Tuesday, 21 February 2017
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Calicut University Guest House

Guest House

Guest House - Main Building


 Faculty Guest House - 1 The University Guest House complex situated on the main campus of the University has 40 well-provided rooms and one dormitory located in three independent units: Spices House, Faculty House 1, and Faculty House 2 

Faculty Guest House 2

 The Spices House, the main unit of the Guest House has 4 A/C rooms, each named as Cardamom, Pepper, Coconut and Areca nut,   besides 2 Non A/C suites and one dormitory.

              A/C Room - Coconut
              A/C Room - Cardamom

The Faculty House 1 has 2 A/C and 7 non A/C rooms and the Faculty House 2 has one A/C and    15 non A/C rooms.   The Guest house serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.                       

Normal Rent (24 hour check out)
A/C rooms
 Rs 300
Non A/C Suite
  Rs 200
Non A/C rooms  
Double occupancy  Rs 150
Single occupancy Rs 80
Concession Rent  
For those visiting the campus for official purposes on invitation from the University, the concession rent for Non A/C a room is 1/3 of the applicable daily allowance.
On-line Booking  
Those visiting the University can book accommodation in the University Guest House on-line.