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  Dr. Lakshmy Devi K.R  Vinod. V.N
 Head/Assistant Professor
, School of Drama

Office:School Of Drama & Fine Arts, Dr. John Mathai Centre, Thrissur
Residence:​ Flat No. 6, Park City Apartments, Ayyenthole.Thrissur
Off    :​04872385352
Mobile   ​:​9847178204
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Qualifications :​MA Drama andTheatre arts, N.E.T             
Specialization : ​Classical theatre, Direction, Acting,Theatre management 

  1.  Organised International workshops at School of drama and fine arts 
  2. Visiting fellow at University of Wisconsin Madison, USA. Fulbright Fellowship 2004­  2005
  1.  Song and Drama Division, Bangalore, Ministry of INB, expert committee
  1.  Indian Society for Theatre Research  2004.till date  
  2.  Centre for performing arts and cultural studies in south Asia, CPRACSIS,Thrissur.
PROJECTS HANDLED:  ….. (Total numbers)
 1. Title                    : ​ American Theatre curriculum in an Indian context
       a. Duration                    : ​ six month
       b. Funding Agency        : ​United States Educational Foundation in India
       c. Amount Sanctioned  : ​ 3600 US dolars
2. Title                    : ​ Campus Theatre  Workshop                               
       a. Duration                       : ​1 Month
       b. Funding Agency           : ​ Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academi
       c. Amount Sanctioned        :Rs.50,000/­           


1.​“North Indian theatre: ­Article in Performing arts journal, University of Kerala​                                                         

 PAPERS: …….. (Total numbers) (Provide the details in table showing all details as in
Research Annual Report)
  1. International Conference on ‘Text and Performance’​rganized by Indian society for theatre research held at Hyderabad ​-Paper-‘Contemporary Theatre Of Pondicherry: An Overview’. January 2004
  2. International Conference on Art and Architecture organized By United States Educational Foundation In India, New Delhi at Baroda –October 2004 Paper​   : “Theatre Academics in India and United States
  3. International Conference of the Indian society for theatre research organize by the centre for creative writing, Department of Hindi, Cochin University of science & TechnologyPaper: “Drama Schools: Productions and Reception” December 2005
  4. International Conference of the Kerala society for theatre research organized by The Zamorins Guruvayurappan college on shifting paradigms in Indian theatre November 2004 .Paper: Indian Theatre Academics at cross roads
  5. International seminar on Therukkoothu and contemporary theatre organized by Thalai k kol pondicherry and Department of Performing arts ,Pondicherry university Paper: “TheatreAcademics then and now”
  6. International Conference on Asian Theatres and the western Worlds :Culture, Alterity and representation organized by CPRACSIS at St.Thomas College Thrissur .January 2008Paper:“My Blood ,Your Blood and Our Macbeth​   ”
  7. International Conference on ‘Body ,Space and Technology in Performance’ convened by CPRACSIS and AAP ,Thrissur,Kerala. Jan 2010Parer: ​ ‘Father ,Son and Holy body –Transformation of body ,space and technology in Theyyam Performance’
  1. National Theatre Seminar on ‘The Importance of Theatre knowledge In Modern Playwriting’Paper- ‘​ Rewriting Macbeth – a Director’s dilemma’. March 2004
  2. National Seminar organized by Pondicherry University in connection with the Hindi week Paper: Anther Nagari Chopat Raja-From text to Performance (Hindi) September 2004
  3. UGC sponsored National seminar on Ideology and society organized by St. Xavier’s College ,Aluva .Resorce person Paper : “​ Theatre semiotics and ideology”​ march 2006
  4. National seminar politics and Indian theatre organized by Department of Theatre S.S.University of Sanskrit. Kalady Paper : ‘Popular culture and Indian theatre’ march 2008
  5. National seminar on Challenges in Theatre organized by Pondicherry University – “Theatre sighs and challenges” 2011.
  6. National seminar on Shakespeare, Womens College, Manjeri-“Keralas own Shakespeare” Key Note address.2013
  7. National Seminar – Kerala Public relations department –National Theater festival .Calicut-“Technology and theatre”2014
  8. National seminar-Space, Inter media and performance. School of drama and fine arts-“New technologies and Indian theatre” 2015
  ●  Fulbright Fellowship in Performing Arts (2004-­2005)
  1. C​hairman of PG Examinations(Drama) 
  2. Member of Academic Council of University of Calicut 
  3. Department council Secretary for the academic year2013­14 
  4. Member Board of studies(Drama),University of University of Calicut 
  5. Purchase committee, School of Drama and Fine Arts, University of Calicut 
  6. Academic committee member ,University of Calicut­2009 till date 
  7. Honorary Warden(2007­2015) 
  8. External Examiner/Question Paper Setter SSUS Kalady and  Pondicherry University 
  9. Question Paper Setter,University of Kerala
 STAGE PUBLICATION (International):
 ​Mr. & Mrs. Macbeth​ . ‘​ International Theatre Festival­ Bharangham­ National school of drama 2004

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