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      Dr. Abraham Joseph


         (Inorganic Chemistry& Analytical Chemistry)

OFFICIAL         : Department of Chemistry , University of Calicut , Ker
ala, India - 673 635
RESIDENCE      : Parickappallil “AMBADI” , Nirmalagiri P O– 670701, Kannur,Kerala, India.
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1985 –1988 : B.Sc., University of Calicut,

1988 – 1990 : M.Sc., University of Calicut

1990-1992 : M.Phil. Mangalore University

2002 : Ph.D. Mangalore University, Karnataka. India (Under the Guidance of Prof. B. Narayana)


2011 September onwards : Professor

UG Teaching : 13 Years.

PG Teaching : 12 Years.

Total Teaching Experience : 25 Years

Research Area of Interests

Bioinorganic and Coordination Chemistry; Corrosion inhibition studies

Analytical and Electro analytical chemistry, Materials and Nano Chemistry


  1. Registrar Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies , Since

January 2012 January- 2014 April.

  1. Director, College Development Council, University of Calicut since 1st

July,2014- March 2015

  1. NSS program officer for five years (1998-2003), St. Pius X College,

Rajapuram, Kasaragod, Kerala.

4. Hostel Wrden,Jawahar Hostel for Men, Nirmalagiri College,

Kuthuparama, Kannur Two years (1993-1995).

5. Head Department of Chemistry, St. Pius X,College, Rajapuram (1995-2005).

6. Secretary, Department Council, University of Calicut (2005-2009).


  1. Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Calicut 08/11/2016 onwards

  2. Chairman PGBOS chemistry, University of Calicut, 09/2016 onwards

  3. Member, University Planning Board, University of Calicut

  4. Member Academic Council, St Joseph’s College(Autonomous), Irinjalakkuda

  5. Member, Board of Studies in Chemistry, St Thomas College (Autonomous),Thrissur.

  6. Fellow, Indian Chemical Society, F/6754 (LM) (2007)7.

  7. Fellow, Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI) LM/1151 (2008)


1 Recipient of Best NSS Program officer Kannur University Level award in 2002.

2 Recipient of Best NSS Program officer State award in 2002.


MPhil Guidance : 4

PhD Awarded : 6 (Bincy Joseph& Sam John, Ramya K, Anupama K K, Revathi Mohan& Mathew Kuruvilla)

Thesis Submitted : 2 (Shainy KM & Prajila M)

PhD students working : 7


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