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Non Text Publications
Biography /philosophy/education
John Mathai  
Dr. John Mathai (1886-1959 ) A Biography
Published in July 2000
Price – Rs.100/--
ISBN –81-7748-008-1
We live in a time when biographies of  less mortals appear even in their life time .It took nearly three decades after Dr.John  Mathai’s death for somebody to think about writing his biography. It is Strange and sad that such a man of integrity and brilliance is easily forgotten. Not much is written about him . Normally it is not that tough to write a biography of a great man. In the case of John Mathai things are different. He had a habit of destroying correspondences with friends, family and also in connection with his own work .Hence Dr.Haridasan’s effort in bringing out this volume deserves special attention.

Environmental Education: A Pedagogical Analysis.
Editor: Dr. P. Kelu
Published in July 2000
Price – Rs. 175/-
ISBN – 81-7748-009-X
A handbook designed to give general guidelines about the strategies of instructions to be followed by Teacher Education and School teachers together with number of models for detailed pedagogic analysis of related and relevant topic for all School Subjects.

Conceptual Analysis  
Environmental Education:A Conceptual Analysis.
Editor: Dr. P. Kelu
Published in July 2000
Price – Rs. 100/-
ISBN –81-8849-010-3.
Environmental Education – A Conceptual Analysis is an outcome of a workshop organized by Dept. of Education  which is designed mainly to discuss a conceptual analysis of various aspects and issues of the Environmental Education which are highly essential for studying the environment and its related issues. This book covers various aspects such as Ecology and Environment, Biosphere, Energy flow on Eco-Systems, Bio-Geochemical systems on Nature, Ecosystem Dynamics, Environmental Pollution etc.

New Frontiers of knowledge.
Editor: K.G. Adiyodi
Published in July 1993
Price – Rs. 400/-
An admirable result of the tireless efforts which the teachers of the University of Calicut made in issuing the noble cause of research.

Brain Language and Memory
Dr.T. Ramakrishna
Published in June 2002
Price – Rs. 150/-
ISBN 81-7748-032-4.
Brain awareness is a world wide programme lasting for a week during March every year.  With a view to enhance our understanding of the human Brain, its normative functions as well as disorders, University of Calicut organized the programme in collaboration with the National Brain Research Centre, New Delhi in 2000 and in partnership with the European Dana Alliance for Brain (London) in 2001 and 2002.  The programmes were coordinated by Dr. T. Ramakrishna, Prof. of Physiology, Dept. of Life Science.
            This book on Brain Language and Memory is an attempt to collate and synthesize information from diverse disciplines in order to understand Brain and its functions including consciousness.

Human Brain  
Human Brain: Essays on Awareness
Editor: Dr. T. Ramakrishna
Published in 2001
Price – Rs. 100/-
ISBN 81-7748-019-7
A collection of essays by experts on various aspects of human brain written primarily to provide the essential knowledge about the basic structure and function.

Film & Philosophy  
Film and Philosophy
Editor: K. Gopinathan
Published in 2003
Price – Rs. 175/-
ISBN 81-7748-057-X
A constructive approach to film studies to  promote a deeper analysis of cinema informed by a kind of spiritual reasoning. The essays in this volume range over a wide spectrum of issues related to the interdisciplinary programme of film and philosophy. There are twenty one essays here, presented in three parts. Those essays which engage with the philosophical reflections on film as a medium are grouped together in the first part. The six essays in Part II are studies focussed either on specific film texts or on specific theme that runs through a group of films. Part III deals with some issues related to visual media and the political –ideological dimensions of cultural practices in general. A valuable book for an enthusiastic academic community.

Contemporary approaches to Indian Philosophy
Editor: Dr. C. Rajendran
Published in 1999
Price – Rs. 117/-
A skillfully edited work by Dr. C. Rajendran which deals with many significant aspects of Indian philosophy like Saiva systems of Vedanta, Karaka Philosophy. The vaisesia theory of Atom, Advaita Philosophy of language etc.

Woman: Her Status and role in Modern Life. (Arabic)
Dr. Zuhrabi Mattummal
Published in 2003
Price – Rs. 125/-
ISBN – 81-7748-065-0
A text which carefully examines the position of woman in modern life with ample illustrations from a woman’s perspective.

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