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Calicut : The City of Truth


Calicut : The City of Truth
Prof. M.G.S Narayanan
Published in 2006

Calicut University Sanskrit Series

A special series of research publication to enlarge the scope of Sanskrit language. So far around twenty five books have published in this series by eminent personalities who stamped their foot on academic excellence on various topics. Almost all the books under this series will definitely enable the reader to gain a thorough orientation in our culture and to get the reader the valuable insights necessary to comprehend the greatness of Sanskrit language which have a long tradition to back up.

List of Books
History Series

Calicut University  History series started its steady growth with the publication of the book The Zamorins of Calicut in 1999. Having a definite purpose of giving due importance to the local events and places and bringing them into the lime light of History, the Publication Division has already published almost eight books under this series within a short span of time. It can be considered as a new venture in the field of academic progress.

List of Books
List of Books