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CHMK Library
The Calicut University Library, established in 1971 and later renamed after C.H.Mohammed Koya, ( the former Minister for Education, Government of Kerala ), is primarily concerned with the conservation and dissemination of knowledge to its users. It plays an important role in the provision of information to the academic community in the Malabar region. It has a collection of about ninety five thousand books and subscribes to 218 Journals and 10 Newspapers. Library follows the Anglo American cataloguing Rules II (with slight modifications) for Cataloguing and Dewey Decimal Scheme of Classification for the classification of books . It has the distinction of being the first fully automated University Library in the state of Kerala. The library is situated at the main campus at Thenhippalam on the side of the NH17 and is 23 Kilometers away from the historic Calicut City . Apart from the University Library a Study Center Library is functioning in the Calicut city to serve the academic community in the Calicut city and around.

Library provides the following Services

  • Book Lending Services
  • Reference Services
  • Internet Services
  • Information Services
  • Reprography Services

Book Lending Services

Book lending service is provided to all the members of the library. A member is entitled to get three books at a time. A book is issued for a period of thirty days and it can be renewed for further two terms, if the book is not being reserved by any one. Thus a member can keep a book for a maximum of three months. If he/she wishes to keep the book further he/she has to present the book in the library and get it reissued.

The Library maintains a separate collection of Text books and these books are issued for overnight reading only. Reference Books are not issued on loan.

Reference Services
The library maintains a good Reference Collection. It includes valuable reference sources like Encyclopedias, Handbooks, Multilingual dictionaries, Theses, Dissertations etc. The question papers of the examinations conducted by the university in previous years and Syllabi of courses conducted by the University are also made available in this section.
Information Services
Compilation of Bibliographies

The library compiles bibliographies of different types. The library brings out bibliography of doctoral theses submitted to the university every year. It prepares bibliographies on special occasions as well.

New Additions List

A list of new books added to the library collection is brought out regularly and sent to all the teaching departments of the university. To see the New Additions List click here.

Reprographic Services
The Library provides photocopying facilities allowed within the copyright rules. Question papers of earlier years university examination and Syllabi of various courses offered by the University can also be photocopied. An amount of one rupee per page on normal course and 75 paise per page on production of intend is charged for the facility.

Library membership is free to the University Teachers, Students, Research Scholars, Non Teaching Staff of the University and some of the categories included under “Others”.

An amount of Rs. 500/- is to be remitted at the Library counter as Caution Deposit (refunded at the time of cancellation of membership) by the following categories of members: Teachers, Students and Research Scholars of Affiliated Colleges, Graduate members, Members of the Senate, Syndicate, Academic Council, Faculties and Boards of Studies. In addition to the Caution Depost Graduate members are required to pay Rs. 50/- every year as Annual Subscription.

The University Teachers are entitled to get six books at a time and all other categories can get issued three books at a time. A Non Liability Certificate is to be obtained by the students from the University Librarian before the commencement of their University examinations and by research scholars before the submission of their PhD thesis to the University. Staff members, both teaching and non-teaching, are required to obtain the Certificate before their leaving the institution they are serving or before their retirement from the service which ever is earlier.

Who can be the members of the Library ?
  • Students of the University
  • Research Scholars of the University
  • Teachers of the University
  • Non-Teaching Staff of the University
  • Students and Researchers of the affiliated colleges
  • Teachers of the Affiliated Colleges
  • Graduate Members
  • Others
Students of the University
Students enrolled in any of the teaching departments in the University can avail the membership in this category
Research Scholars of the University
The Research Scholars in the University as well as those researchers enrolled in the University and working in any of the approved Research Centre of the University are given membership under this category
Teachers of the University
Faculty members working in the teaching departments of the University are given membership in this category
Non-Teaching Staff of the University
All categories of non teaching staff in the various offices of the University are given membership under this category
Students of the affiliated Colleges
Students studying in the colleges affiliated to the University can apply under this category. They have to obtain the recommendation of the Principal of their respective college. Clearance Certificate before their examinations should be strictly insisted to those students by the principal.
Teachers of the Affiliated Colleges
Teachers working in any of the college affiliated to the University are given membership under this category.
Graduate Members
Any person with graduation can obtain a membership under this category. Their application is to be recommended by a Gazatted officer in the prescribed format and a copy of their degree certificate duly attested by a Gazatted Officer is to be submitted with the first application.
This category of membership is given to the Members of the Senate, Syndicate, Academic Council, Faculties and Boards of Studies, Staff members of other offices situated in the University campus like the office of Government Auditor, the State Bank of Travancore, Telephone Exchange and Police Station. They have to apply in the prescribed form and recommendation should be obtained from the Officer concerned.
Temporary Membership
Library also offers temporary membership.Conditions of the temporary membership are:
Proof of identity or letter from the Institution should be produced
Fee for Rs.10/- for one day and Rs. 100/-for two weeks has to be remitted at the Library Counter


The Seven Sections of the Library are assigned different tasks to attain the goals of the library.
  • Acquisition Section
  • Technical Section
  • Maintenance Section
  • Circulation Section
  • Reference Section
  • Periodicals Section
  • Computer & Internet Section
Acquisition Section
This section deals with the procurement of books and other documents other than serials. An amount of approximately Rs. 6,00,000.00 is spent every year on procurement of documents. Books and CDs are procured on the basis of recommendations received from Heads of the Departments.
Technical Section
This section is responsible for the technical process of the documents like Classification, Cataloguing, Assigning of Subject Headings and Key words.

The following Standards are used for the works performed in the Section:

Cataloguing : Anglo American cataloguing Rules II (with slight modifications)

Classification : Dewey Decimal Scheme of Classification

Subject Headings : Library of Congress Subject Headings

Maintenance Section
This section arranges and maintains the documents in the classified sequence and provides facilities for referring the documents within the section.
Circulation Section
This section performs the job of issue and return of documents, renewal of loan period, fine collection for delayed return of books and membership management functions.

Loan period of Books can be renewed by sending a request to the University Librarian, specifying the membership number and accession numbers of the documents to be renewed.

Reference Section
This section maintains a good collection of reference sources that includes Encyclopedias, Handbooks, Dictionaries, Reports, Theses, Dissertations, maps etc.
Periodicals Section
The periodicals collection forms a major reading and reference source for the main campus and the affiliated colleges. It subscribes to 224 journals in different disciplines. This includes 34 foreign publications, 140 Indian publications and 50 publications received Gratis. The library subscribes to 43 Science Journals (15 of them foreign publications) and in Social Sciences and Humanities 131 journals are subscribed (19 of them foreign publications).

The important subscriptions include Nature, New Scientist, National Geographic, American Scientist, Scientific American, Annual Review of Biochemistry, Genetics, Plant Biology and Psychology, American Fern Journal, Taxon, American Journal of Physics, Physics Today, Review of Modern Physics, The Physics Teacher, Entomology Abstracts, British Journal of Clinical Psychology, Statistical Theory and Methods Abstracts (in CD-ROM), Journal of Applied Probability, Advances in Applied Probability and so on. At present Rs. 6,00,000 is being spent on periodicals subscription.

Computer & Internet Section

The C.H. Mohammed Koya Library has the distinction of being the first fully automated University Library in the state of Kerala. All the processes and services are carried out using computers. Libsys is the software used in the library for its automated activities.

Internet services are provided as a part of this section. This Section also provides many information services like New Additions Alert Service, Compilation of Bibliographies etc. The Section also takes initiatives to reach the services rendered by the INFLIBNET Programme of UGC to the academic community of the University.

The library has a rich collection of books, Journals, Maps, Microfiche, CDs, Theses, Dissertations etc. The collection includes 95,000 books and about 2500 back volumes of journals.
The Library organizes a National Seminar every year on topics of latest trends in the subject. This series of seminars attracts the professionals in the field all over from the country. It discusses many topics of latest interest focusing mainly on Applications of Information Technology in Libraries and Information Centres.
Seminars held during the last years
Themes of the seminar Year Heldmes of the seminar Year Held
  • Management of Libraries in the 21 st Century” May 1999
  • Organisation of Libraries and Information Centres in the 21 st Century” May 2000 .
  • Library co-operation in a networked world May 2001.
  • Information Access Management and Exchange in the Technological Age May 2002

All these seminar proceedings are published by Ess Ess Publishers, New Delhi .



University Librarian
Dr.Abdul Azeez.T.A,University Librarian(i/c)
Tel: 0494 2401161
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Calicut University Study Centre
TThe Calicut University Study Centre located at PT Usha Road , Kozhikode has a library which functions from 8.30 A.M. to 8 P.M. on all working days. The Library has a collection of 12958 books. It subscribes to 29 Periodicals and 8 News Papers. The collection has been completely classified and catalogued and bibliographic database has been created.

The collection includes a number of books suitable for those who prepare for various competitive examinations. A collection of question papers of the previous examinations of the University is available here for reference.

Library Services

The library is constantly being used by the students and teachers of various colleges and students of correspondence and evening courses. Lending facility is also provided to those who remit a caution deposit of Rs. 500/-. The library also provides photocopying services.

Other Activities

An information Centre functions in the Study Centre where numerous queries related to academic affairs of the University are attended. The syllabi of various courses are available here for reference

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