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Calicut University Sanskrit Series  

Catalolgue of Manuscripts


Dr. M..S. Menon & Dr. N.V.P. Unithiri (editors)




Price: Rs. 60/-


This catalogue contains details of 643 palm leaf manuscripts in the manuscripts library section of the Department of Sanskrit, University of Calicut


Mimamsa Contribution to Language Studies


Dr. K. Kunjunni Raja




Price: Rs. 05/-


In this booklet Dr. Raja deals with the contribution of great Mimamsakas like Kumarilabhatta to the study of language


The Traditional Sanskrit Theatre of Kerala


Dr. C. Rajendran




Price: Rs. 08/-


This book is a study of Kutiyattam, the traditional Sanskrit theatre of Kerala


The Ethics of Sankara


Dr. K.N. Neelakandan Elayath




Price: Rs. 60/-


In this treatise Dr. Elayath deals with the ethics of Advaita Vedenta in detail


Observational Astronomy in India


Prof. K.V. Sarma




Price: Rs. 10/-


This monograph gives a general idea of observational astronomy in ancient and medieval India


Contribution of Nyaya System to Indian Thought Structure


Prof. V.N. Jha




Price: Rs. 30/-


In this small but scholarly treatise, the author studies all the essential topics connected with Nyaya philosophy and logic


Vedic Tradition in Kerala


Dr. E.R. Sreekrishna Sarma




Price: Rs. 16/-


This booklet discusses the contribution of Kerala to Vedic studies in a comprehensive manner.


Contemporary Approaches to Indian Philosophy


Dr. C. Rajendran (editor)




Price: Rs. 117/-


This collection of seminar papers throws lights into various aspects of Indian Philosophy


Kalidasa's Kumarasambavam with Sisubodhini commentary by Sarvajnavanamuni


Dr. N.V.P. Unithiri (editor)




Price: Rs. 100/-


In this edition of Kumarasambhavam, we have a recently discovered and hitherto unpublished commentary. The Commentator Sarvajnvanamuni is for the first time being introduced to the world of Sanskrit


Kalidasa's Raghuvamsam with Salaksna commentary by Sarvajnavanamuni


Dr. N.V.P. Unithiri (editor)




Price: Rs. 80/-


This edition of Raghuvamsam (Cantos I-V) has a recently discovered and hitherto unpublished commentary by Sarvajnavanamuni


A Study of Samudrabandha's Commentary on Alankarasarvasa


Dr. C. Narayanan




Price: Rs. 200/-


The author in this scholarly thesis has ably analyzed all the subtlties of Samudrabandha's erudite exposition of Alankarasarvasva


Mahakavi Kuttamath's Sriramakrsnagita


Dr. N.V.P. Unithiri (editor)




Price: Rs. 100/-


This short poem Sriramakrsnagita by Vaidyaratnam Kuttamath Kunniyur Narayana Kurup is a substantial contribution to the Sriramakrishna literature.


Srauta Sacrifices in Kerala


Dr. V. Govindan Namboodiri




Price: Rs. 140/-


Dr. Namboodiri has attempted in this monograph to study the ritual tradition of Kerala mainly based on the ritualists in the background of the original ritual literature giving due importance to its social bearing. This can be considered as a continuation of what Dr. Fritz Staal has done through his monumental work, Agni.


Indian Traditions of Management


Dr. N.V.P. Unithiri (editor)




Price: Rs. 90/-


This collection of articles on Indian traditions of Management is the first of its kind.


Tantrasarangraha Part I & II


Dr. N.V.P. Unithiri (editor)




Price: Rs. 200/- (each)




A Study of Stylistics in Sanskrit Poetics Part I & II


Prof. T. Vasudevan




Price: Rs. 300/-




Keralodayam: An Epic Kavya on Kerala History


Dr. Dharmaraj Adat




Price: Rs. 200/-




Indian Scientific Traditions


Dr. N.V.P Unithiri




Price: Rs. 200/-




Peeps and Perceptions


Dr. P.V. Ramankutty




Price: Rs. 100/-




Srikrsnavijaya of Sankarakavi: A Critical Study


Dr. Reeja B. Kavanal




Price: Rs. 150/-




Studies in Kerala Sanskrit Literature


Dr. N.V.P. Unithiri




Price: Rs. 200/-



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