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Dr. K.Gopalankutty  Dr. VIJAYAN T.M 
 Professor ,Department of History
M.A., B.Ed , M.Phil , Ph.D.
Area of interest /Specialization

Ancient history & dalit studies and social history
 Research Experience
  Worked on the early history of Tamilakam for PhD and published half a dozen research papers on various aspects. Worked extensively on DMRT movements and its significance; published more than a dozen research papers on different problems on this movement.
 Membership in Professional bodies
                            Life Member of Indian History Congress
Life Member of South Indian History Congress
Total years of teaching 
20 years 

Research Guidance
PhD 's

  At present supervising 5 Ph.D Students in which FIP and UGC JRF fellows includes two students have been awarded. Many MPhil students worked under my supervision.
  1)Evolution of Indian Society, Culture and Economy
2)Indian saamoohika Saamskarika saambathika Ghatakangalude parinamam (Mal)


Pothiyil Malai in the Sangam Age History Today, Journal of History, Culture and Society, No. 6, New Delhi 2005.

DMRT and its functions in Malabar in Dr. V. Kunhali (ed) Kerala Society Historical perception.

The Servants of India Society in Kerala An overview, Journal of Indian History, Vol. LXXXIV, University of Kerala, December: 2005.

The Moplah Aid Committee A Historical Perspective, Journal of Kerala Studies, University of Kerala, Vol. XXXII, 2005.

G.K. Devadhar A Social Reformer of Kerala.  Dravidian Studies A Quarterly Research Journal, Vol. II. No. 4, Kuppuam, (Andhra Pradesh), 2004-05.

V.R. Nayanar:  The Gokhale of Kerala, Indica, Journal of the Heras Institute of Indian History and Culture, Bombay, September, 2006.

The Nayanar Sadanangal Historical background, Calicut University Research Journal Vol. V, August, 2005.

Nannan and the Kingdom of Elimalai, Journal of Kerala Studies, Vol. XXXIII University of Kerala, December, 2006.

DMRT and the Beginning of Dalit Education in Kerala. Journal of South Indian History, Vol.2, issue 2, March 2006.

Eradication of Untouchability the Role of DMRT workers.  Kerala spectrum Aspects of Cultural Inheritance (ed) Charles Dias, the Indo-Portuguese Cultural Institute, Cochin, 2006.

History of Poozhinad up to AD.800 in Kannoor Jillayude Charitham (Mal) District Panchayat, Kannur.

The profit of a Humanist, Perspective, vol.2.

The Beginning of Co-operative Movement in Kerala, History Today, New Delhi.

List of Publications in Journals

Authors in the
order of
appearance (name
of faculty in bold)
 Full Title
 Full title of journal,
year of publication,
volume and page
 T. M VijayanPothiyilmalai in the
Sangam Age
 History Today: Journal
of History and
Archaeology, no. 6,
2005-2006, pp.
 Indian History and
Culture Society, New
 2 T. M Vijayan Servants of India Society in
Kerala: An Overview
 Journal of Indian
History, vol. LXXXIV
Part 1-3, April-
December 2005, pp.
 Department of
History, University of
 3 T. M Vijayan V.R Nayanar: The Gokhale
of Kerala
 Indica: Journal of the
Heeras Institute of
Indian History and
Culture, September
2006, 128-139
 Heras Institute of
Indian History and
ISSN: 0019-
 4 T. M Vijayan Nannan and the Kingdom
of Ezhimalai
 Journal of Kerala
Studies, vol. XXXIII,
2006, pp. 14-22.
 Department of
History, University of
 5 T. M Vijayan The Nayanar Sdhanangal:
Historical Background
 Calicut University
Research Journal, vol.
V, August 2005
 6 T. M Vijayan The Moppila Aid Committee: A Historical
 Journal of Kerala History, vol. XXXII,
March- December
2005, pp. 157-170.
 Department of History, University of
 7 T. M Vijayan G.K Devadhar: A Social
Reformer of Kerala
 Dravidian Studies, vol.
II, no. 4 & vol. III, 1-4,
2004-2005, pp. 377-
Dravidian University,
 T. M Vijayan DMRT and the Beginning of
Dalit Education in Kerala
Journal South Indian
History, vol. II, Issue
No. 2, March 2006,
pp. 34-42
Department of
History, University of
 9 T. M VijayanThe Profile of a Humanist Perspectives, vol. II,
no. 2, 2009-2009, pp.
Department of
History, Government
Victoria College,

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