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Department of Botany
Established in 1968
  Head of the Department : Prof. M. Sabu

Set up in 1963 as one of the four departments at the Calicut centre of the University of Kerala, the Department came under the University of Calicut when it was established in 1968. The faculty of the Department have done extensive research in the areas of Mycology, Plant pathology, Morphogenesis, Tissue culture, Physiology, Biochemistry, Floristics, Taxonomy, Morphology, Ethno botany and Genetic and plant breeding. While most studies have immensely contributed to plant science database, others have described scores of new species of fungi ferns and several important familiesof plants such as orchids, anthuriums, zingibers and palms.
The tissue culture methods developed by the faculty of the Department are now being widely used in the cultivation of banana, vanilla and spices. Many faculty members have been awarded prestigious fellowships including Nuffield Foundation Fellowship, Smithsonian Fellowship, Alexander Von Humboldt Fellowship, DANIDA Fellowship and Nehru Centenary Fellowship.
Several eminent teachers have served the Department in the past and contributed immensely to the growth and development of the Department.

 Thrust Areas
Taxonomy, Floristics and Biodiversity, Genetics and plant breeding, Cell and molecular biology, Plant tissue culture and Morphogenesis, Mycology, Plant physiology and biochemistry

 Faculty Members
Prof. M.Sabu
Prof. P. Manimohan
Prof. K.V. Mohanan
Dr. John .E. Thoppil
Dr. Sailas Benjamin
Dr.K.M. Jayaram
Dr. Jose. T. Puthur
Dr. Sunoj Kumar
Dr. A. Yusaf
Dr. Harilal. C. C
Dr. A. K. Pradeep
Prof. Santhosh Nampy
Courses Offered
Course NameIntakeDuration
M.Sc.Applied Plant Science
12 4 Sem
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