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Department of Psychology
Established in 1976
  Head of the Department : Dr. K  Manikandan 


The Department was established in 1976 as the second University Department in the State. Within a short span of time, less than a decade, the Department could prove ‘its’ worth in creating an awareness about the nature and applications of the discipline in the northern part of Kerala which was educationally and developmentally lagging behind. Starting with MA programmes focusing on two specializations, Clinical Psychology and Organizational Behavior, the Department later introduced M.Phil and Ph.D programmes in different areas of specializations. Introduction of Credit Semester System by the University has helped the Department to widen the horizon of teaching and research including more streamlined specializations. At present the PG curriculum covers 21 such areas besides the traditional core areas. Doctoral researches are supervised primarily in the areas of Clinical Psychology, Organizational behavior, HRM, Health Psychology, Guidance and Counseling, Educational Psychology, Sports Psychology, Psychology of Women and Interdisciplinary areas. During the 1980s itself the Department was recognized by the UGC as the first in the State to conduct 5 refresher courses. About 40 Ph.Ds and 20 M.Phil Degrees also were awarded to students.

Besides academic credentials, the Department has one of the best Laboratories in India with more than 300 equipments and test materials in addition to 40 tests developed in the Department. The Department also has the best Departmental Library in the State with around 3650 books and a good collection of back volumes of journals.

In addition to teaching and research all faculty members are actively involved in extension activities for community development catering to the needs of people falling under the jurisdiction of the University. Counseling, consultancy services and awareness programmes are regular features of such activities. Life Skill development programmes are periodically conducted with special focus on students. Recently the department has taken up training of primary and high school teachers in counseling by offering diploma course of six months.

 Thrust Areas
Guidance and Counseling, Clinical psychology, Health psychology, Educational psychology, Social psychology and Organizational behavior.

 Faculty Members
Prof. (Dr). C.Jayan
Dr. K. Manikandan (Associate Professor)
Dr. P.A. Baby Shari (Associate Professor)
Dr. Rajani Ramachandran (Assistant Professor)  (on leave)
Courses Offered
Course Name Intake Duration
M.Sc. Psychology 23
4 semester
M.Phil 4
  • Part time Diploma Course in Counseling for School Teachers Conducted in Collaboration with SSA Wayanad – Started in 2009


M.Sc. Applied Psychology (Choice Based Credit Semester System - CCSS)


1) To assist the students in developing a sound theoretical knowledge of the core concepts in Psychology and development of the discipline.

2) To initiate interest in the students for understanding the various applications of Psychology and development of the major fields.

3) To help the students to develop skills in using the various Psychological tools in individual and group assessment.

4) To help the students in identifying and analyzing behavioral problems and inadequacies in individuals.

5) To initiate interest in research of Academic and Social relevance and learn the scientific methodology to conduct independent research.

6) To sensitize the students towards community and social problems.

7) To motivate the students in equipping healthy personal and inter personal skills for individual and team work.


Those students who had opted Psychology has one of the optional papers in Part III, either main or subsidiary, for under graduation are eligible for applying for M.Sc. Applied Psychology. Selection is maid through an entrance examination including an aptitude test in Psychology and Personal Interview. Selection and Ranking criteria are as follows:

a) Total marks secured for Part III main for under graduation is counted out of 50 marks.

b) Written test for 30 marks.

c) Interview out of 10 marks.

d) Additional weightage of 10 marks for each paper studied in Psychology with a maximum of 60 marks.

e) Total ranking will be done out of 150 marks.

M.Sc. Applied Psychology (Choice Based Credit Semester System – CCSS)

Course Code Title of the Course Core/Electives Credits

Semester I

PSY1C01 Systems and Theories I Core 4

PSY1C02 Neuro Psychology Core 4

PSY1C03 Psychometrics Core 4

PSY1C04 Practical 1 Core 4

Semester II

PSY2C05 Systems and Theories II Core 4

PSY2C06 Applied Psychology: An Introduction Core 4

PSY2C07 Research Methodology Core 4

PSY2C08 Practical II Core 4

Semester III

PSY3C10 Counselling Psychology Core 4

PSY3C11 Health Psychology Core 4

PSY3C12 Current Trends in Psychology Core 4

PSY3C13 Fieldwork Practical III Core 4

Semester IV

PSY4C14 Dissertation and Internship Core 8

Elective Courses:

Course Code Title of Course Credits

Semester II

PSY2E01 Behavior Disorders 4

PSY2E02 Organizational Behavior 4

PSY2E03 Criminology 4

PSY2E04 Introduction to Classical Psycho analysis 4

PSY2E05 Fundamentals of Educational Psychology 4

PSY2E06 Paediatric Psychology - Assessment of

Exceptional Children 4

PSY2E07 Organizational Effectiveness 4

Note: No. of Additional papers that can be studies by students: ONE (Four credits)

Semester III

PSY3E08 Consulting and Clinical Psychology 4

PSY3E09 Industrial Management 4

PSY3E10 Forensic Psychology 4

PSY3E11 Perspectives in Educational Psychology 4

PSY3E12 Clinical Paediatric Psychology 4

PSY3E13 Organizational Development: Techniques

And Intervention 4

Note: No. of Additional papers that can be studies by students: ONE (Four credits)

Semester IV

PSY4E14 Guidance and Counselling 4

PSY4E15 Human Resource Management 4

PSY4E16 Forensic Clinical Psychology 4

PSY4E17 Behavior Modification 4

PSY4E18 Industrial Clinical Psychology 4

PSY4E19 Psycho Analysis and Psycho Pathology 4

PSY4E20 Psychological Interventions in Education 4

PSY4E21 Behavioral Therapies 4

PSY4E22 Psychology in Medical Setting 4

Note: No. of Additional papers that can be studies by students: Two (Eight credits)

Exposure given to students

  • Weekly Thursday Seminars

  • Visit to different institutions.

  • Field work.

  • Community development programmes.

  • Internship for a period of one month

  • Training for relaxation and Counseling

  • Training for test construction

  • Training for different data collection techniques

  • Training for data analysis using SPSS

  • Training for data presentation using PowerPoint

Guidance and Placement Services

  • Educational Guidance: Provides Information regarding courses and admission criteria of different higher level national institutions

  • Career Guidance: Provides information regarding career opportunities in Kerala

  • Placement Service: Provides informal help and support for Placement in different institutions in kerala including counseling centers, Deaddiction centers, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Training and research organizations & Industry