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  Dr. K.N Ganesh   Dr. K.N Ganesh
   Professor, Department of History
  Kapilavasthu, Chenakkal
Calicut University P.O., Pin 673 635
Academic Qualifications
M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D
Kerala History and History of South India
PG teaching and research experience
  30 years experience in teaching and research
Research Guidance
 Guided 4 Ph.Ds and 11 M.Phils
 Research Projects
 Socio-cultural processes and Livelihood Patterns in Tirurangadi,KRPLLD project, Centre for development Studies,2003-4.
 Membership in Professional Bodies
  Member, Indian History Congress,Executive Council Member KCHRBoard of Studies and Faculty Member in several Universities
Major Books Published
1 ) K.N Ganesh , Keralathinte Innalekal (Mal) , Cultural Publications, Thiruvananthapuram, 1990
2 ) K.N Ganesh , Irapidiyanmarude Lokam (Mal) , Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad, Calicut, 1996.
3 ) K.N Ganesh , Kunjan Nambiar: Vakkum Samoohavum (mal) , Vallathol Vidyapeedam, Edapal, 1997.
4 ) K.N Ganesh , Kerala Samooha Padanangal (mal) , Prasakthi Books, Pattanamthitta, 2002.
 K.N Ganesh , Culture and Modernity: Historical Explorations (ed) , Publication Division, University of Calicut, 2004.
 K.N Ganesh , Keralasamooham Innu, Nale: Kerala Shasta Sahitya Parishad, 2008
 7) K.N Ganesh , Locality and Culture in Kerala History: The Case of Tirurangadi, Publication Division, University of Calicut,2010(forthcoming)
Major Research Papers
1 ) K.N Ganesh , Agrarian Society in Kerala 1500-1800 , P.J. Cheriayan(ed) Perspectives in Kerala History the 2nd Millanium Kerala Gazetteers, Thiruvananthapuram, 1999.
2 ) K.N Ganesh , Agrarian Relations and Political Authrity in Mediveal Venad , R. Chembakalakshmi, Veluthat Kesavan and T.R. Venugopalan (eds) State and Soceity in Pre-modern South India Cosmo Books, Thrissur, 2001.
3 ) K.N Ganesh , Colonial Perceptions of Kerala from Barbosa to Buchanan , Kesavan Veluthat and P.P. Sudhakaran (Eds) Advances in History,, Calicut 2001.
4 ) K.N Ganesh , Ownership and Control in Pre-modern Kerala , Indian Economic and Social History Review, 1991
5) K.N Ganesh , Process of State Formation in Travancore , Studies in History, No.1, 1990
6)  K.N Ganesh , Historical Geography of Natu in south India with special reference to Kerala. Indian Historical Review Vol.36, Number1, June 2009
 K.N Ganesh , Lived Spaces in History: A study in Human geography with reference to early Tamil texts, Studies in History,Vol,25,2,n.s,2009.
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