Sunday, 21 October 2018
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   M.A. Political Science-School of Distance Education - Scheme and Syllabus - implemented - anomalies clarified -Orders issued
   Master of Science (M.Sc)programme in Statistics (offered by SDE)- Rules, Regulations and Syllabus- Approved-Implemented-w.e.f 2015 Admissions-Orders issued
   Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies-Regulations, Scheme and Syllabus for MCom course under Credit Semester System (Regular and SDE)- Approved- Orders issued.
   M.A Gandhian Studies
   M A Arabic
   M A History (2008 admission onwards)
   M.A English - Distance Education
   M.A Tamil -Sem - Non Semester - Revised with effect from 2009 admission onwards 
   M.A sanskrit Syllabus Semester Scheme /Distance Education /Private Stream /two papers of Sanskrit (sub) with effect from 2009 admission 
   M.A Economics Degree Course (1997 Admission onwards)
   M.A Philosophy (2000 Admission)
   M.A Hindi
   M.A Sociology 
   M.Sc Mathematics 
   MA Sanskrit Sahitya (Special) - Non Semester course - through School of Distance Education   - revised with effect from 2014 admission onwards -approved- implemented - Orders issued
   MA Sanskrit Language and Literature (General) - Non Semester course - through School of DIstance Education - revised with effect from 2014 admission onwards - approved - implemented - Orders issued 
   M.A Sanskrit Sahitya Special SDE 2014 Admission (Non Semester) - Corrections effected in the Scheme and Detailed Syllabus - Paper VIII Poetics V - Paper X Second Year Nirukta and Mimamsa -Paper IX Nyaya and Vyakarana II - Implemented with effect from 2014 Admission - Orders Issued.
   MBA - Regulations and Syllabus under the Calicut University Credit Semeste System Distance Education mode - approved- implemented- ratified by the Academic Council- orders made absolute
   MBA Regulations & Syllabus Under CUCSS Distance Education Mode - Implemented With Eeffect from 2012 Admission Onwards-Approved - Orders issued. 
   Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies - Regulations-Scheme and Syllabus of MBA Programme (CUCSS) under School of distance Education -revised with effect from 2013-14 admission-approved-implemented-orders issued