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Brief description of the Department
The Centre for Women’s Studies started functioning in University of Calicut on 1st October 2005. This is the only teaching department of Women’s Studies in the entire state of Kerala. The Centre has implemented more than 100 programmes, including seminars, workshops and training programmes to fulfill its objectives. The MA Women’s Studies programme is successfully run with good number of applicants. M Phil and Ph D courses were started in the year 2012. The alumni of the Centre are placed as Assistant Professors in Women’s Studies Centres, State Gender Consultants of Kudumbasree Mission and several others pursuing their Doctoral programmes in IIT’s, Central Universities and other state Universities and working with the NGOs.
As part of extension activities the Centre is regularly involved with imparting awareness classes to all its target groups and bringing about attitudinal changes in the mindsets of people. The Centre also acts as a nodal agency to coordinate the activities of Women Development Cells as a forum for self empowerment of girls in all the 370 affiliated colleges of the University. The community services taken up by the Centre is benefitting large masses of girls and women at different levels, especially belonging to the Malabar region.The UGC after performance appraisal of the Centre, has promoted it to Phase II in 2008. The major focus of the Department at present is on research and publications.

Head of the Department

Dr Moly Kuruvilla , Associate Professor        


  • To act as a catalyst for the empowerment of women in Malabar region, a comparatively backward region with regard to women’s development.

  • To develop a batch of young men and women to act as agents of social change.

  • To conduct awareness programmes so as to bring about attitudinal changes in men and women and help them get rid of patriarchal mindsets..

  • To develop legal awareness among women and provide assistance in legal and personal matters.

  • To gender sensitize   students, teachers, government and non-government officers  including  elected representatives of LSGs , police personnel, media and health officials   at various levels.

  • To develop consciousness raising among girls and women in colleges and panchayaths.

  • To collaborate with other agencies and organizations working in the field of women’s development so as to speed up the empowerment of women individually and collectively.

Vision & Mission of the Department
Facilitating women empowerment individually and collectively
Upgrading the research capability of the department towards making it a nodal centre for academic and grass root level interventions in the field of gender studies
Thrust  Areas     
Teaching, Research, Training & Extension Activities
Faculty Members with Qualifications
Dr. Moly Kuruvilla, Associate Professor& HOD
M.Sc. Zoology
M.Ed  Education
M.Phil. Women’s Studies (Thesis on Missing Girls   and Son Preference in Kerala)
Ph.D. with JRF (Interdisciplinary- Thesis on Maternal Employment and Adolescent Achievement)
Ms. Mini Sukumar , Assistant Professor
M.A. Women’s Studies & Diploma in Journalism
Ms. Layana Aanand, Assistant Professor
M. A. Women’s Studies
B.Ed. (Natural Science)
Courses Offered
M.A. Women’s Studies      2 years
M.Phil  Women’s studies       1 year
Ph.D  Women’s Studies    
Intake of PG/M.Phil/Ph.D
M.A. Women’s Studies      : 24 (2 years)
M.Phil in Women’s studies     : 2 ( 1 year)
Ph.D in Women’s Studies     : 8 (completely filled)
Course Structure
M.A. Women’s Studies        – 16 Core Papers & Dissertation
M.Phil in Women’s studies       –  3 Theory Papers & Dissertation
Ph.D in Women’s Studies         - Course work with 2 Theory Papers & Thesis
Syllabus of MA Programme
Name of Core and Elective Papers offered through CCSS
Semester I
WS 101-C1 Introduction to Women’s Studies
WS 102-C2 History of Women’s Movements
WS 103-C3 Feminist Thought
WS 104-C4 Women and Human Rights
Semester 2
WS 201-C5 Gender and Development
WS 202-C6 History of Social Reform and Women’s Movements in Kerala
WS 203-C7 Women and Law
WS 204-E1
WS 205- E2
WS 206-E3 (Open Elective)
WS 207-E4 (Open Elective)
Semester 3
WS 301-C8 Gender, Religion and Culture
WS 302-C9 Feminist Research Methodology
WS 303-C10 Women and Democratic Decentralisation
WS 304-E5 Elective Paper
WS 305-E6 Elective Paper
WS 306-E 7 (Open Elective)
Semester 4
WS 401-C11 Indian Feminist Thought
WS 402-C12 Gender, Health and Sexuality
WS 403-C13 Dissertation
Electives- Group A
WS 404-E7
WS 405-E8
Electives- Group B
WS 406-E9
WS 406-E10
List of Elective Papers
1. Women, Media and Film Studies
2. Management Skills for Development Work
3. Women’s Writing, Publishing and New Media
4. Women and Education
5. Feminist Guidance and counseling
6. Feminist Theatre
7. Rural Development and Micro-Credit in India
8. Women, Science and Technology
9. New Dimensions of Empowering Adolescent Girls
10. Women, Leadership and Capacity Building
Syllabus of MPhil Programme
2 Core Papers & 1 Specialisation
1. Research Methodology
2. Advanced Feminist Theories
3. Specialisation Paper
Collaboration with other Institutions/Organizations
All Women's Studies Centres throughout India
All affiliated colleges of the University
Indian Association for Women’s Studies (IAWS)
Regional Association of Women’s Studies (RAWS)
Dept. of Social Welfare, Govt of Kerala
Kerala State Women’s Commission
Kerala State Women Development Corporation
Kerala State Kudumbasree Mission
Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA)
Gender Park- Kerala
Kerala Mahila Samakhya Society
Seminars/Symposia/Workshops conducted by the Department during the last 5 years
1. One Day Orientation Programme on Gender Related Intervention in Colleges: Skill Training for Teachers in Thrissur District at Vimala College, Thrissur, 28-01-2011.

2. One Day Seminar on Cyber Crime and Drug Abuse, 08-03-2011.

3. One Day Seminar on Health: Menopause and Related Issues, 27-07-2011.

4. One Day Orientation Programme on Gender Related Intervention in Colleges: Skill Training for Teachers in Malappuram District at Seminar Complex, University of Calicut, 27-09-2011.

5. Workshop on Adolescence Education Training, 21-11-2011.

6. One Day Orientation Programme on Gender Related Intervention in Colleges: Skill Training for Teachers in Kozhikode District at Providence College, Kozhikode, 04-03-2011.

7. One Day Orientation Programme on Gender Related Intervention in Colleges: Skill Training for Teachers in Wayanad District at St Mary’s College, Sulthan Bathery, 22-11-2011.

8. One Day Orientation Programme on Gender Related Intervention in Colleges: Skill Training for Teachers in Palakkad District at Mercy College, Palakkad, 26-11-2011.

9. One day Seminar on Women’s Code Bill on 8th March 2012.

10. .One day Seminar on Women’s Safety on November 6th, 2012.

11. Two Day Workshop on Role of Universities in Curbing Atrocities Against Women on 6th  and 7th March 2013 in collaboration with University of Calicut.   

12. One Day   National Seminar on Human Rights Issues in Early Marriage in collaboration with Academic Staff College, University of Calicut on 17th October 2013.

13. Five day Workshop on Adolescence Education from 27th to 31st January 2014 to the students of Women’s Studies.

4. One day Career Seminar on Career Opportunities & Soft Skills organized by Centre for Women’s studies in collaboration with UGC Career & Counselling Cell, University Employment Information & Guidance Bureau, University of Calicut on 26th February 2014.

15. Two day National Seminar on The Contribution of Socio-religious, Economic and Political Factors   for the Development of Women Education with special Reference to Malabar on 17th&18th  Feb 2014, in collaboration with MES Mampad College, Mampad.

16. Two day National Seminar on Women and Stress in the 21st Century on 11th& 12th March 2014 in collaboration with St.Thomas College, Kozhencherry.

17. Three Day Workshop on Women’s Health and Sexuality on 19th to 21st March 2014 at Centre for Women’s Studies.

18. Orientation Programme for I MA students from 17th to19th   November 2014.

19. One day Training Programme on Women and Human Rights in collaboration with National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and University of Calicut  on December 16th 2014.

20. One week Scholar in Residence Programme under Erudite Scheme of Kerala State Higher Education Council was held in the department from 25th -30th October 2015.  Ms. Lone Dirckinck Holmfed, Faculty of Humanities, Alborg University, Denmark visited the department and delivered Frontier Lecture.

21. International Seminar on ‘Technology Revolution and Women’s Empowerment in the 21st Century’ was held on 28th&29th October 2015.

22. Six Day Residential Workshop on “Women Connect for Leadership and Change” for Women Managers in Higher Education, sponsored by Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD) from 18th to 23rd January 2016.

23. One day Workshop for Women Development Cell Coordinators on 23rd March 2016
                                      Major Seminars and Workshops Organised


One Day Training Programme on Women & Human Rights

Erudite (Scholar in Residence Programme) on 23 rd – 31st October 2015


                             Prof Lone Dirckink Holmfeld interacting with Research Scholars

Prof Lone Dirckink Holmfeld delivering Frontier Lecture on Gender gap in Digital Technology

 Inauguration of International Conference on
Technology & Women Empowerment- 27-28th Oct 2015
 Visit by International Women’s Peace Group
Capacity Building Workshop for SC/ST Women Teachers in
Higher Education on 26 th – 23 rd January 2016
 Co-curricular and Extra curricular Activities

    The Department is the Nodal Centre of Women Development Cells in the affiliated colleges of  University of Calicut

    The Women’s Studies Collective organize monthly lecture series on pertinent gender issues

    Women’s Day Celebration is done in a befitting manner every year

    Field work is essential component of all papers whereby students get first hand experience of practical gender issues in the society

Major Extension Programmes of the Department

  • Free counseling to girls and women in distress
  • Advocacy for gender justice
  • Adolescence Education Classes                         
  • Life Skill Education Classes for Adolescents                            
  • Health & Sexuality Classes to girls and women                                    
  • Legal awareness to girls and women                                                    
  • Safety Quotient Class to Adolescents                                         
  • Mental Health Counselling Class/Training to Women          
  • Effective parenting Class to PTAs                         
  • Gender Sensitisation Talks/Training to men and women                              
  • Radio Talks  
Vision for the Future
  • Undertake the project on Safety Quotient for Adolescents in the Higher Secondary Schools of Malappuram District sanctioned under  UGC XII Plan Extension Activities
  • Start PG Diploma in Women’s Counselling in the current academic year
  • Offer MA Women’s Studies under Distance mode
  • Publication of Textbooks and Journals in Women’s Studies
  • Upgradation of the Dept into a research centre of Women’s Studies
  • Upgradation to an Advanced Women’s Studies Centre in the Country.
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