uiversity of Calicut
9 Priya.p History Royal Indian Navy mutiny:-A study of its impact in south Indian 26.02.2016 Dr.T.M.VIjayan,Dept of History,University of Calicut
10 Dhanya.S English Representation of women in the english writings of women from Kerala 26.02.2016 Dr.R.Viswanathan,Professor in English,Dept of English,University of Calicut
11 Sharshad Khan.M Hindi Dalit drama and theatre in Hindi:An analytical study(with special reference to social structure) 26.02.2016 Dr.A.Achuthan,Professor,Dept of Hindi,University of Calicut
12 Merin Francis Malayalam ബാലപ്രതിനിധാനം ആഖ്യാനകലയിൽ എൻ.പി.മുഹമ്മദിന്റെ 'ദൈവത്തിന്റെ കണ്ണ് 'സാറാജോസഫിന്റെ 'ആലാഹയുടെ പെൺമക്കൾ 'എൻ .എസ് .മാധവന്റെ 'ലന്തബത്തേരിയിലെ ലുത്തിനിയകൾ' എന്നീ കൃതികളെ ആസ്പദമാക്കി ഒരു പഠനം 26.02.2016 Dr.N.ANilkumar,Reader,Dept of Malayalam,S.K.V.College,Thrissur
13 Ravindran.C.P Botany Studies on the phisiology and Biochemistry of Solannum Mammosum L 26.02.2016 Dr.S.Nandakumar,Professor(Retd),Dept of Botany,University of Calicut
14 Ramya.K Chemistry N,S.O Donor mixed ligand system as corrosion inhibitors for commercial metals in acid solution 26.02.2016 Dr.Abraham Joseph,Professor,Dept of Chemistry,University of Calicut
15 S.Sindhu Chemistry Synthesis characterisation and Biochemical studies of metal complexes of eureuminoids and allied derivatives 26.02.2016 Dr.John.V.D,Associate Professor,Dept of Chemistry,Christ College,Irinjalakkuda
16 Jimly.P Comparitive Literature The theme of family and familial relations in the short fiction of Russian and Malayalam women writers:A Study based on the works of:Natalia Baranskaya& Kamala Das 16.03.2016 Dr.S.NIrmala,Professor& Head,Dept of Russian & Culture for Comparitive Literature,University of Calicut
17 Smitha.S English Perspectives on love, marriage and family ties in the writings of Kamala Markandaya,Ruth Pawar Jhabvala and Anitha Desai 16.03.2016 Dr.T.V.Prakash,Lr.Dept of English,Farook College,Calicut
18 Sheena John English The politics of resistance and representation:A critical Study of SElect works of Leslie Marmon Silko and Louise Erdrich 16.03.2016 Dr.W.S.Kottiswari,Associate Professor & Head,Research Guide,P.G & Research Dept Of English,Mercy College,Palakkad
19 Manikandan.C.C Hindi Critical writings of Namwar Singh:An evaluation(In the perspective of Post Modernism) 16.03.2016 Dr.R.Sethunath,Reader,DEpt of Hindi,University of Calicut
20 Liya.K Commerce A STUDY ON THE MICRO FINANCE PRACTICES IN KERALA 23.04.2016 Dr.M.A.Joseph,Associate Professor,DCMS,University of Calicut
21 Maya.O.V Economcis Health problems among urban households in Kerala 23.04.2016 Dr.D.Retnaraj,Professor,Dept of Economics,Dr.John Matthai Centre,Aranattukara,Thrissur
22 Flowarin.A.D Economcis Export of Indian Engineering goods since liberalisation 23.04.2016 Dr.K.X.Joseph,Professor,Dept of Economics,Dr.John Matthai Centre,Aranattukara,Thrissur
23 Sheeja.P.C History The last phase of colonialism in north malabar:socio-economic and cultural transformation,C.1900-1947 23.04.2016 Dr,K.Gopalankutty,Professor,Dept of History,University of Calicut
24 Rekha.E History Formation of state in early medieval Kerala 23.04.2016 Dr.K.N.Ganesh,Professor,Dept of History
25 T.K.Yoosuf Arabic The linguistic miracles in the quranic verses related to the modern science 23.04.2016 Dr.Shaik Mohammed ,Professor,MUA College,Pulikkal,Malappuram
26 Jabir.A.M Arabic Gender justice in the holy quran:an analytical study 23.04.2016 Dr.K.Mohammed Basheer,Vice-Chancellor,University of Calicut
27 Maya Devi.J English Long journeys for inheritance:The politics of the homeland in select novels of Rohinton Mistry,Amitav Ghosh and Kiran Desai 23.04.2016 Dr.S.Nagesh,Associate Professor,Dept of English,St.Joseph's College,Devagiri,Calicut
28 Bindu.C.P Hindi Development of technical terminology in hindi:An analytical study(with special reference to information technology and mass media) 23.04.2016 Dr.R.Sethunath,Reader,Dept of Hindi,University of Calicut
29 Dhanya.P.S Hindi conflicts of Artist characters in Hindi Novels 23.04.2016 Dr.K.Muhammed,Professor,Dept of Hindi,University of Calicut
30 Megha.A.R Hindi Neo colonialism and cultural crisis as reflected in contemporary Hindi fiction(1990-2010) 23.04.2016 Dr.Sudha Balakrishnan,Professor,Dept of HIndi,University of Calicut
31 Subha.K Malayalam സങ്കല്പനങ്ങൾ സ്വാതിതിരുനാളിൽ മോഹിനിയാട്ട രചനകൾ ആസ്പദമാക്കി ഒരു പഠനം 23.04.2016 Dr.V.Anilkumar,Professor,Dept of Malayalam and Kerala Studies,University of Calicut
32 Midhun.K.S Malayalam സംഘ സാഹിത്യത്തിൽ മുദ്രിതമായ ചേര സംസ്കൃതിയുടെ സവിശേഷതകൾ 'എട്ടുത്തൊകൈ'യെ മുൻ നിർത്തിയുള്ള പഠനം 23.04.2016 Dr.P.V.Prakash Babu,Assistant PRofessor,Dept of Malayalam,SKVC,Thrissur
33 Pramod.C Botany Floristic and ecological studies on Madayippara Lateric plateau of Northern Kerala 23.04.2016 Dr.A.K..Pradeep,Assistant Professor,Dept of Botany,UNiversit Kerala
34 Alikutty Pukkunnummal Chemistry Structural and behavioural features of certain chitosan derivatives 23.04.2016 Dr.V.M.Abdul Mujeeb,Professor,DEpt of Chemistry,University of Calicut
35 Deepa.K.Baby Chemistry Synthesis and applications of star block,co polymer denorimer and star gel containing bio compatible block 23.04.2016 Dr.Raju Francis,Associate Professor,Dept of Chemistry,School of Chemical Sciences,Mahatma Gandhi University,Kottayam
36 Arun.S Chemistry Studies On The Development Of One Pot Multicomponent Synthetic Protocols For Linear Macrocyclic Peptidomimetics 23.04.2016 Dr.Bahulayan,Professor,Dept of Chemistry,University of Calicut
37 Sathianarayanan.N Psychology Theoretical Evolution in Psychology:A chronological analysis in relation to other disciplines 23.04.2016 Dr.J.Baby,Reader,DEpt of Psychology,University of Calicut
38 Muhammed Noufal.K Commerce A study on preferences and perceptions regarding diverse investment avenues among the middle class in Kerala 31.05.2016 Dr.B.Vijayachandran Pillai,Professor&Head,DCMS,University of Calicut
39 Subeesh.M.M Commerce Quality of work life among the employees of Mass media industry in Kerala 31.05.2016 Dr.B.Vijayachandran Pillai,Professor&Head,DCMS,University of Calicut
40 Tejil THomas Commerce A study on the customer relationship in destination management organisations in tourism industry with reference to Kerala 31.05.2016 Dr.M.A.Joseph,Associate Professor,DCMS,University of Calicut
41 Abdul Azeez.V.P Education Career guidance and adolescent counselling cells in higher secondary schools of Kerala.An assessment of the functioning,Usefulness,student Mental Health and counselling needs 31.05.2016 Dr.V.Sumangala,Professor&Head(Retd),Dept of Education
42 Sunitha.T.P Education Effectiveness of cognitively guided instructional strategy on mathematics anxiety and achievement in mathematics of upper primary school students 31.05.2016 Dr.Muhammedunni Aliyas Musthafa,Asst Professor,Dept of Education,Central University of Kerala,Kasargod
43 Praseeda.P.Nair Education Effectiveness of of bibiliotherapy and progressive muscle relaxation on academic stress reduction among secondary school students of Kerala 31.05.2016 Dr.K.P.Meera,Reader,Dept of Education,University of Calicut
44 Sasi.P.K Library & Information Science Role of public library on women empowerment in Kerala 31.05.2016 Dr.Jalaja.V,Research supervisor and Guide,Dept of Library and Information Science,University of Calicut
45 Rajukuttan.P.G Malayalam ദളിത് ജീവിതവും ആവിഷ്ക്കാരവും മലയാള സിനിമയിൽ 31.05.2016 Dr.R.Divakaran,Asst Professor,Dept of Malayalam and Kerala Studies,University of Calicut
46 Subhashini.M.R Malayalam സഹോദരൻ അയ്യപ്പന്റെ കവിതകളെ ആസ്പദമാക്കി ഭാഷയിലെ അനുശാസന കവിതകളെപ്പറ്റി ഒരു പഠനം 31.05.2016 Shornur Karthikeyan,Director,Sree Sankara University of Sanskrit,Regional Centre,Thrissur
47 Reshma.C.V Microbiology Isolation screening and optimization of some microorganism for fibrinolyte enzymes 31.05.2016 Dr.Fathimathu Zuhara.K,Professor of Microbiology,Dept of Life SCience,University of Calicut
48 Nithya.N Biotechnology Molecular investigations on plasmid bearing clinical isolates of mulitidrug-resistant bacteria 13.06.2016 Dr.P.R.Manishkumar,Associate Professor,Former Head,Coordinator,Dept.of Biotechnology,University of Calicut