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Dr. Moly Kuruvilla

Associate Professor & HOD,

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Educational Qualifications

M.Sc. Zoology

M.Ed Education

M.Phil. Women’s Studies (Thesis on Missing Girls and Son Preference in Kerala)

Ph.D. with JRF (Interdisciplinary- Thesis on Maternal Employment and Adolescent Achievement)

Taught Papers


Introduction to Women’s Studies. Gender and Development, Feminist Research Methodology,

Gender, Health and Sexuality, Women and Law


Research Methodology, Issues and Challenges of Female Headed Households, Status of Old Age

Women in Kerala, Status of Coastal Women in Kerala

Posts/ Positions held at the University

    Director, Institute of Tribal Studies and Research

    Director, Academic Staff College

    Chairperson, University Complaints Committee

    Chairperson, Governing Body, Women’s Recreation Centre

    Chief Superintendent of Exams –MA/MPhil/PhD Course work

    Chairperson of valuation camps pertaining to all exams

    Chairman of Pass Boards pertaining to MA/MPhil/PhD

  • Member of several committees of the University- University Complaints Committee – 5 years other than as Chairperson, Planning Board, Campus Placement Committee, Research Admission Committee, Purchase Committee etc


Membership in Academic Bodies/ Organisations

  • Member, UGC National Consultative Committee for Capacity Building of Women    Mangers in Higher Education and Regional & Sub Regional Coordinator of the same

    Member, Internal Complaints Committee, University of Calicut

    Member, Internal Complaints Committee, Thuchathezhthachen Malayalam University, Tirur

    Chairperson, BOS in Women’s Studies, University of Calicut

    Member, Board of Studies in Women’s Studies, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli

    Member, BOS in Gender Studies, RGNIYD, Sriperumbudur, Chennai

    Member, Expert Committee, Mangalore University

  • Member, Advisory Committee & Board of Studies in Women’s Studies, Gandhigram Rural Institute, Dindigul

    Member, Academic Council, University of Calicut

    Member, Executive Committee, RAWS

    Member, IAWS

    Member, Editorial Board, Indian Journal of Women’s Studies

  • Member of the PhD Evaluation Committee of Department of Communication Psychology, Aalborg University, Denmark in 2013

  • Member of the PhD Evaluation Committee of Department of Gender Studies, Aalborg University, Denmark in 2014.

    Member of the PhD Evaluation Committee of Alagappa and Bharathidasan Universities

    Examiner of M Phil Dissertation of Hyderabad & Pondicherry Central Universities
Recent Publications (2011 onwards)


1.Discrimination Against Girl Child: The Trajectory of Missing Girls (ISBN 9788121211321) published by Gyan Publishing House, New Delhi in March 2011, 204 pages.

2.Training Manual on “Gender Equality and Sustainable Development” published by the Canadean based NGO, Save A Family Plan in June 2015, 94 pages

3.Kadhapolithu Jeevitham: Counselling Experiences’ (ISBN 978-81-264-6493-7) published by DC Books, Kottayam, Kerala in November 2015, 190 pages.

Chapter in Books

1.Chapter titled "Sathyathinte Kruradwani" in the Book titled Madhavikkutti Kathakal- Oru Penvayana (ISBN 978-81-921718-4-5), published by Olive Publications , Kozhikode in August 2011, P-183-186

2. Chapter titled Education for Women Empowerment in the Context of Globalisation in the Book Emerging Issues on Women Empowerment (ISBN 978-93-82420-20-0), published by Kunal Books, New Delhi in February 2013, P-526-532.

3.Chapter titled Gandhi’s Contribution to Empowerment of Women in the Book Empowerment of Youth in the Gandhian Path (ISBN:81-8801-640-3), published by Chair for Gandhian Studies and Research & Lipi Publications, Kozhikode in July 2013, P-64-74

4. Chapter titled ‘Need for Engendering Teacher Education: Suggestions Based on Empirical Study in Kerala’ in the Book Empowerment of Women in the Era of globalisation: Challenges and Opportunities (ISBN:978-81-8286-018-6) published by TR Publications, Pondicherry, P-257-263.

5. Chapter titled ‘High Time for Inculcating Values of Gender Justice in Indian Society’ in the Book Emerging Value Educational System in India (ISBN978-93-83930-21-0) published by G B Books, New Delhi in 2015, P-27-41.

6. Chapter titled ‘Mysore Kalyanam: An Event Where Violation of Women’s Human Rights are Legitimised’ in the Book ‘Gender in the Market Economy’(ISBN 978-81-316-0705-3) published by Rawat Publications, New Delhi in September 2015. P-144-164.

7. Chapter titled ‘Conceptualising Gender and Development in the Indian context’ in the Book ‘Withering Women: A Shift from Endowment to Empowerment’ (ISBN 978-1-5237-2411-6) published by Edupedia Publications, New Delhi in January 2016. P-211-221.

8. Chapter titled “The Journey of a Feminist in God’s Own Country’ in the Book Women's Studies Narratives: Travails and Triumphs (ISBN 9788189110444 ) published by The Women Press, New Delhi in March 2016.P-211-243.
Research Papers

1. Paper titled Need for a paradigm shift in social science research with gender perspective in the Journal University News (ISSN-0566-2257), October 2010, P-06-10

2. Paper titled Challenges and coping strategies for women in the globalised society, in the Journal Women's Link (ISSN 2229-6409), December 2010, Vol 16 (4), p-39-43.

3. Paper titled Engendering teacher education: An effective strategy for gender justice in the Journal Endeavours in Education (ISSN 0976-4275), July, 2011, Vol 2 (2), p-188-193.

4. Paper titled Torn between political interference and academic indifference: A case study of university research in the International Journal of Social and Economic Research (ISSN 2249-6270), July-December 2011, Vol 1 (2), p-365-372.

5. Paper titled Perceptions about sexual harassment: Study among postgraduate girl students and women employees in a University campus coauthored by Ms Anu K P. in the Journal Women's Link (ISSN 2229-6409), January 2012, Vol 18 (1),p-26-30.

6. Paper titled Religion and son preference in the International Journal of Multi Disciplinary Educational Research(ISSN: 2277-7881) June 2012, Vol 1 (2), 63-71.

7. Paper titled Role of academia in strengthening jaagratha samithis –The panchayat vigilance committee for women’s rights coauthored by Ms Thasniya K T in the Journal, Envisionings-Fresh Domains in Higher Education, ISSN:2277-1336, December 2012, Vol 2 (1), p-22-33.

8. Paper titled Gender studies components in teacher training : An essential Requirement for teacher empowerment and gender justice in the 21st Century in the International Journal of Education and Psychological Research (IJEPR), ISSN: 2279-0179, April 2013,Vol 2(2), 46-50.

9. Paper titled Gender studies course at UG/ PG levels and gender awareness training to teachers in the Journal, Higher Education for the Future, 1 (1), January 2014, 29-38

10. Paper titled Attitude Towards Women’s Employment : A review after 15 years coauthored by Ms. Seema S P in IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science, ISSN: 2279-0845, September 2014, Vol 19 (9), 32-37.

11. Paper titled Is there a gender difference in customer satisfaction? Findings of an empirical study at Lulu Shopping Mall, Kerala coauthored by Ms Irene George in Zenith International Journal of Business Economics and Management Research (ZIJBEMR), 4 (11), November 2014

12. Paper titled Changing role of women and sustainable development in the proceedings of the UGC sponsored National Seminar on the same title organized by Alphonsa College, Pala on 9th an d10th December 2014, P-8-16..

13. Paper titled, 'Religion and gender role perception: An empirical study among adolescent girls in Kerala' coauthored by Ms Nisha P., Research scholar, Dept of Women’s Studies in International Journal of Education and Psychological Research(IJEPR), Vol. 4 (2), June 2015.

14. Paper titled, ‘Gender stereotypism in the pictorial depictions of primary school text books coauthored by Ms. Thasniya K T, Research scholar, Dept of Women’s Studies in IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research (IOSR-JHSS), Vol. 20 (6), June 2015.

15. Paper titled ‘New approaches and strategies for women empowerment in the era of globalisation’ in Amal International Journal of Economics and Social Science, Vol. 1(1), August 2015.

16. Paper titled ‘Challenges and strategies for improving women’s agency in the development agendas of 21st century’ in the Journal ‘Alfomine’ (ISSN: 2250-3870), Vol 3 (2), September 2015, pp-94-101.

17. Paper titled, ‘Challenges faced by adolescent girls in the Indian context’ coauthored by Ms. Nisha P., Research scholar, Department of Women’s Studies in the Journal ‘International Journal of Current Research’(ISSN: 0975-833X), Vol.7 (12), December, 2015, pp.23821-23829.

18. Paper titled ‘Role conflict and coping strategies of women managers in higher education in Kerala’ coauthored by Ms. Seema S P. in the Journal ‘ZENITH International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research’ (ISSN 2231-5780), Vol 6 (1) January 2016, pp- 195-205. Online available at zenithresearch.org.in 195

19. Paper titled Gender identities and gender role differentiation among primary school children’ co-authored by Ms. Thasniya K T, Research Scholar, Department of Women’s Studies in the Journal ‘International Journal of Current Research’(ISSN: 0975-833X), Vol.8 (5), May 2016, pp.30953-30959.

Articles in Magazines

  1. Article titled 50% Reservation for women in LSGIs-A ray of hope in the campus publication titled ‘Varsity’, October 2010, Vol 5, P-2-5.
  2. Article titled A tribute to mothers, Mathrubhumi Weekly,43(91), January 2014, P-48-49.
  3. Article titled Women without Assets- Property rights and employment for women empowerment,Vaartha Keralam, Special Issue on Women, Feb-March 2014, P-6-10.
Expertise as Resource Person

  • Resource person to deliver keynote address and thematic presentations in International, National, State and Regional Seminars/Workshops on gender issues and women empowerment.

  • Resource person of state government machineries like IMG, Social Welfare Department, Women’s Commission, Women Development Corporation, ICDS and Police Department.

  • Resource person for the UGC scheme on Capacity Building of Women Managers in Higher Education.

  • Resource person at UGC –HRDCs and that of the inservice teacher training programmes of the Dept of Education, Kerala state

    Resource person for sessions on women empowerment

  • Resource person for gender sensitization talks and lectures to stakeholders at different levels

    Resource person of State Government for Sexual Harassment (PPR) Act 2013

    Resource person for adolescence education training sessions

    Resource person for classes on effective parenting.

  • Resource person for counselling classes to ICDS supervisors, LSGI members, women police constables and anganwadi workers