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Dr. M.A. Joseph    

Professor i/c Director,

UGC- Human Resources Development Centre

(formerly known as Academic Staff College)   

office: Dept. of Commerce and Management Studies
 University of Calicut, Calicut University P.O.,
 PIN 673635
Residence: Mulleparambil, X
I/341, Thehnipalam
  Malappuram District, PIN 673636
Phone Residence : 0494 2401100, 2403637
Mobile  : 9447123637
   Email  : This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ,


Qualifications :


Specialisation :

Financial Management, Advanced Financial Accounting, Research Methodology, Cost & Management Accounting Project Management, International Financial Management Mutual Funds, Business Communication

Membership/Professional Affiliations

a)  Indian Commerce Association
b)  Computer Society of India
c)  Calicut Management Association
e)  Director , Tehnipalam YMCA

Association of Indian Management Scholars (AIMS) International

Projects handled: Two minor projects

Book Chapters

  1. Fundamental Analysis of Selected Banks in India, Management Facets, Ed. Mathew Joseph, Prakash Publications, Changanacherry, 2013 Co-authored with Mr. Siby Joseph K and Ms. Moncy Kuriakose

    ISBN: 978-93-81888-59-9

  2. Questions on Financial Inclusion: Credit Requirements and Credit Sources of Low Income Groups – Need for New Credit Facility Models and Products, Financial Inclusion and Inclusive Growth: Scope and Dimension, Ed. K. Gangadharan, Reference Press, New Delhi, 2012, pp.244-270. Co-authored with Mr. K. Sajan. ISBN: 978-81-077-6

  3. Dynamic Hedging with Options, Research in Financial Derivatives (Commodity, Equity, Currency, Interest Rate), Ed. Velmurugan et al, Global Research Publications, New Delhi, 2011, pp. 415-435 Co-authored with Prof. K.P. Rajendran, ISBN: 978-81-89630-33-1

  4. Exploring the Effect of SHG Participation on Women’s Health via Social Determinants of Health, Microfinance Enabling Empowerment, Ed. Daniel Lazar et al., Vijay Nicole Imprints Private Ltd, Chennai, 2010, pp.663-671 Co-authored with Ms. Liya K, ISBN: 978-81-8209-265-5

  5. Price Discovery through Futures Trading: A Critical Study of Rubber Futures and Spot Market Prices, Indian Commodity Market (Derivatives and Risk Management), Ed. Velmurugan et al, Serials Publications New Delhi, 2010, pp.746-777 Co-authored with Mr. K Sajan ISBN: 978-81-8387-383-3

  6. Assessing Tourists Satisfaction Using ‘Holsat’ Model: A Study of Tourists to Munnar Hill Station in Kerala, Tourism Destination Competitiveness, Centre for Tourism and Heritage Research, Ajmer, 2009, pp.1-14 Co-authored with Mr. Libison K.B

 Publications – Research Papers

  1. “India’s Savings and Investment Performance since 2000”, Carmel Journal of  Management  Research, Volume 2 No.2, July 2014, pp24-36. Co-authored with Mr. Siby Joseph K and Mr. Jeffin Jose, (ISSN: 2320-1088)

  2. “Impact of Microfinance on Indebtedness to Informal Sources among Clients of Microfinance Models in Palakkad”, International Research Journal of Business and  Management, Volume V, Nov.2013, Co-authored with Ms. Deepa Viswan (ISSN: 2322-083X) ( Impact Factor: 0.374)

  3. “Empowerment of Women through Self Help Groups in Malabar Region of Kerala”, Man-age, Vol.7 &8, No.1-4, pp. 206-211.( ISSN: 2231-3060)

  4. “The HOLSAT Approach to Destination Satisfaction at Kumarakom Backwaters” South Asian Journal of Socio-Political Studies, Vol. XIV,No.1, July-Dec.2013,pp. 91-96,( ISSN: 0972-4613)

  5. “Corporate Social Responsibility and Indian Tourism Industry”, Global Research Review, Volume 2, No.1 June 2012, pp.167-173 Co-authored with Mrs. A. Suneera,(ISSN: 2250-2521)

  6. “Social Entrepreneurship in the Indian Tourism Industry: A Case Study”, Research Scholar, Volume 2, No.2 June 2012, pp.47-51 Co-authored with Mrs. A. Suneera, (ISSN: 2249-6696)

  7. “Financial Performance of Banks in Bacassurance: A Study with Special Reference to State Bank of India”, Indian Journal of Finance, Volue 5, No.7, July 2011pp.10-17 (ISSN: 0973-8711)

  8. “Socio-Economic Impact of Self Helps Groups in Palakkad District”, Man-age, Vol.6, No.1-2, pp. 61-69. Co-authored with Mrs. Deepa Viswan, (ISSN: 2231-3060)

  9. “Assessing Travel Motives and Satisfaction in the Tourism Industry: A Study with reference to Malappuram District”, Man-age, Vol.6, No.1-2, pp. 53-60. Co-authored with Mrs. A. Suneera, (ISSN: 2231-3060)

  10. “A Descriptive Approach to Tourists’ Experience at Rural Tourist Destinations in Kerala”, Man-age, Vol.6, No.1-2, pp. 21-30. Co-authored with Mr. Tejil Thomas (ISSN: 2231-3060)

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  13. “Exploring Customers’ Preference for Bacassurance Products: An Empirical Analysis”, Pravartak, Vol. V No.3, pp.47-55. Co-authored with Mrs. Sreesha C.H.

  14. “Challenges of Cultural Tourism in Kerala: A Study with special reference to Malabar”, Man-age, Vol.5, No.1-2, pp. 26-31. Co-authored with Mrs. Sravana K.  ISSN: 2231-3060

  15. “Banking Culture among Urban and Rural Women in Kerala”, Man-age, Vol. 5, No.1-2, pp. 7-12. Co-authored with Mrs. Ramya Krishnan M, (ISSN: 2231-3060)

  16. “Customer Orientation of Mobile Phone Companies- A Study on Customers’ Perspective”, Research Lines, Vol. IV, No.1-C, pp. 149-153 Co-authored with Mrs. Ramya Krishnan M, (ISSN: 0975-8941)

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  20. “Multilevel marketing: What is wrong with it?”, Man-age, Vol.3, No.1, pp.31-35. (ISSN: 2231-3060)

  21. “Supply Chain Strategy: The Strategy for the Century”, The Management Accountant, Vol. 42 No.1, January, 2007 pp.70-73.

  22. “Information Technology and Education”, Indian Commerce Bulletin, Vol. VI,Dec.2002, pp.24-29.( ISSN: 0972-6187)

  23. “Mutual Fund Schemes: A preferred investment alternative” Rotary Club Publication, Cochin, January, 2001

  24. “India and International Accounting Standards”, The Chartered Secretary, Vol.XXX. No.7, July, 2000, pp. 224-229. (ISSN: 0972-1983)

Research Guidance
PhD Degree:         6 Awarded, 2 submitted 6 progressing
MPhil Degree:      15 awarded

Membership in the University Academic Bodies:
   a) Elected Member, Academic Council
   b) Former Dean, Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies
   c) Former Chairman, Board of Studies in Management
   d) Former Member, PG Board of Studies in Commerce
   e) Former Member, Board of Studies in Management, Kannur University


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