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I) Fee for Original Degree Certificate

1. The rates of fee for obtaining original degree certificates of various courses are as follows.

a. Certificate/Diploma/P.G. Diploma courses : Rs. 60/- + Rs. 50/- postal charge

b. Bachelors Degree courses (Non-professiona     : Rs. 75/- + Rs. 50/- postal charge

c. Bachelors Degree courses (Professional)   : Rs. 110/- + Rs. 50/- postal charge

d. Post Graduate Degree courses (Non-professional) : Rs. 125/- + Rs. 50/- postal charge

e. Post Graduate Degree courses (Professional) 

    including M.Phil and P.G. Diploma in Medicine  : Rs. 125/- + Rs. 50/- postal charge

f. Ph.D. : Rs. 300/- + Rs. 50/- postal charge

g. P.G. Second improvement   : Rs. 350/- + Rs. 50/- postal charge

2.Additional fee for late application for original degree certificate

          i) upto one year after passing the Examination : Nil

          ii) after one year and upto 3 years of passing the Examination : Rs. 25/-

          iii) after 3 years and upto 5  years of passing the Examination : Rs. 125/-

iv) after 5 years and upto 10  years of passing the Examination        : Rs. 150/-

v) after 10 years of passing the Examination  : Rs. 400/-

3. Special fee for obtaining original degree certificate urgently : Rs. 250/-.   Candidates who have once applied for the original degree certificate remitting the normal fee (including postage) can at a later date convert it to an urgent one by paying the special fee of Rs. 250/- in addition to normal fee plus postage.

4. Fee for obtaining duplicate degree/diploma certificate

a) upto 5 years of passing the Examination   : Rs. 300/-

b) upto 10  years of passing the Examination : Rs. 400/-

c) after 10 years of passing the Examination  : Rs. 500/-

5. Fee for obtaining duplicate degree/diploma certificate for second time : Rs. 1250/-

6. Service charge for re-issuance of undelivered Degree Certificate

a) Request received within five years from the date of preparation of Degree Certificate  : Rs. 300/- 

b) After 5 years : Rs. 625/-

II) Fee for Provisional Certificate

The rates of fee for obtaining provisional certificate of various courses are as follows.

a) Under Graduate courses and Graduate Courses except Engineering and Medicine : Rs. 40/-

b) All other Graduate /Post Graduate Courses : Rs. 65/-

c) M.Phil/Ph.D. : Rs. 125/-

III) Fee for other Certificates and Marklists

a) Rank Certificate : Rs. 125/-

b) Migration Certificate : Rs. 65/-

c) Duplicate Marklist   : Rs. 250/- for each marklist

d) Confidential Marklist  : Rs. 250/- + Stamped addressed envolope

e) Extract of Marklist of Pre-degree examination      : Rs. 30/-

f) Any other certificate issued by the Universtiy         : Rs. 65/-

IV) Fee for Private Registration

a) Degree Courses (B.A./B.Sc./B.Com./B.A. Afsal-ul-Ulama in Arabic) : Rs. 375/-

b) Oriental Title courses (Afsal-ul-Ulama Prel./Final and Adib-i-Fazil Prel./Final) : Rs. 250/-

c) Fee for Duplicate Private Registration : Rs. 125/-

d) Fee for cancellation of Private Registration : Rs. 250/- 

e) Fee for affixing Private Registration Seal on Duplicate T.C. : Rs. 75/-

V) Cost of Application Forms

a) Cost of application forms for all University Examinations : Rs. 15/-

b) Cost of application form for Private Registration   : Rs. 15/-

c) Cost of combined application form for Private Registration and  : Rs. 25/-

            first year degree examination

d) Cost of application form for original degree certificate   : Rs. 15/-

e) Cost of application form for provisional certificate : Rs. 15/-

f) Cost of application form for revaluation/scrutiny   : Rs. 15/-

VI) Fee for other services of the University

1. Matriculation fee : Rs. 65/-

2. Re-matriculation fee : Rs. 125/-

3. Recognition fee : Rs. 65/-

4. Revaluation of answer papers : Rs. 500/- per paper

5. Scrutiny of answer papers : Rs. 125/- per paper

6. Issuance of photocopies of answer script :Rs. 125/- per paper    

               7. Fee for Optional change : Rs. 125/-

                         8. Fee for Canceling the Registration/Examination/Part III Degree Subject

: Rs. 1250/-

9. Authentication of transcript copies of Marklists/Certificates : Rs. 1500/- for each marklist/certificate

10. Consolidation of Marklists for Degree Courses : Rs. 125/-

11. Consolidation of marklist for all Semesters of B.Tech. : Rs. 2500/-

12. Special late fee for accepting application for various University Examinations after the normal fine date and up to 20 days prior to the commencement of examinations : Rs. 500/-

     13. Application for Private Registration accompanied by the application for respective examinations after  the  normal  fine  date  and  up  to  a  period  of  one  month  prior  to  the  commencement  examinations Rs. 625/- 


14. Token Registration for examination : Rs. 650/- plus examination fee

15. Condonation of Shortage of Attendance 

  i) up to 10 days in case of Arts & Science Colleges and 10% in case of Professional courses:Rs. 350/-

  ii) with medical certificate – up to 24 days in case of Arts & Science Colleges and 20% in case of  Professional courses : Rs. 400/-


16. Certificate of extract of candidates register : Rs. 40/-

17. Attestation on U.G.C. examination applications of Private Candidates by the Controller of Examinations : Rs. 65/-  

18. Re-appearance for betterment of results – service charge for releasing TC & Mark lists

i) Before completion of the examination : Rs. 125/- 

ii) After completion of the examination but before publication of results : Rs. 65/-

19. Fee for obtaining unclaimed Marklists/Hall Tickets returned from examination centers : Rs. 125/ for each marklist/hall ticket.

20. Fee for cancellation of I year B.A./B.Sc. examination/registration already taken for admission to first year B.A./B.Sc. with another optional subject : Rs. 1250/-

21. i) Fee for discontinuing B.A. course to join in any other studies : Rs. 65/-

     ii) Fee for rejoin (B.A.Course) after discontinuation (if the fee was not paid before 

         discontinuation) : Rs. 125/-

22. Fine for revising the original degree certificate on suppression of facts/giving false information in the application : Rs. 250/-    

          23. Fee for change of examination centre : Rs. 125/- 

24. Service/Memo charges : Rs. 25/-

25. Postal Charges for all purposes : Rs. 50/-


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