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Department of Chemistry
Established in 1968
  Head of the Department : Dr . K Muraleedharan

The Department was established in 1968 under the leadership of late Prof. S.S. Moosath and other eminent Professors like late C.P. Savariar, K.T. Rama Varma and G.M. Devasia with the objective of promoting post-graduate teaching and advanced research in chemistry. Today, it offers Master and Doctoral level programmes in a wide spectrum of disciplines falling under the broad areas of inorganic, organic and physical chemistry. The four-semester M.Sc. (Applied Chemistry) course is designed to provide a strong foundation in chemistry besides giving a sound exposure to advanced topics. The course consists of 12 compulsory theory papers, one elective theory paper, four practical papers and a project. From 2003-04 academic year an integrated M.Phil-Ph.D programme is being offered.
As a part of its academic activities, the Department has launched a programme of continuing chemistry education to promote the cause of education in chemistry and to develop excellence among students and teachers of chemistry through lectures, discussions and debates. In collaboration with the Academic Staff College, the Department periodically conducts refresher courses, orientation courses, summer institutes and workshops for the benefit of college and university teachers.
The Department is actively involved in research and has completed several projects funded by external agencies such as DST, UGC, STEC and ICMR just to name a few. Over 80 research scholars have been awarded PhD degree so far. Teachers and research scholars of the department have published nearly 400 research papers in national and international journals. Many faculty members of the Department have been honoured for their academic achievements. In 1995 Dr. K.L Sebastian received the Bhatnagar Award in chemical sciences. In 1998 Prof. Geetha Parameswaran won the Dr. Vasudeva Award.
The Department library has a collection of over 500 books. It subscribes to a large number of national and international journals.

 Thrust Areas
I. Coordination chemistry: (a) Synthesis, charaterisation and biological activity of metal complexes of active chemical constituents of certain important medicinal plants, (b) Studies of dyeing properties of metal complexes of the synthetic analogues of natural dyes such as curcuminoids and related compounds, (c) Synthesis and characterization of Percursors.
II. Analytical chemistry
III. Search for compounds with radio modifying activity.
IV. Chemical profiling of medicinal plants.
V. Studies of plant metabolites.
VI. Development of organic photo conducting polymers.
VII. Carboxyl group activation in organic synthesis.
VIII. Biomass gasification catalysis.
IX. Solid state chemistry.
X. Computational chemistry.
XI. Adsorption and catalysis.
XII. Annealing of chemical radiation damage.

 Faculty Members
Prof.V.M. Abdul Mujeeb
Prof.D.Bahuleyan (on Leave)
Prof.Abraham Joseph
Dr. Yahya A. Ismail
Courses Offered
Course Name Intake Duration
M.Sc. Applied Chemistry 16 4 Semester
2 Semester