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Reenu George
Assistant Professor

 Office: Assistant Professor,Department of English
  University of Calicut,Thenhipalam
Residence: D9 University Quarters,Calicut University
 Campus,Thenhipalam,Malappuram District,Pin-
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 Qualifications : M.A, MPhil, NET
 Specialization : Post Structuralist Theories and post modernism

3 papers in three different anthologies
2 Seminar proceedings
1 peer reviewd international journal
1 international refereed journal


 PAPERS: ….. (Total numbers) (Provide the details in table showing all details as in Research Annual Report)
  1. “Conceptualizing Familial power RElations in Rushdie's Midnight's Children”. Booker prize Winner indian English novels: A kaleidoscopic study. Ed.Arvind M.Nawale& Viswanath Bite.Jaipur.Aavishkar Publishers 2011 (26-39)
  2. R.K. Narayan's The Vendor of Sweets: A critique on Modernity. Panorama of  World Literature Ed. Arvind M. Nawale Delhi: Authors press.2012 (93-99)
  3. Tracing the Residues of Colonial power in post Colonial india as Depicted by Rushdie in Midnight's Children contemporary Discourse : A peer reviewed International Journal Vol.3 Issue 1 January 2012.Ed. Madhava Nikam & Sudhir  Nikham (178-183)
  4. “Blurring Boundaries in Amitav Ghosh's The Shadow Lines” The Novels of Amitav Ghosh Ed. Vivekanand Jha. Delhi BR Publishing Co. 2013 (196-202)
  5. “Dialogues of Art and Religion in Pamuk's My Name is Red Scholar Critic An international Journal of language, literature and cultural studies. Ed.Nageshwara Rao& Siva Nagaiah. Vol. I, issue3 (Jan 2015) <www.scholar>

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