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Mr.Gopinathan . C

Associate Professor

Address Office : Associate professor, Dept of Biotechnology,
University of Calicut.
Residence : 38/612 C, Navami, near Viplavakalavedi,
Viplavakalavedi-Athanikkal road, East Hill, Calicut -5.
Phone office :0494-2407403
Mobile :09446252722
Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Qualifications               M.Sc, M.Tech (Biotechnology)
Specialisation               Bioprocess/ fermentation technology
  • Set a bioprocess laboratory
Membership/professional affiliations
  • American society for microbiology (ASM)
    Indian microbiology association
Projects handled
  • Ttitle           : Efficacy of Bacillus thuringeinsis israelensi based bioesticide under field conditions.
  •  Duration                  :one year
  •  Funding agency      :UGC (MRP)
  •  Amount sanctioned :Rs15,000
  1. Gopinathan.C, and Romilly Margret Mendez. (2015) Enhancement of Biomass production of Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis by Fed-batch fermentation. J. Environmental science, Toxicology and food technology, 9(4), III 14-19 (IQSR_JESTFT),e-ISSN:2319-2402,p-ISSN: 2319-2399, Impact Factor: 1.8
  2. Gopinathan.C, Himanshu rohira and Romilly Margret Mendez. (2015) Cost effective pretreatment of cassava peels for enhanced biogas production. J. Environmental science, Toxicology and food technology (IQSR_JESTFT), 9(9),II, 21-25, e-ISSN:2319- 2402,p-ISSN: 2319-2399. Impact Factor 1 .8
  3. Gopinathan.C, Sukhdeo Prajapathi and Himanshu Rohira, (2015) Supplementing pineapple pulp waste with urea and metal ions enhances biogas production J. Environmental science, Toxicology and food technology (IQSR_JESTFT), 9(10)I, 53-57, e-ISSN:2319-2402,p-ISSN: 2319-2399. Impact Factor 1 .8
  4. Gopinathan. C, Ektha jha and Himanshu Rohira (2015) Reduction of sporulation time by solid state fermentation of Bacillus thuriniensi susbspecies israelensis using tapioca peel as the carbon source. J. Environmental science, Toxicology and food technology (IQSR_JESTFT), 9(11) I, 34-37, e-ISSN:2319-2402,p-ISSN: 2319-2399. Impact Factor 1.8
  5. Vijithh.C.C,Swarna Gauri thota and C.Gopinathan (2014) Bacillus thuringiensis based biopesticide production by solid state fermentation, proceedings of national level seminar on microbiology and microbial technology. 39-48. ISBN no:9778172550585.
Honours and awards
M.phil degree : Guided 2 M.phil dissertaions
Membership in the University academic bodies:
  •  Academic council: Member Calicut University 2012
     Member Board studies in Biotechnology
Symposium /seminars Presentations:
  1. Solid waste management in Kerala context Paristhithi Padanavum Unnatah Vidyabhyasarangavum, organised jointly by Department of Biotechnology, university of Calicut and Kerala Sathra Sahitya Parishad, 23rd September 2015.
  2. Hands on training for biogas production from domestic waste, organised by Department of life sciences, with IRTC, Mundoor,sponsored by KSCSTE, at calicut university campus.19th to 21st October, 2015.
  3. Scale -up possibilities. As part of Inaugration of Microbiology Association of Majilis Arts and Science college, Purammannur, Malappuram District, Kerala, 19th Jan 2015.
  4. Potential of india for the production of Biofuels. 6th World Congress on Biotechnology, at Crown Plaza, New Delhi, India, 2015.
M.Sc. Project work guidance
  1. Cost effective pre-treatment of cassava peels for enhanced biogas production, 2015.
  2. Cost effective production of Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis based bio-pesticides by solid state fermentation using agro-industrial and fishery wastes as substrates. 2015

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