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Dr. K.Gopalankutty




  Dr. Muhammed Maheen A 

: Head, Dept. of History,
 University of Calicut, Calicut.


1.M.A. History (7th Rank)
2.M.A. Islamic Studies – III Rank
3.M.Phil. (Social Science)
4.Ph. D.

 (a) Dalit Studies
(b) Social Movements
 Office:Dr. MuhammedMaheen A.
Head, Dept. of History,
University of Calicut, Calicut.

 ResidenceDr. MuhammedMaheen A.
336, A K G Nagar, Peroorkada,
Trivandrum – 695005, Kerala, India.

 0471 2435126
 0494 2407376
1.  VII Rank in M.A. History (with specialization in the Modern Period) – University of Kerala – 1987
2.  III Rank M.A. Islamic Studies from the University of Kerala – 1994

1. Life Member, South Indian History Congress
2. Participated in the Curriculum revision programme for Plus Two Course organized by the SCERT, Thiruvananthapuram
 3. Served as a question paper setter and subject expert of various competitive examinations conducted by IHRD and PSC.
PROJECTS HANDLED: ….. (Total numbers)
Title                     : “Identity Crisis Among the Dalits and Their Resurgence under PoikayilYohannan and Pampadi John Joseph”
Duration       : 2004- 2006
Funding Agency : UGC, New Delhi

 Title“Movements Among The Marginalized Sect of Kerala: The Adivasi Struggle for Land – A case study, 2008”
  • “Dalit      (swathwa)     PrathisandhiyumSamakalikaSwathanthraChinthakalum:       Kerala
  • CharithradharayilekkuOruEthinottam” to be published by the State Institute of Languages,
  • Kerala, Trivandrum, 2012.

  •  Supervised the Publication of “ Trilingual Glossaries” in five subjects sponsored by CSTT
  • (Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology), New Delhi to be published by 2012

PAPERS: …16….. (Total numbers) (Provide the details in table showing all details as in Research Annual Report)
  1. Globalization and Marginalization of the Dalits. Jul – Dec 2003. Review of social Sciences Published by The Kerala Academy of Social Sciences, Trivandrum. Vol. IV (2): 79 – 84.
  2. PoikayilYohannan. The Genesis of the Dalit Movement in Modern Kerala. Proceedings of the 23rd South Indian History Congress, Trichy, February 2003.
  3. MosaValsalmSastriyar – The Pioneer Dalit Leader in Kerala–September 2004 – Review of Social Sciences. Published by The Kerala Academy of Social Sciences, Trivandrum. Vol. V(2): 20 – 29.
  4. Dalita/KeezhalaMunnettangalKeralathil – October 2004 – VijnanaKairali – Vol. XXXV (10) 60 – 64, Kerala Basha Institute, Trivandrum.
  5. Kanikkar, JeevithavumSamskaravum – OruPadanam – February 2005 - VijnanaKairali – Vol. XXXVI (2) 39 - 44, Kerala Basha Institute, Trivandrum.
  6. KshetraPraveshanaVilambaram – SathyavumMithyayum – Published in 2005, VijnanaKairali – Kerala Basha Institute, Trivandrum.
  7. ‘Article 356’ and the Dismissal of the First Communist Government in Kerala - VijnanaKairali – Vol. XXXVIII (1) 20 - 22, Kerala Basha Institute, Trivandrum.
  8. Caste Discrimination and Dalit Liberation in Christian Churches - VijnanaKairali – Vol. XXXIX (3) 15 - 18, Kerala Basha Institute, Trivandrum.
  9. Counter Evangelical Movement in Modern Travancore: Crisis in Identity – Journal of Kerala Studies, Vol. XXXVI March – Dec. 2009 University of Kerala.
  10. Spiritual Dimensions of Socio-Religious Reform Movements in the First Half of the 20th Century Kerala– Journal of Kerala Studies, Vol. XXXVII March 1 – Dec 31. 2010 University of Kerala.ISBN No.0377-0443.
  11. Justice, Righteousness and Mercy: A Gospel Experience in NineteenthCentury Travancore. Journal of Kerala Studies, Vol. XXXVIII March – Dec. 2011 University of Kerala.ISBN No.0377-0443.
  12. Touching the Nature, Healing the Mind. Re-appraisal on Kavu: A cultural Legacy of Keralain Understanding the environmental History of India Published by the Department of History, S N College, Chempazhanthi, Trivandrum. June 2012. ISBN No.978-81-924182-0-9
  13. Exploring Kavu: A Space for Indigenous Culture and Ecological Wisdom Published by the Department of History, St. Teresa’s College and School of Environmental Sciences, M.G. University, Kottayam ISBN No. 978-8172550618-5. 2014
  14. Exploring Kavu: A Space for Indigenous Culture and Ecological Wisdom Published in ‘Explorations in South Indian History’ by the Department of History, University of Calicut.ISBN No.978-93-84075-35-4, 2014.
  15. Socio-Economic and Cultural Dimensions of Tipu’s Occupation of Malabar and Its Impact on Politics. 30th Annual Session Proceedings of South Indian History Congress, Kannur February 2010. ISSN No. 2229-3671.
  16. Patriarchy, Sexuality, Subjectivity: Configuring Feminity in Colonial and Post Colonial India Published by the Department of History, All Saints’ College, Trivandrum. ISBN No. 978-81- 929756-0-3. January 2014.


  Ph. D. Degree     : Awarded Degree: 1
                       In progress : 4
   M.Phil. Degree    : Awarded Degree: 4

  1.  Sree Sankara University of Sanskrit, Kalady- M S Salooja, Muslims and Resistance Movement in  British Malabar (2014)
  2. University of Madras- E Vijayalekshmi, Trade Union Services and Government Welfare Schemes or the Women in Unorganised Sectors in Tamil Nadu- A Study (2014)
  3.  Sree Sankara University of Sanskrit, Kalady- Anaz C.A, Rational Movement in Modern Kerala  (2010)
  4. Madurai Kamaraj University- S Arunadevi, History of Sangam Tamils- A Study (2012)
  5. Manonmaniam Sundaranar University- T Jeya, History of Kayalpatnam Region (2010)
  6. Madurai Kamaraj University- A Prabhu, Socio Economic Trends in Tamilnadu, 1937-1952 (2012)
  7. Madurai Kamaraj University- A Prabhu, Socio Economic Trends in Tamilnadu, 1937-1952 (2012)
Participation in Committees concerned with any aspect of Departmental or institutional
management such as admission Committee, Campus development, Library Committee.

  1. As HoD in the Admission Committee of Dept History for MA , M.Phil, and Ph.D `Courses, discharges all the duties relate to admission such as entrance exam and personal interviews.
  2. As Coordinator of the Library committee of the Dept. of History, initiated various steps for the  smooth functioning of the library and display of books.
  3. As a member of the Dept. actively participated in every programmes of the department.

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