Tuesday, 21 November 2017
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Courses Recognised        
 Recognition/Equivalency of Programmes of other Universities-Modifications of general guidelines and Norms for recognition/equivalency of courses of other State & Central Universities including IGNOU as fixed by the U O No. GA1/A1/5553/04 dated 29.03.2010- approved- orders issued.
 Recognition of courses-Five year integrated MSc Mathematcs (regular) programme of Pondicherry University-recognised as equivalent to the MSc Mathematics Degree of Calicut University-Granted -Orders issued.   
 Recognition of courses coming under Faculty of Science of other Universities -Sanctioned-Orders issued.   
 Recognition of BBA(CA) degree of Annamalai University under distance education mode-recognised as equivalent to the BBA degree of Calicut University-subject to ratification of the Academic Councilgranted-orders issued. 
 Recognition of courses-MPhil Commerce (Regular) programme of Christ University, Bangalore recognised as equivalent to the MPhil Commerce Degree of Calicut University-Granted-Orders issued. 
 Recognition/Equivalency of courses-MS Communication (Degree) programme of the Manipal Academy of Higher Education and Bangalore University recognised as equivalent to the Masters in Communication and Journalisam(MCJ) Degree of Calicut University-Sanctioned-Orders issued.  
 Recognition/Equivalency of MA Hindi (Distance Education) Degree of Janardhan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University and Madras University as equivalent to the MA Hindi (SDE Mode) of University of Calicut for higher studies and employment-sanctioned -Orders issued.
 Recognition/Equivalency of various courses of other Universities-Sanctioned-Orders issued.