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         Ummer Tharammel       





Head of the Dept. of Malayalam & Kerala Studies

Univerity of Calicut , Calicut university P.O


QUALIFICATION         : MA, BEd, Mphil,PhD

SPECIALIZATION       : Film -Theatre Studies ,Fiction and Diaspora Literature.



Office                   : Dept. of Malayalam & Kerala Studies    Univerity of Calicut , Calicut university P.O

Residence            : Tharammel House Puthupparamba P.O , Edarikode , Malappuram , 676501


       Office            : 04942407255

       Residence     : 04832750587

       Mobile            : 09447675916

Email                     : This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


1 . Role of a critic in Malayalam literary and cultural criticism

2.Documentary works



1 .Member of staff organizations in MG University and Calicut University



PROJECTS HANDLED:(Total numbers)

  • Title : Re-Reading Kerala Renaissance : An Historical Study Of Maappilapaattu In Performance.

  • Duration : 2 years (2010-2012)

  • Funding Agency: UGC

  • Amount Sanctioned: RS.566200/-

  • Title : Special Assistance Programme (SAP) Project For The Department

  • Duration : 5 yeras

  • Funding Agency: UGC

  • Amount Sanctioned :-NA



Avadhoothante Mozhi ,Mulberry Books, Kozhikode ,1990

Varayum Mozhiyum ( Lit . Criticism) ,Mulberry Books, Kozhikode ,1997

Novel Harithakam (Lit . Criticism) , Lipi Books Kozhikode ,1999

Nilavilikalum Marmarangalum (Translation) ,Mulberry Books Kozhikode ,2000

Guruvinte Shabdham ;(Khalil Gibrante Krithikal), ed: k jayakumar dc books kottayam 2002

Pravachakan (Translation) ,Lipi Books Kozhikode, 2003

Satan (Translation) ,Lipi Books , 2003

Maapilapaattu – Paadavum Padanavum (studies) ,co-author Balakrishanan Vallikunnu (compilation and study) ,DC Books Kottayam,2005

Rubaiyiyaat (Translation), Olive Books, Kozhikode ,2005 .

Ishalukalude Udyanam ; Rainbow Publication, Chenganoor, 2006

Seethi Haji Kathakalum Phalithangalum ; DC Books ,Kottayam ,2007

Paradeshi : Ciniemayum Raashtriyavum ; Other Books Kozhikode 2008

Theevandi Oru Desheesya Mrigam (Lit Criticism and Cultural Studies) , Lipi Books ,Kozhikode ,2008

Mathetharam (cultural studies) co- author Dr KM Anil,Raspberry Books ,Kozhikode, 2011

Diaspora ; Haritham Books ,Kozhikode ,2011

Cidarmarangalude Sangeetham ; (Translation ) ,Lipi Books ,Kozhikode , 2014

Theatron –Malayalam Research Journal Kottyam ,Vol 7 ,Jan -Apr 2014 (Editor )

Books received to publish

  1. Kaazhchayude Hairpin Valavukal (Film Studies ) NBS, Kottayam

  2. Paavayude Veedu ,Translation Of Dolls House Written By Henrick Ibson , Malayala Manorama , Kottayam

  3. Vaayanayude Aanamayil Ottakam (Literary Studies ) Bodhi Books, Nilambur.


  1. Hundreds of research papers and articles published in various national daily periodicals and research journals in Malayalam and English like Maathrubhoomi Weekly, Maadhyamam Weekly, Malayalam Weekly ,Chandrika Weekly , Bhasha poshini , Pachhakuthira,Vigjanakairali(Kerala Language Institute ), Keli(Journal Of Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy), Saahithylokam (Journal Of Kerala Sahithya Academy),Malayalm Literary Survey(Kerala Sahitya Academy English Journal), Malayala Vimarshanam (Research Journal ) ,Calicut University , Malayalam Department ….Etc

  1. Preface studies of Books

          A. ENT (Collection of poems by D.Vinayachandran) ,Kairali Books, Kannur

          B. Ramadan Urudhi (Book by Rafeek Thiruvalloor) Grace Books Malappuram

          C. Dweep (Novel by Thulasi) Dc Books ,Kottayam

          D.Thrudi( Novel by P.K Sudhi)Dc Books ,Kottayam

          E. Insilica (collection of poems by L.Thomaskutty) DC Books Kottayam

          F. Vattathilullath Bhoomiyude Chithram(collection of poems by K C Mahesh)

  1. Articles/research articles published in many books edited by others . some Titles:

  1. Pachhavarayitta Kasaak Pusthakam, Victor George Oru Orma Pusthakam ,Ed: Samir Salam , Papiyon Publications, Kozhikode

  2. Diasporayude Sangeetham , A R Rahman Sangeethavum Jeevithavum

              Ed :MD.Manoj , Olive Books, Kozhikode

      3. Kavithayyum Carnivalum , D Vinayachandran -Kavithayum Jeevithavum, Kairali Books Kannur

      4. Vaalkannezhuthi Vanapushpam Choodi , Priyapetta Paattukal,

           Ed –M D Manoj, Maathrbhoomi Books ,Kozhikode

     5. Montage , Reels, Ed: Anil , Lipi Books ,Kozhikode

     6. Smrithinaashathinte Kathaporul , bhaaviyude Pusthakam ed p suresh dc books kottayam

     7.Alighairile Poovupanishath, Campus Ormakalude Pusthakam,

        Ed :Bins M Mathew Dc Books, Kottayam

   8.Maapilapaattu Bhaaviyude Varthamanam, Maapila Saahithya Padanangal Ed : Mansoor Ali , Insight Publication ,Kozhikode

PAPERS :(Total numbers ) (provide the details in tables showing all details as in Research Annual Report) .


  1. Participated as Paper Presenter In The 51st Annual Conference Of International Federation For Theatre Research(IFTR) In Chung-Ang University , Seoul Republic Of Korea.14-19 JULY 2008

  2. Keynote Addresser Of Saahithya Shilpasaala Conducted By Gulfline International Malayalam Magazine And Arangu Samskaarika Vedi , Abudhabi 17 June 2005


  1. International seminars on Comparative literature :lit in the age of Globalisation, MG U niversity 31st January-1st Feb, 2006

Paper: writing the region

  1. International seminars on Narratives of the Self, Kendra sahithya academy&school of letters,MGU 9th Feb 2007 paper:Self in the text: Reading &Writing

  2. The Prophet In Our Prospect (Paper) International Conference On The Prophet Of Mercy ,MEA Engineering College Perithalmanna ,24 Feb ,2013

  3. Interdecipilabnry Dynamics And False Representation Of Gloccal Cross Culturism , Paper) , Inertnational Seminar On Theatr By ISTR Rajasthan Central University Ajmeer 8-11 Jan ,2014

  4. Iran Films Cultural Focus (Paper), Ugc International Seminar On Contemperory Films On Arabs And Related Culture, Dept Of Arabic University Of Calicut Aug 12 -13 ,2014

  5. Coordiantor Performing Cultures , International Seminar On Theatre , Dept Of Malayalam And Kerala Studies Unversity Of Calicut 7-8 Jan 2015


  1. Folk Art &Religion in Mappila Cultural Context (paper),UGC Sponsored National seminar on Folk art and religion, Dept. of Malyalam,St.Theresas College,Kochi 2004

  1. Remapping Subjectivity Of Nehruvian Secularism – A Critical Experience Ino V Vijayans Writng S And Cartoons (Paper) National Seminar Conducted By Depatemnt Of Modern Indian Languages AMU Aligarh 22 24 Sep 2005

  2. ‘Film And Painting’ -Painting And Cinema (Paper) National Seminar Conducted By Treya Film Society And Kerala Chalachitra Academy ,Cochin ,18-05-2010

  3. Lense in between Tradition &Modernity:Sathyajith Ray on Tagore (paper),National seminar on Tagore Centenary,Kerala lalithakala academy, Thrissur,23rd Sept. 2010

  4. Network of Kesari (paper), National seminar on world of Kesari,Kerala Lalithkala academy,Thrissur 18th Dec. 2010

  5. Painting &Cinema(paper), National seminar on Film and Painting,Treya Film society and Kerala Chalachithra academy, Cochin on18-05-2010

  6. 30Translation Studies – Colonial /Oriental Canon In Malayalam Translation (Paper)National Seminar Conducted By Department Of Malayalam NSS College ,Mnajeri , 14-10-2011

  7. ‘Expressions Of The Problems Of Diaspora’-Re-Reading Diaspora (Paper) National Seminar Conducted By MES College , Nedumkantam On 26-28,2011

  8. Colonial / Orientelist Canon In Malayalam Translation (Paper) Ugc National Seminar On The Politics Of Translation, National Book Trust And Depatrmnt Of English University Of Calicut 6 And 7 Dec 2012

  9. Culture And Identity Of New Generation And Techonology Of Contrast (Paper) , UGC Sponsored National Seminar 5 And 6 Sep 2012, Sree Kerala Verma College Trissur

  10. Herediatry In Modernism And Modernism In Hereditary – An Enquiry In New Malayam Poetry (Paper), UGC National Seminar Conducted Dept Of Malayalam Kerala University 17 -19 Oct 2012

  11. Paarambaryvum Samskarvum Samkrama Kavithayil (Paper),National Seminar Conducted By Kendr Sahithya Academy And Tunjan Memorial Trust ,7-8 Feb 2013

  12. Basheer Sahythithile Manushya Jeevitham (Paper), Kerala Muslim History Conference , Conducted By Kerala Muslim Heritage Foundation Kozhikode 22-24 Dec 2013

  13. Cinema -Language ; Culture And Society- Keynote Address National Seminar Conducted By Saahiti Sakhyam , Kozhikode On 13 July 2013

  14. Dalit Literary Awareness Ugc National Seminar Dept Of Malayalma And Kerala Studies University Of Calicut 19 -22 March 2013

  15. Maarunna Sangeetha Vidyayum Maapilapaattum (Paper) National Seminar Conducted By Moyinkuttyvaidyar Maapila Kala Academy Kondotty 16 05 2013

  16. Kuthratheeb (Paper) , National Seminar Conducted By Moyinkutty Vaidyar Maapila Academykondotty 10 02 2013

  17. Camera Gender (Paper), Ugc National Seminar On Gender Studies , Govt Victoria College Palakd 22nov 2013

  18. Theatre Festivals And Contemperory Practices (Paper), Theatre Festival Focus , Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy Jan 16 2013

  19. Geners Of Mappilapaatu (Paper), National Seminar By Kerala Mapila Academy And Kendra Sahitya Academy Kondotty ,May 16 2014

  20. Politics Of Exclusion ; Text And Culture Of Mapilapaattu In The Context Of Renaissance And Kerala Renaissance UGC National Seminar , Dept Of Linguistcs Univ Of Kerala 22 -23 April ,2014

  21. Arabi Malayala Sahyithyvum Maapila Padangalum (Paper) Seminar On Occasion Of Vadyar Mahostav 2013 -2014 Moyeen Kutty Vaidyar Maapila Kala Academy Feb 22 ,2014

  22. Textual History Of Malayalam Drama (Paper) Consortium Of Playwrightes Conducted By Theatre Connect Performing Art Society , St Thomas College Media Center Trissur ,19 Feb 2014

  23. Memoir Speech On Razak Kottakkal , Information-Public Relation Department Kerala Government , Sahithya Academy Hall Trissur , 18 Aug 2014

  24. Deconstructing International Theatre Festivals Of Kerala Paper ) Ugc National Seminar On Discourses And Cultural Studies PG Department Of English NSS College Manjeri 15 -17 Dec 2014

  25. Arabian Diaspora In New Malayalam Poetry (Paper) Ugc National Seminar , MES KVM College Valanjeri, Oct 28 29 2014

  26. Genere And Culture Of Arabimalayalm Texts , UGC National Seminar Conducted By Malayalam Sarvakalashala ,Tirur 8 March 2015

  27. P K Balakrishnante Ini Njan Urangatte(paper) National Seminar On Translations Of Mahabharatha , Kendra Saahythya Academy And Tunjan Memorial Trust 31jan -2 Feb 2007

  28. Body ; Discourse And Ideology(Paper) UGC Sponsored National Seminar On Post-Modern Trends In Malayalam Literature , Department Of Malayalam St Johns College Anjal 7-8dec 2005

  29. Popular Visual Metaphors In The Scene Of New Malayalam Poetry (Paper) Two Day National Seminar On Popular Culture-Shifiting Paradigms And New Manifestations, Department Of Malayalam University Of Madras , Chennai,15-16 March 2010


Honours and awards

Kasak award 2002

Research guidance

PhD Awarded : 8 students were awarded phD under my guidance , school of letters M G University Kottayam.

Submitted : 2 students submitted their PhD under my guidance in MG University and 1 student in Dravidian University Kuppam (Andra Pradesh) respectively .

Doing research at present : 2 more students from M G University Kottayam and 8 students doing their research work under my guidance in Calicut University.

Morethan 30 Mphil dessertations awarded under my guidance M G University Kotttayam and University of Calicut respectively.

External examiner for PhD thesis : I was functioned as external examiner of PhD thesis in various universities of Kerala and outside and examined more than 25 dessertations .


  • Chairman Of PhD Scrutiny Body At MG University ,Kottayam.

  • Member Of PG Level Board Of Studies In MG University And Calicut University.

  • Member Of PG Level Board Of Studies In Modern Indian Languages , AMU, Aligarh( UP)

  • Member Of Different Examination Bodies Of SSUS Kalady , Dravidian Kuppam University And Kannur University

  • Member Of Course Coordinator For Bridge Course For RLV College OF TEACHERS Tripoonthura To Upgrade Academic Qualifications, 2005.

  • Course Coordinator Of UGC Sponsored Refresh Course In Malyalam ,School Of Letters MG University Kottyam 2001 -2003

  • Member Of Award Jury Of Film Books , Kerala State Chalachitra Academy 2009.

  • Member Of Curriculam Committee Organized By The Board Of Studies Malayalam And Kerala State Higher Education Council , Thiruvanthapuram , 2009

  • Member Of Board Of Studies , Malayalm Sarvakalasala ,Tirur