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Thursday, 21 February 2013 21:48

Research Projects


Details of completed/ongoing Research Projects

Sl. No.Funding AgencyTitle and Principal Investigator of the ProjectSanctioned AmountDuration(Yrs.)
1. UGC Special Assistance Programme under the Co-ordinatorship of DR. K.M. Varier, Department of Physics 40,00,000/- 5
2. KSCSTE 'Studies on the thermo electric properties of magnetic incorporated service conductor thin films' under Dr. P.P. Pradyumnan, Department of Physics 10,75,420/- 3
3. UGC Special Assistance Programme in the Department of Chemistry under the Co-ordinatorship of Dr. A. Mohd. Shafi 40,00,000/- 5
4. KSCSTE R&D augmentation Project under K.K. Aravindakshan, Department of Chemistry 30,00,000/- 3
5. UGC "Investigation of the jumb phenomenon observed in the catalysis of gasification of cellulosic chars" under Dr. M.P. Kannan, Department of Chemistry. 3,77,600/- 3
6. UGC Special Assistance Programme in the Department of Philosophy under the Co-ordinatorship of Dr. S. Radha. 24,80,000/- 5
7. KSCSTE R&D augumentation Project under Dr. M. Gokuldas, Department of Chemistry. 16,25,000/- 3
8. MoEF "Studies on the Biosystematics of Parasitic wasps of Eupelmidea (Hymenoptera) of Kerala" under Dr. T.C. Narrendran, Professor (Retd.), Department of Zoology 11,18,720/- 3
9. DST "Studies on accessory sex glands of spodoptera boised (Lepidiptera: Noctuidae)" under Smt. Thanuja A. Mathew, Research Scholar, Department of Zoology. 6,48,000/- 3
10. KSCSTE "Ecosystematic studies on Bryophytes of Kerala" under Dr. P.V. Madhusoodanan, Department of Botany. 10,30,000/- 3
11. MoEF Taxonomy capacity building project under Dr. P.V. Madhusoodanan, Department of Botany. 2,80,000/- 3
12. MoEF Chair in taxonomy under Dr. M. Sivadasan, Department of Botany. 3,16,000/- 3
13. NMPB "Survey and Assessment of Aromatic and Medicinal Grasses" under Dr. M. Sivadasan, Department of Botany. 12,50,000/- 3
14. DST "Potential ornamental Gingers: Domestication and Development of Agro tectniques" under Dr. M. Sabu, Department of Botany. 17,97,000/- 3
15. DBT "Further studies on Indian Zingiberacea" under Dr. M. Sabu, Department of Botany. 29,21,000/- 3
16. DBT "DNA barcoding of the selected genera of family Zingiberacea" under Dr. M. Sabu, Department of Botany. 12,25,000/- 3
17. UGC "Studies on Genetic Polymorphism in the in vivo and in vitro plants of Trichopus Zeylanicus …… Assays" under Dr. John E. Thoppil, Department of Botany. 7,22,600/- 3
18. DST "Systematic and molecular (RAPD) studies in mosses of southern western Ghats" under Dr. Manju C. Nair, Young Scientist, Department of Botany 12,54,000/- 3
19. DST "Analysis of Inventory Systems and other reliability" under Smt. Vineetha. K., Research Scholar, Department of Statistics 6,00,000/- 3
20. SSA "Concurrent evaluation of SSA Programme in Kerala State" under Dr. C. Naseema, Department of ACEES 5,25,000/- 1
21. UGC "The theme of family in women's writings in Russian Literature of 19-20 centuries" under Dr. S. Nirmala, Department of Russian. 8,15,800/- 3
22. UGC "Indo Arab relations and its impact on cultural and social life of Keralites" under Dr. K.V. Veeran Moideen, Professor (Retired), Department of Arabic. 7,61,500/- 3
23. UGC "Ravindra Nath Tagore and Jibran Khaleel Jibran – A comparative study" under Dr. V. Muhammed, Department of Arabic. 3,92,600/- 3
24. DST 'FIST' Programme, Department of Zoology 29,00,000/- 5
25. DST 'FIST' Programme, Department of Chemistry. 18,00,000/- 5
26. DST 'FIST' Programme, Department of Botany. 23,00,000/- 5
27. UGC Special Assistance Programme in the Department of History under Dr. K.N. Ganesh. 13,20,000/- 5
28. DST "Ecosystem Dynamics of a humid tropics watershed before and after water sources and biomass interventions" under Dr. Nabeesa Salim, Department of Botany. 21,76,000/- 3
29. MoEF "Biosystematic studies on Eulophid parasitic (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) of Kerala State including Southern Western Ghat" under Dr. T.C. Narendran, Professor (Retd.), Department of Zoology. 10,34,544/- 3
30. KSCSTE "Studies on substituted traizine and traizole derivatives as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel, copper, brass and aluminium in acid solutions" under the Principal Investigatorship of Dr. Abraham Joseph, Reader, Department of Chemistry. 9,98,800/- 3
31. UGC "Multi Dimensional consequences of Migration – A study with reference to Travancore settlers in Kerala and Karnataka" under Dr. A.C. Kuttikrishnan, Head of the Department of Economics, Dr. John Matthai Centre, Aranattukara. 1,84,700/- 2
32. ISRO "Study of environment and multi wavelength properties of AGN and ULX" under Dr. C.D. Ravikumar, Lecturer, Department of Physics. 13,09,000/- 3
33. Indian Institute of Public Administration, Financial assistance for organizing 2 seminars on
(i) "Rights of Consumers of domestic LPG" and
(ii) "Fatal ignorance in the consumption of vegetables" under the co-ordinatorship of Dr. C. Naseema, Department of ACEES.
50,000/- 1
34. MoEF "Genetic Diversity of the corals of Lakshadweep Islands" Dr. K.V. Lazer, Department of Zoology. 25,07,400/- 3
35. DBT "Morphometry and Phylogeography of honey bees and stingless bees in India". Princiapl Investigator Dr. K.V. Lazer, Department of Zoology. 34,77,000/- 3
36. DST "Eulophinae (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) of Indian Sub-continent". Principal Investigator Dr. T.C. Narendran, Professor (Retd.), Department of Zoology. 3,58,000/- 3
37. MoEF "A process development for ameliorating alarming health hazard posed by phthalates in plastics via chemical, biochemical and bio remedial approaches". Princial Investigator Dr. Sailas Benjamin, Department of Botany. 23,49,312/- 3
38. KSCSTE "Reinforcement of natural rubber using natural resources". Principal investigator Dr. E. Purushothaman, Professor, Department of Chemistry. 8,69,000/- 3
39. UGC "Contribution of Madrasa Education to National Integration with special reference to Kerala". Principal Investigator Dr. A.B. Moideenkutty, Department of Arabic. 5,81,800/- 2
40. UGC Special Assistance Programme (SAP) Department of Education 30,90,000/- 5
41. KSCSTE "Science Popularisation Progoramme for Higher Secondary science students and Botany PG students of Malapuram Distrcit". Dr. Jose T. Puthur, Department of Botany. 1,68,300/- 1
42. DBT "Transformation of vegetable oil into omega 6 fatty acids – enriched functional food by microbial intervention". Dr. Sailas Benjamin, Reader, Department of Botany. 25,11,600/- 3
43. UGC "Re-reading Kerala's Renaissance: A Historical Study of Mappilappattu in Performance". Dr. Ummer Tharammel, Reader, Department of Malayalam and Kerala Studies. 5,66,200/- 2
44. KSCSTE "Studies on the catalytic activity of Mesophorous metal oxides for automotive exhaust gas purification". Dr. Renuka. N.K., Lecturer, Department of Chemistry. 9,96,600/- 3
45 DST "Taxonomic revision on Indian Marantaceae and Musaceae". Dr. M. Sabu, Professor, Department of Botany. 28,83,000/- 3
46. UGC "Influence of Folk Arts on Malayalam Plays" – Dr. L. Thomas Kutty. 7,48,200/- 3
47. UGC "Indian contribution to Arabic Literature (An attempt to prepare an every dopaedic volume to introduce the entire Indian Arabic writings in English". Dr. A.I. Rahmatullah, Profressor, Department of Arabic. 4,86,200/- 3
48. KSCSTE "Prospecting industrially significant ligno cellulolytic Micro organisms from the wood yards in Kallai river". Dr. Sails Benjamin, Reader, Department of Botany. 13,43,000/- 3
49. DBT "Potential Ornamental Gingers-Domestication and Development of Agro Techniques". PI Dr. M. Sabu, Department of Botany. 29,21,000/- 3
50. DST FIST Programme Level II in the Department of Physics under Head of the Department of Physics 1,04,000/- 5
51. KSCSTE Effect of GABA/BABA Primary on drought tolerance potential of pepper (piper nigrum L): A less defense investment process" under Dr. Jos. T.Puthur, Dept. of Botany. 15,75,000/- 3
52. UGC "Identification and Physiological Characterization of Energy Grass (es) suitable for poor quality soils" under Dr. Jos T.Puthur, Dept. of Botany. 8,78,800/- 3
53. DST "Multiwave length studies of Cirrus Clouds" under Dr. B.R.S. Babu, Dept. of Physics 23,19,500/- 3
54. UGC Special Assistance Programme (SAP) Phase II in the Department of History under Dr. Gopalankutty, Dept. of History. 26,00,000/- 5
55. UGC "Amino acid derived green inhibitors for mild steel and copper corrosion in acid solutions" under Dr. Abraham Joseph, Dept. of Chemistry. 8,97,300/- 3
56. IIPA Survey of consumer awareness of Secondary School students and development of hearing materials in consumer wrights for High School students in Kerala State under Dr. C. Naseema,Department of Education 3,25,000/- 2
57. State Planning Board Strengthening State Plan for Human Development : Preparing Human Development report of the Fisherfolk in Kerala under Dr. Shyjan. D, Lecturer, Department of Economics 1,96,500/- 2
58. DST Studies on the phytoliths of Poaceae in South India under Dr. Jathisha. P.I, Research Scholar, Department of Botany 14,16,000/- 3
59. KSCSTE Screening, isolation, purification and characterization of proteinaceous inhibitor from edible oil medicinal plants and its use in therapeutic and food preservation application under Dr. K.K. Elyas, Department of Biotechnology 4,45,000/- 1
60. MoEF Studies on Abundance, Diversity and Ecobiology of Parasitic Hymenoptera of Rice ecosystems in Kerala under Dr. M. Nasser, Department of Zoology 27,32,890/- 3
61. DBT Screening for proliferative and G2 abrogating activity in endemic species of Zingiberaceae family of plants using physuram polycephalum and human normal and cancer cells under Dr. P.R. Jayasree, Department of Biotechnology 47,39,194/- 3
62. DST Taxonomic and molecular studies on the family Lamiaceae Juss. in Southern Western Ghats under Dr. Sunojkumar. P, Department of Botany 19,11,000/- 3
63. UGC Characterization of juvanile hormons analogue : responsive protein from the larva hemolymph of Spodopte mauritis boisd (Lepdopterz : Noctuidae) under Dr. Kannan. V.M., Department of Zoology 10,84,800/- 3
64. KSCSTE Optimization of quantum dot sensitization TiO2 Photo electrode for Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cells (QDSSC)" under Dr. Sindhu. S, Department of Nanoscience 15,97,000/- 3
65. UGC UGC assisted SAP in the Department of Malayalam and Kerala Studies under the Co-ordinatorship of Dr. Pavithran Thavara 41,00,000/- 5
66. UGC UGC assisted SAP in the Department of Zoology under the Co-ordinatorship of Dr. K.V. Lazar 60,00,000/- 5
67. UGC Impart of Globalisation on Women in Unorganised Sector with reference to Occupation, Savings, Behaviour in selected Districts of Kerala 3,73,000/- 2