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Dr. C. Rajendran  Dr. C. Rajendran
 Professor, Department of Sanskrit
  28/1097. Rajadhani,
T.P.Kumaran Nair Road,
Chevayur, Calicut. Pin: 673017 Kerala.
  +91 495 2354624  Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Academic Qualifications
M.A. Ph.D
 Doctoral Thesis
 Vyaktiviveka - A critical study 
 Positions Held:
 1) Dean ,faculty of language & literature, University of Calicut.
 2) Member, Academic Council, University of Calicut.
 3)Syndicate Member, SSUS Kalady.
 4) Chairman, PG Board of Studies,University of Calicut.
 5) Syndicate Member, Rashtriya Sanskrit vidhya Peetha, Tirupati. 
 6) Syndicate Member, LBS University of Sanskrit ,New Delhi.
Literary criticism, Sanskrit Poetics, Indian Philosophy, Indian Theatre, Natyasastra.
PG teaching and research experience
32 years experience in teaching and research.
Doctoral Guidance
 Guiding 5 Ph.D. students, produced 12 doctorates

Major Publications
1) The traditional Sanskrit theatre of Kerala, University of Calicut, 1989
2) Vyaktiviveka: A critical study, SBN 818741877X
3) Understanding Tradition, Department of Sanskrit, University of Calicut, 2004, ISBN 81-7748-085-5
4) Contemporary approaches to Indian Philosophy (Ed) University of Calicut , 2000
5) Living Traditions of Natryasastra (Ed) New Bharatiya Book Corporation , Delhi, 2002 ISBN 81-87418-46-X
6)Aspects of Paninian Semantics (Ed) , Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, 2002
7)Sign and Structure - Indological Essays, University of Calicut, 2000.
8)Studies in comparitive poetics, New Bharatiya Book Corporation, Delhi, 2001,ISBN 81-87418-36-2
9)Mahimabhatta, Sahithya Akademi, New Delhi.
10)Abhinayadarpana (Ed) New Bharatiya Book Corporation, Delhi, 2007, ISBN 81-8315-061-6.
11)Melputtur Narayana Bhatta, Sahithya Akademi, New Delhi, 2008, ISBN 82-60225-446-8
12)Current readings in Arthasastra (Ed), University of Calicut, 2008, ISBN 81-7748-32-0
Awards obtained:
 1) Samskrta Bhasha Vibooshan, Zamorin of Calicut , 1993.
 2) Award of best literary critic, Kerala Sahitya Academi, Trichur, 2001 for 'Pathavum Porulum'.

Selected to the panel of overseas visiting professor in Sanskrit, ICCR, New Delhi, 2001

 4)G.N Pillai endowment award, Kerala Sahitya Academi, 2002, for 'Saundaryasastram'.
 5)Ramakrishna International Sanskrit award Canada, 2002 for outstanding and distinguished contributions to Sanskrit Teaching and Reseach
 6)M.S MenonAward for Literary Criticism, 2003 for 'Taratamyakavyasastram'.
 7)Visiting professor, Ecole des Hautes Etudes Sciences Sociale, Paris, May 2005
 8)I.C. Chacko endowment award, Kerala Sahitya Academi 2007 for ' Vyakhyanasastram'.
 9)Kerala Panini Award. 2011
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