Sunday, 21 October 2018
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The candidates of  all BA Programmes including BA Hindi are hereby informed to follow  the Common courses in English as listed below:

1. Four skills for Communication - I semester
2. Modern Prose and Drama - I semester
3. Inspiring Expressions - II semester
4. Readings on Society - II semester
5. Native Media in English - III semester
6. Reading Fiction and Non-fiction - IV semester


 Candidates of all UG Programmes of 2016 Admn are to follow the syllabus as detailed below:

  1. BA Hindi (revised wef 2016 Admn onwards)
  2. BCom (Pls see the following 3 syllabi)
    BCom 1 ,    BCom 2     and     BCom 3
  3. BA Afzal ul ulama (revised wef 2015 Admn onwards)
  4. BBA (Pls see the following  syllabi)
    BBA 1   and     BBA 2

Candidates of all other UG Programmes are to follow the same syllabus of CUCBCSS 2014 Admn onwards