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 Dr.M.Manoharan  Dr.M.Manoharan,
 Professor, Department of Statistics
 Office: Department of Statistics, University of Calicut,
Calicut University (P.O.), Malappuram (Dist.),
Kerala – 673 635
Residence:‘Krishnapadam’, Clint Corner,
Tenjipalam (P.O.), Malappuram (Dist.),
Kerala – 673 636
Office    : 0494 – 2407340 /2407341
Residence : 0494 - 2403403
Mobile    : 09447424043
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  1.  M.Sc. (Statistics), First Rank with Distinction Cochin University of Science & Technology, 1983-85.
  2. Ph.D., Cochin University of Science & Technology (1990), NBHM Fellow (Thesis title: ‘Analysis of some Stochastic Models in Inventories & Queues’) supervisor: Prof.(Dr.) A. Krishnamoorthy
  3. Post Doctoral Research, University of Sheffield, U.K. 1997-98, Commonwealth Fellow (Topic: ‘Stochastic Models in Reliability’)
  4. Post Doctoral Research, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada, May-Aug.2001. (Topic: ‘Reliability theory’)
  5. Post Doctoral Research, University of Calicut, India, 2006-2009.UGC Research Awardee, Topic: ‘Identifiability in queueing models’.
  1.  Broad Area - Stochastic Processes & Their Applications Stochastic Models in Queues, Inventories & Reliability, Phase type distributions, Survival Analysis, Longitudinal Analysis and Applied Statistics.
  1.  Research Fellow at TIFR, Bangalore & CUSAT, 1985-’89:
    I have carried out my doctoral research under the prestigious fellowship of NBHM (offered by DAE, Govt. of India) and made significant contributions in the area of Stochastic Models in Queues and Inventory.
  2. Research Associate at University of Pune, 1989-90:
    Worked on a CSIR funded project on Reliability Theory in association with Professor J.V. Deshpande, Dr. A.D. Dharmadhikari and Dr. U. V. Naik-Nimbalkar; contributed a paper on Multistate Monotone System jointly with A.D.Dharmadhikari.
  3. Lecturer in Statistics, Panjab University Chandigarh, 1990:
    I have engaged in the teaching of B.Sc. (Hon.) & M.Sc. Statistics programmes. Formed an active research group on reliability and related areas along with Prof. Harshinder Singh and Dr. Neeraj Misra; established a couple of preservation results- of phase-type distributions under Poisson shock models and of ILR property under order statistics those appeared in Adv. in Appl. Prob. 24 (1992) and Prob. in the Engg. and Informational Sci. 7 (1993) respectively.
  4. Visiting Research Associate, University of Sheffield, U.K, 1997-’98:
    I was awarded the prestigious – Commonwealth Fellowship tenable at United Kingdom in 1997 upon which I did one year postdoctoral work on Stochastic Models in Reliability at University of Sheffield in association with Prof. D.N. Shanbhag. A collaborative work on Queueing Models appeared as a Chapter in Volume 21 of the monumental series of Hand book of Statistics published by Elsevier B.V., Netherlands in 2003.
  5. Lecturer (since 26-12-90), Sr. Lecturer (since 29-04-95) Reader (since 29-04- 1999) & Professor (since 29-04-2007) Department of Statistics, University of Calicut, India:
    Teaching and research in the Department of Statistics, University of Calicut since 26-12- 1990. Handled papers on Analysis, Linear Algebra, Measure theory, Probability theory, Distribution Theory, Design of Experiments, Sampling, Inference, Stochastic Processes, Multivariate Analysis, Operations Research, Survival / Lifetime Data Analysis, Computer programming in C++, Mathematical Methods for Statistics and Time Series Analysis for M.Sc. Statistics programme. Taught the papers (i) Probability and Statistics (ii) Computer oriented Statistical Methods for Master of Computer Application (MCA) programme and Biostatistics for M.Sc Biotechnology programme. Taught the course on Statistical Decision Theory & Bayesian Analysis, Reliability Modelling, Longitudinal Data Analysis and Advanced Queueing Theory for M.Phil/Ph.D. programme in Statistics.
    I have supervised ten research students for the successful completion of their Ph.D. degree in Statistics, six students for M.Phil (Statistics) and the research of a few more fellows are progressing now at the University of Calicut. I have made significant research contributions to several areas of Statistics during this period.
  6. Head of the Department of Statistics: Headed the Department of Statistics, University of Calicut from 01/02/97 to 30/06/97; 16/04/1999 to 25/04/2001; 01-01- 2004 to 15-10-2006 and another term from 27-10-2012 to 03.12.2014 (Total : 7 Years plus).I have put on my best efforts to lead and develop the department into a notable centre for learning and research in statistics. Some of the bold initiatives include moving to a new building in 2005, augmentation of computing facilities and statistical software for the Lab and ICT enabled smart classrooms in the Department.
  7. Convener, CCSS Academic Committee: Coordinator of Choice-Based Credit Semester System (CCSS), Post-graduate Programmes, University of Calicut from 22- 10.2009 to 13-12-2012 (3 years).
    With a change over to a system of education introducing the Choice-Based Credit Semester system from the Academic year 2008-09 onwards for all Regular PG Programmes of University Teaching Departments/Schools, that offered sufficient scope to put the entire potential of the University Departments to action, we were able to streamline the functioning of the system by effective co-ordination of activities of the participating departments and examination wings.
Professional Affiliation:
 Life member – International Indian Statistical Association (IISA), Indian Society for
                  Probability and Statistics (ISPS), Indian Statistical Association (ISA) &
                  Kerala Statistical Association (KSA).
 Member        - International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics (ISBIS / ISI),
                 Indian Poultry Science Association,
              - Gnedenko e-Forum- An International Group on Reliability.
 General Secretary – Association of Calicut University Teachers (ACT) 2010-2012.

      Chapter-15 : 'Departures and related Characteristics in Queueing Models'
      (jointly with M.H. Alamatsaz and D.N. Shanbhag ), Handbook of Statistics , Vol-21,
      557-572, (2003) Elsevier Science B.V..
Research Publications in National/International Journals:     60 (Sixty)

 Most Recent Publications: (Last Five Years)
  1. ‘Markovian Queueing System with Self Regulatory Servers’ (2014), (jointly with Abdul Rasheed, K.V.), Advances and Applications in Statistics (ISSN: 0972-3617), Vol. 41, No.2, pp 109-128.
  2. ‘Bayesian Estimation of Rate Parameters of Queuing Models’ (2014), (jointly with Joby K. Jose), Journal of Probability and Statistical Science, 12(1), 69-76. ISSN 1726-3328.
  3. ‘Optimum System Capacity for Markovian Queuing System with an Adaptive Balking’  (2014), (jointly with Joby K. Jose), Journal of Statistics & Management Systems, Vol. 17, No.2, pp. 155-164. (Taylor & Francis & Taru Publications, ISSN 0972-0510 (print), 2169- 0014 (online) [DOI: 10.1080/09720510.2013.858475]
  4. ‘Some New Results on Discrete Time Queues’ (2013), (jointly with Joby K. Jose), Collection of Recent Statistical Methods and Applications, pp.19-27, Publication of Department of Statistics, University of Kerala.
  5.  ‘Mean Residual Life Criteria Of First Passage Time of Semi-Markov Process Based on Total Time on Test Transforms’ (2013), (jointly with V.M. Chacko), Reliability Theory &  Applications #01(28), Vol.8. March
  6.  ‘Some Properties of the Steady State Characteristics of Discrete Time Queueing Models’ (2013), (jointly with Joby K. Jose), Journal of Statistics: Advances in Theory and Applications,  10, no.2, pp 189-197. ISSN NO: 0975 – 1262. ISSN: 0975-1262. ‘Heterogeneous versus Homogeneous Covariance Patterns in Modelling Longitudinal Data’ (2013), (jointly with K. Radhakrishnan Nair), Journal of Modern Mathematics Frontier  (JMMF). ISSN: 2227-3743, E-ISSN: 2227-3751.
  7.  ‘On Selection of Covariance Structure in Modelling of longitudinal Data’ (2012), (jointly with K. Radhakrishnan Nair), Applications of Reliability Theory and Survival Analysis, Eds:Navin Chandra and G. Gopal, Bonfring Publication, Coimbatore, India. pp.130-134. ISBN: 1726-3328.
  8.  ‘Multistate coherent systems with multiple state transition at a time’ (2012), (jointly with V.M.Chacko), Reliability Theory & Applications#02(25), Vol.1., 85-91. ISSN:1932-2321.
  9.  ‘Non-parametric Estimators for Survival Function of Paired Recurrent Events’ (2012). (jointly with P.G. Sankaran and P. Anisha), Statistical Methodology,9(4), 501-512. ISSN: 1572-3127, H-Index 13.
  10.  ‘Joint Importance Measures in Network System’ (2011), (jointly with V.M. Chacko), Reliability Theory & Applications #04(23), Vol.2. December, 129-139. ISSN:1932-2321.
  11.  ‘Joint Importance Measures for Multistate Reliability Systems’ (2011), (jointly with V.M. Chacko), OPSEARCH (Springer), 48(3) : 257-278. (MR2869370). ISSN 0030-3887 (PV), ISSN 0975-0320 (EV). DOI.10.1007/s/2597-011-0048-2.
  12.  ‘Markovian Queueing System with Random Balking’ (2011), (jointly with Joby K. Jose), OPSEARCH (Springer), 48(3) : 236-246. (MR2869368). ISSN 0030-3887 (PV), ISSN 0975- 0320 (EV). DOI.10.1007/s/2597-011-0054-1.
  13.  ‘On Infinite Divisibility of Steady State Distributions in Some Queueing Models’ (2010), (jointly with Joby K. Jose), Journal of the Indian Statistical Association, 48 (2), 231-241. (MR2858029, 2012g:60293).
  14.  ‘On Optimal Replacement of a Multi-state Deteriorating System’ (2010), (jointly with K. Aneesh Kumar), IAPQR Transactions, 35, no.1, July.
  15.  ‘On Ageing Properties of Semi-Markov System and Total Time on Test Transforms’  (2010), (jointly with V.M. Chacko), International Transactions in Mathematical Sciences and  Computers, (ISSN printing: 0974-7373; ISSN online: 0975-3753), Issue 2, July-2010, 297-313.
  16.  ‘Some Preservation Properties of Poisson Mixtures’ (2009), Bulletin of Kerala Mathematical Association, Special Issue, 67-86, Guest Editor: S.R.S. Varadhan FRS.
  17.  ‘Ageing properties of the first passage time distribution of a multistate reliability system’ (2009), (jointly with V.M. Chacko), ProbStat Forum- an e-journal in Probability, Statistics & Optimization, 2, 22-30. (
  18.  ‘Joint Criticality Importance Measures of Components in MEMS Devices’ (2009), (jointly with V.M. Chacko), Procced. Int. Conf. on MEMS (ISBN-978-81-908468-0-6), PO.3, Dept. of Ele. Engg., IIT Madras, Jan 3-5, 2009.
  19.  ‘A Characterization of Phase type Distribution under Poisson shock models’ (2009), (jointly with K. Aneesh Kumar), IAPQR Transactions, 34, no.1, July.
  1. Wazir Hassan Abdi Endowment Prize from Cochin University in 1985(India).
  2. NBHM Award for doctoral research in 1985 (India)
  3. Commonwealth Fellowship tenable at UK in 1997.
  4. Post-doctoral Fellowship at Dalhousie University, Canada in 2001.
  5. UGC Research (Career) Award in 2006 (India).
 Ph. D. Degree: Awarded Degree - 10 (Ten); In progress – 3 (Three).
The following students are awarded Ph.D. degree under my guidance from the University.
  1.   Babu Raj, C. (Date of Award : 27 January 1998)
     Title of Thesis : Analysis of some Bulk service Queuing systems.
  2.  Joseph, K.X. (Date of Award : 27 January 1998)
     Title of Thesis : Mathematical and Statistical Studies of some Stochastic Models in                                   Reliability.
  3.  Jenson, P.O. (Date of Award : 01 March 2003)
     Title of Thesis : Mathematical and Statistical Analysis of some Stochastic Models in                                  Queues, Inventories and Reliability.
  4.  Laly John, C. (Date of Award : 16 June 2006).
     Title of Thesis : Statistical Methodology for Selection Procedures to Poultry Breeding.
  5.  Narayanan, V. (Date of Award : 19 May 2007).
     Title of Thesis : State Dependent Markovian Queueing Models and their Performance                                  Evaluations .
  6.  Aneesh Kumar, K. (Date of Award : 15 November 2007).
     Title of Thesis : Phase Type Modelling in Reliability and Survival Analysis .
  7.  Xavier, T.D. (Date of Award: 24 December 2008).
      Title of Thesis : Study on Some Stochastic Models in Survival and Clinical Trials.
  8.  Chacko, V. M. ( Date of Award: 07-10-2010)
      Title of Thesis : Reliability Analysis for the Multistate Systems.
  9.  Joby K. Jose ( Date of Award: 12-10-2011)
      Title of Thesis : A Study on Some Aspects of Distributions in Queueing Models.
  10.  Radhakrishnan Nair, K. ( Date of Award: 24-09-2013).
      Title of Thesis : Some Contributions in Longitudinal Data Analysis.
M.Phil. Degree:    Awarded Degree - 6 (Six) , In progress – 1 (One).
External Examiner for Ph.D. Thesis     : 14 (Fourteen)
 Referee/Review Work:
  1.  Handbook of Statistics (Elsevier Publications, The Netherlands)
  2. Journal of Indian Statistical Association
  3. Statistical Methods
  4. Opsearch
  5. Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
  6. Journal of Kerala Statistical Association
  7. Journal of Quality Technology & Quantitative Management (QTQM)
  8. Journal of Probability and Statistical Science
  9. Applied Mathematics Letters (Elsevier)
  10. Reliability Engineering and System Safety (Elsevier)
  11. Applied Mathematical Modelling (Elsevier)
  12. Mathematical and Computer Modelling (Elsevier)
  1.  P.G. Board of Studies in Statistics of (i) University of Calicut (ii) University of Mysore  (iii) University of Madras (iv) Kannur University (v) Mahatma Gandhi University (vi) Cochin University of Science & Technology (vii) St. Thomas College, Thrissur (Autonomous) and (viii) St. Joseph’s College, Devagiri, Kozhikode (Autonomous).
  2. U.G. Board of Studies in Statistics of Kannur University and Periyar University (T.N.).
  3. The Academic Council of Cochin University and University of Calicut.
  4. The Faculty of Science of CUSAT, Kannur University and University of Calicut.
  5. Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), University of Calicut.
  6. P.G. Board of Examiners of various Universities in India.
  7. Doctoral Committee in Statistics of Kannur University.
  8. Elected member of the Senate, University of Calicut (two terms).
Conferences/ Symposia/Workshops attended:        62 (Sixty-two)
Instructional Courses (Orientation/ Refresher/ Summer Schools) Attended: 8 (Eight)

Experience in Organising Conferences/Symposia/Workshop:
Involved in the conduct of more than ten State/National/International Conferences /Seminar/Workshop in various capacities- Chairman/ Convener/Co-ordinator/Secretary/Member of the organizing committee.
 Research Projects Undertaken
 Title of Project: ‘Identifiability on Queueing Models’.
  Period: 16-10-2006 to 15-10-2009 ( 3 years)
  Research Grant of Rs. 4.00 Lakh of University Grants Commission, India .

  1.  Resource Person in a number of Refresher Courses for College/ University teachers organised by UGC-ASCs at various universities in India.
  2. Worked as Content Editor for ‘e-content programme on Mathematics of EMMRC, University of Calicut during 2010-’12. Contributed 28 Modules on Probability Theory and Optimization. Also contributed more than a dozen modules for the Bioinformatics Degree course during 2013-’15.
  3. Expert Member of the Research Advisory Committee of Malabar Cancer Centre, Thalassry (2013+) & Baby Memorial Hospital (2012+)

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