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Department of Sanskrit
Established in 1978
  Head of the Department : Dr. K.K. Geethakumary 

    The Department was established in 1978, ten years after the inception of the University Prof. M.S.Menon, an eminent Sanskrit Scholar and well known critic in Malayalam is the founder head of the Department.  Acclaimed scholars like Prof.K.N.N. Elayath (at present Director, Adayar Library and Research Centre, Adyar ,Chennai), Prof. N.V.P. Unithiri (former Principal Dean of Studies, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit,Kalady; Chariman , Cultural Publication Department, Government of Kerala, and Prof T.K.Narayanan, who served the University for a long time in the capacities of Syndicate Member, Academic Staff College Director and the Registrar, were the  members of the faculty.
    Within a short span of time the Department has registered an all round development.  Now it is one of the major research & publication centers. Under Calicut University Sanskrit Series, the Department has published 42 books. These include critical study/ edition of rare manuscripts in Sanskrit and doctoral theses having substantial contribution to the field of research in Sanskrit Studies.
    The Department brings out an Indological Research Journal (annual) which is named as Samskrtakairali.
    The postgraduate programme has been so designed that the students get an in depth knowledge in traditional and modern knowledge systems. The conceptual framework of the syllabus is made broad so that the outgoing students can pursue higher studies in the subjects like literary history, literary theory, comparative literature, Indian Philosophy, Textual criticism and Indian scienctific heritage. 
    Research Scholars are encouraged to take up topics from a wide range of research fields like classical tradition,scientific literature in Sanskrit, literary criticism, grammer and liguistics, fine arts and critical edition of rare works.
    The Department has been collaborating with various reputed National/International Indological research centers and Universities. We have signed MOU with acclaimed Universities of Europe.  Regularly we organize seminars, conferences and colloquia on pertinent research topics utilizing funds from institutions like ICPR,UGC, Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, Kendra Sahitya Akkademi etc. And the proceedings of such seminars and conferences are published.
    To make the research works meaningful and relevant in the present day scheme of things, interdisciplinary approach is wisely employed. 
  1. To provide in-depth knowledge for students in Sanskrit and Indian knowledge systems so as to use  them for contemporary purposes
  2. To carry out research in various aspects of classical traditions
  3. To disseminate knowledge related to Sanskrit to society through publications, seminars and other programmes
  4. To facilitate international collaboration with various agencies in indological studies

Thrust Areas
Literary theory, Indian philosophy, Indian scientific traditions, Manuscriptology, Comparative poetics.

Faculty Members
      There are three professors, two Associate Professors and one Assistant Professor as members of faculty.  
 Dr. N.K. Sundareswaran , Associate Professor
 Dr. C. Rajendran , Professor
 Dr. P. Narayanan Namboodiri , Professor
 Dr. K. Sekharan, Professor
 Dr. K. K. Geethakumari  ,Associate Professor & Head
 K. K. Abdul Majeed , Assistant Professor
Courses Offered
Course Name Intake Duration
M.A. Sanskrit (General)
24 4 Semesters
M.Phil Sanskrit
1 Year (2 Semesters)
Ph.D   1 Year (2 Sem)

 Seminars/Symposia/Workshops  conducted by the Department during the last 5 years
  •  2010
  1. International seminar on “Narrative Techniques in Indian Literature and Arts” 
  2. Prof. M.S. Menon Endowment by Prof. T.B. Venugopala Panicker on the topic ‘Introducing Pali’ 
  3. Textual workshop and intensive study of higher texts in Sanskrit grammar 
  4. International Seminar on Indian Linguistic thought in Retrospect and prospect 
  5. 3rd​  Prof. K.N.N Elayath Endowment Lecture 
  6. Sanskrit Day Celebration 
  7. Kalidasothsavam
  • 2011
  1. Advanced Workshop on Navya  Nyaya Prof. T.AryaDevi & Prof. V. Ramakrishna Bhatt 
  2. Prof. M.S. Menon Endowment by Professor P.V. Krishnan Nair on the topic ‘Relevance of classics’ 
  3. Two­Day National Sastrasabha 
  4. International Seminar on contemporary perceptions of classical India 
  5. 3 rd​  Prof. K.N.N Elayath Endowment Lecture 
  6. Sanskrit Day Celebration 
  7. Kalidasothsavam
  8. The Erudite Scholar in Residence programme 
  9. The Erudite Scholar in Residence Programme  
  10. National seminar on Indian music: Theory and practise 
  11. Prof. N.V.P. Unithiri Endowment All Kerala Oriental Conference
  •  2012
  1. International seminar on Vedic heritage of India: Contomparary approaches 
  2. 3rd Prof. K.N.N Elayath Endowment lecture 
  3. Kutiyattom performance and Demonstration Lecture 
  4. National seminar on Aspects of Indian Logic  
  5. Seminar on Buddhist sources of Mahimabhatta's Language Philosophy 
  6. 26th Prof. M.S. Menon Endowment Lecture 
  7. Sanskrit Day Celebration 
  8. International Lecrure Series 
  9. One day seminar on Literary Theory: Problems and Approaches 
  10. Kalidasotsavam 
  11. International Lecture Series by Cezary Galevicz on Pre­modern classification of knowledge 
  12. 7th Prof. N.V.P. Unithiri Endowment
  •  2013
  1. 4​ th  Prof. K.N.N. Elayath Endowment Lecture 
  2. 27​ th  M.S. Menon Endowment Lecture on Sanskrit poetics and Malayalam criticism 
  3. National Seminar on performance culture, Aesthetics: Re­reading 
  4. Sree Sankara Jayanthi Celebrations 
  5. Special Lecture on Indian Aesthetics: New perspectives 
  6. Sanskrit Day Celebration  & Vakyartha sadas 
  7. Special Lecture on Upanisadic Literature 
  8. Kalidasotsavam – A seminar on ‘Dialogue with contemporary: A reading of Kalidasa’s poetry’ and
    cultural events 
  9. 8th​  Prof. N.V.P. Unithiri Endowment All Kerala Oriental Conference 
  •  2014
  1. 28th Prof. M.S. Menon Endowment 
  2. One day career seminar on Sanskrit and Career prospects 
  3. 5th Prof. K.N.N. Elayath Endwoment Lecture 
  4. UGC sponsored National seminar on Kerala School of Mathematics: Trajectory and impacts 
  5. Three day workshop on Sastraic tradition and Modern research 
  6. Sanskrit Day Celebration 
  7. Kalidasotsavam 
  8. Koodiyattom Demonstration cum performance 
  9. 9th Prof. N.V.P. Unithiri Endowment All Kerala Oriental Conference

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