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 Office    : Department of Statistics, University of Calicut
Residence   Kanjirakkattu House, Kottapuram (Post), Erumapetty (Via), Trissur
            (Dis), PIN 680584.
Office    : 0494 – 2407341
Residence :  04885-262853
Mobile    : 9446971883
Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
 Qualifications :  M.Sc,; Ph.D; P.G.Diploma in Operations Research and Computer
 Specialization : Stochastic Processes and their Applications.
 ACHIEVEMENTS :   Worked as Statistical Expert at Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics, Doha, Qatar for four years. (During Nov. 2010 to Dec 2014)
  1.  Life Member, Indian Society of Probability & Statistics
  2.  Life Member, Kerala Statistical Association
 PAPERS : 14 (Total numbers) (Provide the details in table showing all details as in
               Research Annual Report)

 1. D-Policy for a Production Inventory System with Perishable Items. Journal of Kerala Statistical
Association, 2010
2. Harris Processes: International Journal of Agricultural and Statistical Sciences (IJASS) Vol.4,
No.1, June 2008. (Sandhya, E and Sherly Sebastian)
3. On Geometric Marginal Asymmetric and Laplace Asymmetric Linnik Distribution,
   STARS (Science) 2008, Vol 2..pp 196-203(Jointly with Mariamma Antony)
4 Harris family of Discrete Distributions –Some Recent Innovations in Statistics, 2008, 57-
    72(Jointly with Sandhya E. and Sherly Sebastian.)
5 Ruin Probabilities under generalized exponential distribution. Asia Pacific Journal of Risk and
    Insurance, Volume -2, Issue 1 (Spring 2007), 22-32 (jointly with M.J.Jacob and K.K.Thampi)
6 Batch Arrival of Claims in the classical Risk model – Journal of Insurance and Risk
    Management – Vol IV Issue 08, June 2006, 15-26. (jointly with M.J.Jacob and K.K.Thampi)
7 A Control policy for (s,S) and Production Inventory Systems, (International Journal of
    Information and Management Science. Vol.16.No.3,71-84, Sept 2005)
8 N-Policy for Two Commodity Inventory System - (International Journal of Information and
    Management Science. Vol.18.No.3, pp 271-282, Sept 2007)
9 Characterizations of the extended Geometric, Harris, Negative Binomial and Gamma
    distributions – STARS (Science) 2007, Vol 1, 5-17.(Jointly with Sandhya E., Sherly Sebastian
    and Jos M.K.)
10 Barrier probabilities and maximum Severity of Ruin for a renewal Risk Model – International
    Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance, Vol 10, No.5, 2007, 837-846 (with M.J.Jacob and
11 N-Policy for a production Inventory system with random lifetimes.- RICERCA OPERATIVA –
    Journal of the Italian Operations Research Society, XXXI, 97, 2001, pp 37-46,.(with
12 Random N-Policy for repair of a k-out-of-n g:system – Advances in Probability and Stochastic
    Processes, Notable Publications, 107-112, 2001.(With A.Krishnamoorthy).
13. N-Policy for (s,S) Perishable Inventory system with Positive Lead Time(The Korean Journal of
Computational and Applied Mathematics vol.5 No.1, pp 253-261, Jan 1998). (With
14. (s, S) Inventory with positive lead time: N-Policy International Journal of Information and
Management Science. Vol.9.No.4; pp 45-51, December 1998) (with A.Krishnamoorthy)

 Editorial works
    1. Advances in Probability and Stochastic Processes; Proceedings of the International Conference on Stochastic Processes and its Applications. Notable Publications, U.S.A. (jointly with Prof. A.Krishnamoorthy and V.Ramaswami, 2001)
    2. Advances in Stochastic Modeling; Journal of Engineering Simulation, Kiev, Ukrane (Special Issue 2000) (Jointly with Prof. A.Krishnamoorthy and E.Dshalalow)

 Other Academic services
   1. Supervised the D.S.T funded project (6 lakhs) of Smt. Vineetha K, on “Analysis of Inventory Systems and their Reliability”
   2. Prepared a number of study materials for various courses conducted by School of Distance  Education, University of Calicut.


Ph.D Degree           : Awarded Degree : 4 (Four)
                        In progress    : Nil
M.Phil Degree         : Awarded Degree : 1 (One)
External Examiner for
Ph.D Thesis           : 7(Seven)

 Served as :
   i. Chairman, Board of Studies (Statistics PG), University of Calicut.
   ii. Member, Board of Studies (Statistics UG), University of Calicut.
   iii. Member, Academic Council, University of Calicut.
   iv. Member, Senate, University of Calicut.
   v. Member, Board of Studies (Statistics PG), Kannur University.
   vi. Member, Board of Studies (OR & CA PG), M.G.University.
   vii. Member, Faculty of Science, CUSAT.

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