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Department of Life Sciences
Established in 1978
  Head of the Department :Dr.B. S Harikumaran Thampi

The Department offers three separate M.Sc. Courses in Physiology, Biochemistry and Microbiology. Several common subjects are taught to fulfil the objective of integration of these areas in the teaching programmes. Such an approach has paid rich dividends. A large number of students have found placements in professional institutions such as the Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences, Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, All India Institute of Medical Sciences as also in well known medical colleges and pharmaceutical industries.
The faculty of the Department have undertaken several research studies supported by CSIR, ICMR, STEC, BARC and Bombay Hospital Trust. Two of the ongoing projects are: 1) A correlative study on the prevalence of IgM immunoglobulin against TORCH infections in pregnancy with congenital malformations; Principle investigator: Dr. Fathimathu Zuhara. K., funded by ICMR; 2) A study on infection susceptibility in diabetic patients based on myeloperoxidase activity; Principle investigator: Dr. Fathimathu Zuhara. K, funded by UGC.
To date, 12 research students have been awarded Ph.D degree. The Department library has a collection of over 2,000 books and journals.

 Thrust Areas
Biochemistry, Mocrobiology and Human Physiology.

 Faculty Members
Dr. Fathimathu Zuhara. K
Dr. Ignatius. D. Konikkara
Dr. E. Sreekumaran
Sri. Benesh Joseph
Dr. Denoj Sebastian
Sri. Emmanuel Simon
Courses Offered
Course Name Intake Duration
M.Sc. Human Physiology 6
4 semester
M.Sc. Microbiology 9 4 semester
M.Sc. Biochemistry 5 4 Semester
M.Phil Microbiology
2 Semester
M.Phil Physiology
 2 Semester
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