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Established in 1976

Head of the Department: Dr. Nagendra Shreeniwas

The Department was established in 1976 and is nearing 40 years of its existence in 2016. It started functioning with a visiting faculty from USSR (present Russian Federation) to offer one-year Certificate Course in Russian Language. In the consequent years, with the appointment of a regular faculty, the department started offering part time Programmes in Russian Language & Literature such as Diploma, Advanced Diploma. It was raised to a Research Centre in 1990 with the introduction of PG and Ph.D Programmes in Russian.

The Department has signed a MoU in 1995 with the Department of Russian & Methods of its Teaching of the Russian People’s Friendship University (RPFU), Moscow, which promoted a collaborative conduct of academic programme through exchange of faculty and other related activities. As part of the MoU, during 1996 – 1999, the Department together with RPFU conducted Foundation course in Russian meant for students seeking admission to the professional courses in RPFU. The ‘Foundation Course in Russian’ was equated to the ‘Preparatory Programme’ offered in RPFU. Besides, Introductory courses in French, German & Russian were also offered at Calicut city during’97-99.

A Centre for initiating inter-disciplinary studies and research in the field of Indian & Western literatures (viz. Centre for Comparative Literature) was instituted under the Department in the year 2000 and since then the Department has been recognized as a major academic centre to offer PG, M.Phil. & Ph.D. Progamme in Comparative Literature as well as part-time programmes in Russian Language.

Besides, Open-Elective programmes in Russian are also offered enabling inter-departmental mobility of students, which is one of the core aspects of the Choice based Credit Semester System (CCSS) introduced at the PG level from 2008 onwards in the 2nd & 3rd Semesters.

The interdisciplinary programme of Comparative Literature offered not only aims at imparting a comprehensive knowledge in the area of Indian and western Literatures, it opens vast areas of research such as Comparative studies of Indian and Western Literatures, Russian Language and Methods of its teaching, Studies in Russian Literature and Culture in comparison with Indian and Western, Women’s writings in Russian and Indian Literatures, Russian Realistic fiction, Contemporary Russian Literature, Literary theories & Narratology, Translation studies, Scientific & Popular fiction in Indian & Russian Literatures and so on.

The syllabi and course curriculum are regularly revised and restructured. As part of the curriculum, every year the Department organizes Translation workshop, which is one of the best practices of skill development followed. The Translation workshops not only aims at developing the skill of translation in students, but also intends to inspire the participants to indulge in the task of literary translation /interpretation as a better tool to future career prospects for the students. Translation workshops conducted by the Department are found very helpful to the students not only in developing their skill of translation and interpretation but also in acquiring cross-cultural information.

The Department regularly organizes Seminars / Conferences and Workshops on different themes relating to Language, Literature, Culture and Translation. It also arranges Extension Lectures on various topics.

Since 1987 the Department regularly brings out annual research journal –The Journal of Russian Literature which was later renamed as ‘ Assonance: A Journal of Russian and Comparative Literary Studies.’ 17 issues have been brought out so far. The Journal is recognized by various Universities for promotion / upgradation of posts.

The Department has a very good library with nearly 10000 titles. They comprise books in Russian language & Literature, creative works in Indian and Western literatures, books on Theory of Literature & Literary Criticism, Translation studies, Comparative Literary and cultural studies, Women’s Literature and so on, besides journals and albums in Russian. The Department is provided with ICT facilities like computer lab, smart class room, LCD projector & WiFi to staff and students.)

Recently, with the introduction of school system, the Department has become a part of the School of Languages and Literature with its new name “Department of Russian and Comparative Literature.”


Thrust Areas:

Comparative studies of Indian and Western Literatures, Russian Language and Teaching Methods, Russian Realistic fiction & Contemporary Russian Literature, Women’s writings in Russian and Indian Literatures, Literary theories & Translation & Culture Studies, Scientific & Popular fiction in Indian & Russian Literatures.

Faculty Members:

Dr. Nagendra Shreeniwas

Assistant Professor & Head of the Department

Research Supervisors:

Dr. Nagendra Shreeniwas (Asst. Prof.)

7 Ph.D. scholars enrolled, 9 MPhil awarded

Prof. Dr. S. Nirmala (Retd.)

5 Ph.D. awarded, 4 Ph.D scholars enrolled

Programmes offered & Intake

Sl. No





M.A. Comparative Literature




M.Phil Comparative Literature


Regular/2 Semesters


Ph.D Comparative Literature

4 (per Guide)



Certificate Course in Russian

Any number

Part time (1 year)


Diploma course in Russian

Any number

Part time (1 year)


Advance Diploma in Russian

Any number

Part time (1 year)


Departmental Research Journal - Assonance


UGC Major Research Project

UGC has sanctioned a Major Research Project to Dr. S. Nirmala as Principal Investigator for the project entitled The theme of family in women’s Writing in Russian Literature of 19-20 centuries - a close study on the basis of recent Critical Theories on Feminist Writing . An amount of Rs.8,15,800/- has been granted towards financial support for the conduct of the project. The project was implemented in the Department in August 2006 for a period of 3 years. The project report was submitted in 2010.

Seminars/Conference/Workshops / Theatre Festivals during the last 5 years

  1. 3-Day UGC International Conference on World Literature at the Crossroads: Changing Paradigms in the Comparative Literary Studies (13-15 March 2017)

  2. 5-Day UGC sponsored Russian Theatre Festival (21-25 November 2017)

  3. 5-Day UGC National Theatre Workshop (21-25 November 2017)

  4. 3-Day National Translation Workshop on Translating Russian Plays (18-20 October 2016)

  5. 1-Day UGC Career Seminar on Comparative Literature: Emerging Trends and Expanding Horizons (06 October 2016)

  6. 1- Day Workshop on Academic writing (12 July 2016)

  7. 1-Day seminar on Celebrating International Women’s Day (08 March 2016)

  8. 3-Day Translation Workshop on Translation of Fairy Tales (9-11 December 2015)

  9. 2-Day UGC National Seminar on Russian Literature: Writers, Themes & Trends (27-28 November 2015)

  10. Frontier Lecture by Prof. Hem Chandra Pande (Retd. Professor, CRS, JNU) (26 November 2015)

  11. 2-Day UGC National Conference on Comparative Folklore & Mythology: Issues and Perspectives (19-20 March 2015)

  12. 1-Day Seminar in connection with International Women’s Day on Women and Society (07 March 2015)

  13. 3-Day National Seminar cum Workshop on Gabriel Garcia Marquez and World Literature & Translation of Marquez’s Stories (17th -19th December 2014)

  14. 1-Day Seminar on Comparative Literature: New Trends and Emerging Prospects (27thAugust 2014)

  15. 2-Day Workshop on Translation of Contemporary Indian & Western short stories (19th & 20th March 2014)

  16. 5-Day UGC Seminar cum Workshop on Indian Literature in the 21st century: Writers, Themes & Trends and Translation of Contemporary Indian short stories (10th to 14th March 2014).

  17. 1-Day UGC Career Seminar on Comparative Literature: Expanding Horizons and Career Prospects (26thFebruary 2014)

  18. 2-Day Translation Workshop on Translation of Tolstoy’s stories (6-8 March 2013).

Extension Service to the Community: Consultancy for Translation jobs :

A Translation cell is working in the Department. The faculty members of the Department undertake translation of Russian technical documents like passport, visa etc as the extension service to the community.

Other Curricular & extra-curricular activities :

Weekly Research Forum : The Department has a functional Research Forum that organizes talks, Film shows, Group Discussions, Seminar Presentations etc on every Thursday afternoon.

Wall Magazine: The department has its bi-annual Wall magazine ‘Golos’ run by the students of the Department. It publishes creative works by students, literary tributes to prominent authors.

Summer Course in Proficiency in Communicative Russian conducted every year in April- May