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 Dr. P. Narayanan Namboodiri
Professor, Department of Sanskrit
office: Professor, Dept. of Sanskrit, University of Calicut

Residence: Chaithram, Pudukkudi Road,
Manjeri.P.O., Malappuram Dist.
Pin: 676121, Kerala.

 Office : 04942407398
Residence : 0483 2768700
Mobile : 9447537098
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Office : This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Academic Qualifications
M.A , Ph.D
Doctoral Thesis
 Critical and comparative study on the Systems of Panini and Sakatayana.
Positions Held
 1) Dean, Faculty of Vyakarana, SSUS Kalady. 
 2) Member , PG Board of Studies , University of Calicut.
 3) Member, Faculty of language and literature.
 4) Expert member, Text book committee, SCERT , Thiruvananthapuram.
Vyakarana, Language Philosophy, Linguistics, Sanskrit Poetics, Technical literature.

PG teaching and research experience
30 years experience in teaching and research
Doctoral Guidance
 Guided 13 Ph.D students, Produced 8 doctorates.

  • Member, PG Board of studies, Kerala University, & Calicut University, SCERT, TVM
Major Research Papers
  1. Society reflected in Astadhyayi, World of Panini, Govt. Sanskrit College, Trivandrum, 2012
  2. Some observations of tables and maxims in Mahabhasya, Samskrtakairali, Vol II Indological annual journal, University of Calicut, 2012
  3. Sahityasuda, Publication division, University of Calicut, 2011
  4. Making of Astadhyayi, Potentials of Krt affixes to produce multitude of words with variety of meaning, Govt.Sanskrit College, Tripunithura, 2011
  5. Melpattur Narayanabhatta’s contribution to Sanskrit,Concept of pramana according to Narayanabhatta, New Bharateeya book corporation, New Delhi, 2011
  6. Chennamangalam Ayyasastrikal and tripunithura Sanskrit tradition, The royal family of cochin and Sanskrit studies, Centre for heritage studies, Hill palace, Tripunithura, 2011
  7. Samsritakairali,Nonpaninian systemcs, Vyakaranasastranaye sabdabodhavicarah, Publication Division, University of Calicut, 2011
  8. s of Sanskirit grammar – A linguistics approach, Publication Division, University of Calicut, 2011
  9. Indian Theories of verbal comprehension and hermeneutics, Vyakaranasastranaye sabdabodhavicarah,Publication Division, University of Calicut, 2011
  10. Sabdacaturi Ramayanattil, Ezhuttacchan, Publication Division, Un versity of Calicut, 2011
  11. Society reflected in Mahabhasya, New horizons of Indological research, New Bharateeya Book Corporation,2012
  12. Impact of grammatical principles of Vedanta, Darsanasudha, Calicut University Sanskrit Series-44 Publication Division, Calicut University, 2012
  13. Vyakaranasastre Sabdabodhavicarah, Esselguence of Indian wisdom, New Bharatiya Book Corporation,New Delhi, 2013
  14. Traditional Sanskrit learning in Kerala, Rajamahima,Calicut University Sanskrit Series No 51, 2013
  15. Vyakaranasastre sabdabodhavicarah, The Effulgence of Indian Wisdom,New Bharatiya Book Corporation,New Delhi, 2013
  16. Some aspects of ayurvedic treatment in Kerala, Pratyabhijna, Dept. of Sanskrit Sahitya, SSUS Kalady, 2014
  17. Two day National seminar on Ayurvedic tradition of Kerala, Scientific literature in Sanskrit, Maharaja‟s college, Ernakulam, 12.03.2010
  18. Two day National seminar on Bhakti in Narayaneeya of Melpattur, Bhakti schools of Vedanta, SSUS, RCKoyilandy, 11.03.2010
  19. Three day International seminar on Some observations on tables and maxims in Mahabhasya, Narrative techniques in Indian Literature, Dept. of Sanskrit, University of Calicut, 07.01.2010
  20. Three day workshop on Grammar teaching in Ayurveda colleges, Nyaya vaisesika systems, Ayurveda college, Kottakkal, 25.03.2010
  21. Three day national seminar on Grammatical lapses in Bhasa, Perspectivising Bhasa tradition and interpretations, Dept. of Sanskrit, University of calicut, 22.06.2011
  22. One day seminar on Keralattinte Vyakaranaparamparyam, Keralattinte sastraparamparyam, Vallathol vidyapeethom, Edappal, 16.09.2011
  23. Two day seminar on Special features of Sanskrit pedagogy in Kerala, Language teaSSching methodologies in Sanskrit, SSV College, Valayanchirangara, 20.01.2012
  24. One day seminar on Paniniyasiksa and Vedic introduction, Vedic Literature of India, Dept. of Sanskrit, University of Calicut, 08.02.2012
  25. Two day national seminar on Impact of Astadhyayi on Kerala Panini‟s works, Language and Language concepts, SSUS RC, Quilandy, 28.03.2012
  26. Two day seminar on Influence of Vyakarana on poetics, Poetry and poetics through ages, Kendriya vidyapeetha, Puranattukara, 31.07.2013
  27. International seminar on Ascaryacudamani and subtext, Performing culture, Dept. of Malayalam, University of „Calicut, 19.12.2014
  28. National seminar on An introduction to Amarakosa, Strategties of knowledge classification in Amarakosa, Govt. Brennen College, Tellicheri, 8.1.2015
  29. National workshop on International school for sree sankaracaryastudies, Vision and miussion of the institution, SSUS, Kalady, 29.1.2015
  30. National seminar on Siddhasabdarthasambandha, Vakyapadiya concept of sentence, Govt. Sanskrit College, Trivandrum, 13.2.2015
  31. Prakrtaprakara: An introduction, Prakrt language and literature, SSUS RC Tirur, 19.2.2015 III Ahmika of Mahabhasys, Workshop on Mahabhasya, SSUS RC Tirur, 27.2.2015
Books Authored
Sakatayaniyaprakriya, 2003
Books Edited
1. Sahityasudha, 2011
2. Vedangadipti,2013
Research Guidance : 1985 onwards
Ph.D Degree
Awarded Degree  10 Nos.
In progress:4 Nos.
M.Phil Degree
Awarded Degree  15
External Examiner for Ph.D thesis : 12 Nos. SSUS Kalady, MG University, Kottayam & Kerala University
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