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Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Calicut

 Specialisation/Area of Interest

Childhood problems (Especially Autism)

Cognitive Psychology Neuropsychology

 Academic Contributions 2010-14
  1. Ramachandran, R., Mitchell, P. & Ropar, D. (2009). Do individuals with autism spectrum disorders infer traits from behaviour? Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 50, 871878.
  2. Ramachandran, R., Mitchell, P. & Ropar, D. (2010). Recognizing faces based on inferred personal characteristics in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Autism, 14, 605-618.
  3. Freeth M, Sheppard E, Ramachandran R & Milne E (2013) A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Autistic Traits in the UK, India and Malaysia. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders,43, 503-752.
  4. Freeth, M., Milne, E., Sheppard, E., & Ramachandran, R. (in press). Autism across cultures:Perspectives from non-Western cultures and implications for research. In F. Volkmar, R. Paul,K. Pelphry, S. Rogers (Ed.) The Handbook of Autism and Pervasive Developmentalisorders (4th ed.). Wiley
  1. Facilitator training workshop in Theatre of the Oppressed conducted by Centre for Community Dialogue and Change, Bamgalore
  2. Lectured on the topic Social Cognition: Schemas and Heuristics (Psychology), Attribution: Process and Errors (Psychology) Live lecture series produced By EMMRC,
    Calicut University on 25/11/2013 to 16/11/2013
  1. Resource person at Centre for Research and Development of Autistic Children, Under Sarva Shiksha Abhyan, Kozhikode
  2. Member of UG Board of Studies, University of Calicut