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Beyond Resistance  
Beyond Resistance:
Critical essays on Canadian  - First Nations Writing.
Editor – Dr. M. Dasan
Published on 2003
Price – Rs. 250/-
ISBN – 81-7748-058-8
First Nations people have always had great concern for the welfare of the future generations and the condition of the natural elements. They have always recognized the delicate relationship between  healthy people and a clean Environment.  For thousand years before European settlement and colonization, the First Nations Holistic philosophy of sustainable development through long term planning and appropriate technology had natured a land where there was virtually no permanent environmental destruction on deterioration due to human carelessness and ignorance. Despite devastating effects of colonization on their life, culture and languages, The First Nations People still maintain an ecosystem of life.
A collection of articles that analyses the issues and concerns of First Nations People as reflected in many texts belonging to different genres like orality, songs, tales, short stories, fictions, autobiography  drama and Theatre by eminent scholars from different parts of the world.
Brecht: Kalayum Jeevithavum (Malayalam)
First Published in January 2001
Price – Rs. 170/-
ISBN – 81-7748-001-4
A comprehensive view on the renowned Play wright-Brecht in five parts which make the readers be familiar with his life ad works in details. Different dimensions of his views on art, a comprehensive evaluation of his writings, Brechtian impact on literature etc. depicted here in a scholarly language.
early novels  
The early Novels in the South Indian Languages
Editor: Dr. Sankaran Ravindran
Published in 2001
Price – Rs. 100/-
ISBN –81-7748-020-0
This book introduces the early novels in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam and examines the forces that led to the rise of the early novels in the South Indian Languages.  The models and the patterns of the early novels, their social relevance and their post colonial implications are critically discussed.  These readings by specialists in English literature with proven scholarship in the regional languages are effective interrogations of the most complex and turbulent period in the social and cultural life in India where colonial value system clashed against Indian value system and when literary works became major imaginative regions of shelter or areas of intellectual confrontation.
O. Chandumenon
University Edition Published in 2003
Price – Rs. 60/-
ISBN – 81-7748-063-4
A low price edition of the Novel Indulekha by O. Chandumenon with an excellent study by E.P. Rajagopalan.
Editor: V.M. Sapneshkumar
Published in 2005
Price – Rs. 75/-
ISBN –81-7748-088-X
A collection of Malayalam Poems on the whole gamut of human emotions from joy to despair.
Mayoorakaviyude Sooryasathakam
Editor:M.M. Purushothaman Nair
Published in 2005
Price – Rs.70/-
ISBN – 81-7748-090-1
A Malayalam interpretation of the Sanskrit epic poem Sooryasathakam which was composed in 7th century A.D are gift in the field of literature.
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