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                   Dr. V.V. HARIDAS

                   Assistant Professor


Pallithara, Korom P.O., Payyannur, Kannur Dt.,
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 Qualifications :M.A., UGC JRF, Ph.D
Cultural studies, Medieval Kerala history

Member ,Indian History Congress,

Office Department of History, Calicut University
 D 10, University Quarters, Calicut University
Mobile 9446905800
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      Published four books on history in Malayalam
      Second Rank in BA and First Rank in MA from Calicut University 
      UGC JRF
           Life Member of Indian History Congress
           Member of Kerala History Conference
     17 Research papers and four books
   1. Kshethram Ulsavam Rashtreeyam (Mal), Poorna Publications, Kozhikode, 2008.
   2. Indiayile Daivangal: Aithihyavum Charithravum (Mal), Sign Books, Thiruvanathapuram,    2011.
   3. Samuthirikalathe Kozhikode: Kathayum Charithravum (Mal), SPCS/NBS, Kottayam, 2012,     (First edition published in 2009)
   4. Samuthiripperuma (Mal), Kerala Sahitya Akademi, Thrissur, 2012.

 PAPERS: 17 (Total numbers) (Provide the details in table showing all details as in
Research Annual Report)

Research Papers published in Journals/Seminar Proceedings

1. ‘The emergence of a medieval South Indian kingdom: Calicut under the Zamorins’, Proceedings of Indian History Congress, Patiala, 1998, pp.393-403.

2. ‘Dying for a cause: Chaver of medieval Kerala’, Proceedings of Indian History Congress, Kolkotta, 2001, pp.492-500.

3. ‘The rise and growth of the kingdom of Kozhikode’, Indica – Journal of History and Culture, Vol.37, No.2, Mumbai, 2000, pp.123-36.

4. ‘Symbols and status of Local magnates in the kingdom of Kozhikode: A study of ‘the sword and the robe’ ceremony’, Indica – Journal of History and Culture, Vol.39, No.2, Mumbai, 2002, pp.129-44.

5. ‘Valum Putavayum’ (Mal), Malayalam Research Journal, Vol.2, No.1, Kottayam, 2009, pp.305-23.

6. ‘Legitimation in a little kingdom: The use of History in the kingdom of Kozhikode’,Indica – Journal of History and Culture, Vol.46, No.1, Mumbai, 2009, pp.71-78.

7. ‘The political culture in Thaippuyam of Thirunavaya: Study of a temple festival in Medieval Kerala’, Indian Historical Studies, Vol.VIII, No.1& 2, Thiruchirappalli, 2012, pp.85-92.

8. ‘Rule of Lords: The form and functioning of a pre-modern state in Kerala’, Indian Historical Studies, Vol.IX, No.2, Thiruchirappalli, April 2013, pp.61-68.

9. ‘Social Formation in medieval Kerala’, Perspectives Journal, Vol. V, No.5, Palakkad, 2013, pp.50-63.

10. ‘Agents of a medieval State: Royal functionaries under the Zamorins of Calicut’, Journal of the Institute for Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, Vol.8, Nos.1 & 2, January December, Kuthuparamba, 2013, pp.121-36.

11. ‘Eighteen and a half poets: An invention of tradition in colonial Malabar’, Indian Historical Studies, Vol.X, No.2, Thiruchirappalli, April 2014, pp.119-26.

12. ‘Bhakti as a strategy for the legitimization of power in the late Medieval Kerala’, Indian Historical Studies, Vol.XI, No.1, Thiruchirappalli, October 2014, pp.94-101.

13. ‘Samuthiri: Samakaleena vivaranavum kaavyasankalpavum’ (Mal.), Malayalam Research Journal, Vol.7, No.2, Kottayam, May-August 2014, pp.2457-71.

Research Articles published in edited books

   1.‘Keralathile Bahusamskarikathayude charithram’, (Mal), Ummar Tharamel and K.M. Anil, eds  Mathetharam, Collection of essays, Raspberry Books, Kozhikode, 2012, pp.236-43.

   2.‘The Court of the Zamorin: A Study of the Royal functionaries in the kingdom of  Kozhikode’, K.N. Ganesh, ed., Exercises in Modern Kerala History, Collection of essays, SPCS/NBS, Kottayam, 2012, pp.13-31.

   3.‘Samuthiri Rajavu’, (Mal), P. Sivadasan, ed., Kozhikode: Nagaravum Jeevithavum, SPCS/NBS, Kottayam, 2014, pp.15-29.

   4.‘The form and functioning of a medieval state in Kerala: The Zamorins of Kozhikode’, M.P. Mujeebu Rehman and K.S. Madhavan, eds., Explorations in South Indian History, SPCS/NBS, Kottayam, February 2014, pp.264-74.

       Received Sopanam Sahitya Puraskaram in 2010, an award instituted by AKMKS, Thrissur.
  Ph. D. Degree                :      Awarded Degree: Nil
                                                      In progress : Six
  M.Phil. Degree                     :     Awarded Degree: Four

 External Examiner for Ph.D. Thesis : Nil



Member of Board of Studies in History (UG) at Kannur University (2008-10)