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Thursday, 14 February 2013 21:34

Research Regulations


Research is a process by which new knowledge is created and as such it influences the directions in which the society moves. The choice of research agenda and research priorities are the most significant aspects of the autonomy o f researchers and research institutions. University considers therefore, teaching, along with research, as a prime exercise expected to contribute to the production of new knowledge, expansion and enrichment of endogenous (local, indigenous, traditional) knowledge, cross pollinated with exogenous knowledge, for the sustainable development of the society. There is a need to create a clear mandate which will promote the awareness of research, along with stipulations and conditions by which the knowledge creations can be guided and streamlined for the development of the nation. Recently, the University Grants Commission has issued a clear but broad guidelines to all Universities for regulating research activities which leading to PhD degrees, in a view to maintain the quality of research output, timely evaluation and inclusiveness. In line with the guidelines issued by the UGC, University of Calicut is framing the following PhD regulations.

Highlights of the new Rules and Regulations


  • Opportunity for all to do research
  • Registration on liberal basis
  • Teachers of all schools can join for part time research without entrance examination


  • Research guide-ships to non-faculty members
  • Liberal attitude to Affiliated Colleges for promoting Research
  • Permanent affiliation after 10 successful years
  • All teaching departments are deemed to be research centers

Quality Measures

  • Course work made compulsory
  • Research publication obligatory
  • Check measures against fake practices in research

More Research Opportunity

  • Research positions of guide increased from five to eight
  • All faculty members from their date of joining become research guides.

Protecting Civil Rights

  • Measures to curb unethical research

Evaluating Mechanisms

  • Simple but smooth evaluating mechanisms
  • Time bound evaluation made compulsory