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Assistant Professor

Qualifications    MA, P.hD, NET                     
Specialization    Kerala History             


Address :

Office : Department of History, University of Calicut

Residence : C12, University Quarters, Calicut University


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Mobile : 9947494515

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  • Indian History Congress

  • South Indian History Congress

  • Kerala History Conference



  1. Eric Hobsbawm: Charitrarachanayile Vismayam , (Ed.) Lead Books, Calicut,2013, [ISBN 978-81-926125-8-4.]

  2. Explorations in South Indian History [ed. With K. S. Madhavan], Sahitya Pravarthaka Co-operative Society, Kottayam, February 2014 [ISBN 978-93-84075-35-4]

PAPERS: …….. (Total numbers) (Provide the details in table showing all details as in Research Annual Report)

  1. “Colonial State Experiments in Pre Colonial Context: The British State in Malabar, 1792-1805”, INDICA Vol.48, No.2 ( September 2011), Journal of the Fr. Heras Institute of Indian History and Culture, Mumbai.,ISSN 0019-686X
  2. “Transition to Colonial Economy: The Case of Eighteenth century Malabar,” IRISH Journal, January- December 2011, ISSN 0973-3353.
  3. ‘Colonialism, Resistance and Subalternity: Mappila Peasant Insurgency in South Malabar”, Journal of Indian History, vol. XC, April-December, 2011, Department of History, University of Kerala.[ISSN 0021775].
  4. “Collaboration, Consent or Revolt? Colonial State and Early Native Resistance in Malabar” HISTORIA, Journal of Department of History, NSS College Chempazhanthi, November 2011, pp.85-97.[ISSN 2277-6400].
  5. ‘Indian Muslims and the State in Post-Gujarat Predicament: A Critique of the Crisis of Indian Secularism’ Indian Journal of Politics and International Relations, Vol. 4 Nos. 1 & 2 January - December 2011, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam,pp.114-129 [ISSN 0973-5011]
  6. “Colonial State and Early Native Resistance in Malabar” in K.N. Ganesh ed., Exercises in Modern Kerala History, SPCS, Kottayam, March 2012, pp.50-66 [ISBN 978-81-922822-8-2].
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  9. “Mappilas and Political Engagements: Myth and Reality” Accepted by Indian Journal of Politics and International Relations, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam,
  10. “The British Reports and Colonial Knowledge: The Joint Commissioner’s Report on Malabar”,in M.P. Mujeebu Rehman and K. S. Madhavan ed., Explorations in South Indian History, Sahitya Pravarthaka Co-operative Society, Kottayam, February 2014 [ISBN 978-93-84075-35-4].
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  12. “Kerala Muslim Reform: From Reform to Renaissance,” Accepted by Journal of Kerala History, University of Kerala.
  13. ‘Counter Voices to the Early British State: Unni Mootta Mooppan and Chemban Pokker, the Primitive Rebels from South Malabar’ paper accepted by Society and Culture, C.P. Rama swami Iyer Foundation, Chennai.
  14. ‘Text and Context of anti- Colonial Resistance in Malabar: Gleanings from Arabic and Arabic- Malayalam Literature, ’ accepted by International Journal of Kanpur Historiographers


P.hD Degree             :3          Awarded Degree:

                                              In Progress        :3 

M.Phil Degree          : 5         Awarded  Degree  :3

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