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History Series
zamorins of calicut The Zamorins of Calicut.
(from the earlier times down to A.D. 1806)
K.V. Krishna Iyyer.
First Published by the author in 1938.
This edition published by the University of Calicut in December 1999.
Price Rs. 150/-
ISBN  81-7748-000-6.
“The story of the Zamorins of peculiar interest to all Europeans who have known Malabar: both because of the part those rulers played for centuries in that impact of the west on the east which has developed in to the politics of our own day, and also for a more personal reason. We foreigners who have lived and worked in Kerala hold ourselves to be singularly fortunate: what ever else India may come to mean for us, we remember with gratitude and affection the country and people whose civilisation is bound up with the dynasty of the Zamorins.” – J.A. Thorne.Esq., I.C.S. It is a book of historic relevance for the academic community.
Lando Monopoly Land Monopoly & Agrarian System in South Kanara
with special reference to Kasargod Taluk
Dr. K.K.N. Kurup
Published in 2000.
Price – Rs.50/-
ISBN  81-7748-006-5.
An outcome of the Research Programme undertaken by the author in the eightees dealing with the innumerable types of landholding or land tenures that were in vogue in south Kanara. With that much care and caution author gathered details of tenures and thereby enable the reader to get a cross section of the land revenue system in Malabar.
Ali Rajas  
The Ali Rajas of Cannanore
Dr. K.K.N. Kurup
Published in 2002.
Price – Rs.100/-
ISBN 81-7748-031-6
This monography on The Ali Rajas of Cannanore by Sri.K.K.N. Kurup, who is a keen student of the history of North Malabar in all its variegated phases, is a laudable work which attempts effectively to plug a hole in Kerala History. By delving deep into the original records and documents which had remained so far follow and unexplores, he has created a piece of history which is distinctly authentic and highly readable. He has also succeeded in shedding a lot of illumination on the twilight-area of the confrontation between the native rulers and the Western powers by focussing his researches on this unique. Muslim Dynasty of Malabar.
Calicut in History.
Editor – Kunhali. V.
Published in 2004
Price – Rs.100/-
ISBN – 81-7748-067-7
Published in connection with the South Indian History Congress, 24th session, University of Calicut, with a view to introduce the cultural heritage of Calicut to the new comers.
Sufism in Kerala
Dr. Kunhali. V.
Published in 2004
Price – 75/-
ISBN – 81-7748-073-1
A work on the origin and growth of Sufism in Kerala, its ideologies and practices and on the imapact of Sufism in Mappila life.
Culture and Modernity: Theoretical explorations
Editor  - Dr. K.N. Ganesh
Published in 2004
Price – 175/-
ISBN – 81-7748-068-5
A collection of twelve articles on the process of modernisation by raising questions of relationship between tradition and modernity.
Jews of Kerala
P.M. Jussay
Published in 2005
Price – 75/-
ISBN - 91-7748-091-X
The history of the spread of Jews and Judaism into Asia and the development of the Oriental Jewish diaspora is still shrouded in great obscurity. As far as India proper is concerned the Jews of Cranganore in Kerala have the oldest tradition. The first evidence of Jews in Kerala is the presence of three Hebrew Parsi signatures on a Copper plate granted to the Persian Christians of Quilon in the tenth century.
In the present volume Prof. Jussay has made an attempt to reconstruct the history of Kerala Jews based on his research and study of folk songs prevalent among the Cochin Jews before their migration to Israel. Though there are various attempts by eminent Jewish historians, including Prof. J.B.Segal, to reconstruct the past of Kerala Jews, Prof. Jussay’s attempt remains unique. He elicits direct information from the rich folk heritage of Kerala Jews accured over the years in the Kerala landscape.
Thampuranvanakkam -  Christian Doctrine in Malabar Tamil
Editor : Dr. K.J. John
Published in 2005
Price : Rs. 45/-
ISBN – 81-7748-089-8
A translation of Doctrina Christiam on Lingua Malavar Tamul – a Tamil translation of basic Christian doctrines from Portuguese prepared by Fr. Manuel of St. Peter from Tamil to Malayalam and English.
Doctrina Christiam is of great value to the students of history of printing technology in India, to the students of the evolution of Tamil writing system, to the students of history of Tamil prose and to the students of Church history in India.
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