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 r.K.M. Jayaram  


 Assistant Professor , Department of Botany
Address (Official) Assistant Professor
Division of Plant Diversity and Ecology
Department of Botany
University of Calicut
Tenhipalam-673635, Malappuram Kerala
Mobile: +91 9447956226,+91 9947147248
E-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Educational qualifications: 
  • M.Sc. Botany, Environmental Biology spl.University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram
  • M.Phil. Botany, Environmental Sciences spl. Pondicherry Central University, Pondicherry
  • Ph.D. Environmental Sciences University of Kerala (Ph.D. Thesis: “Studies on the role of aquatic macrophytes in the detoxification of polluted aquatic environments of Southern Kerala").
  • CDM (Disaster Management) IGNOU, New Delhi.

Teaching experience: 

  • 08 years
  • Pre-Doctoral – 01 year
  • Post – Graduate – 07 years
Employment details (former):
  • Assistant Professor (UGC Scheme, UPSC selection)
    Post Graduate Department of Plant Science
    Mahatma Gandhi Govt. College, Mahe,
    Union Territory of Puducherry – 673311

Lecturer (UGC Scheme)

Division of Environmental Sciences, Department of Chemistry, St. Berchmans’ College, Changanacherry, Kerala.

Research experience: 16 years
Research areas: Pollution studies, Resource analysis studies, Conservation and management studies, Biotreatment / Bioremediation studies, Eco - restoration studies, EIA.

Details of projects undertaken as: 5

Principal Investigator / Co-Investigator:

Experience in Guidance: Pre-Doctoral – 3

Post Graduate – 10

Research papers published: Sixteen

Seminars / Symposia attended:Twenty Eight

Popular talks given:Twenty two


Other academic affiliations:

Chief Editor,
ECO-CHRONICLE (ISSN: 0973– 4155)
A quarterly journal of Environmental and Social Sciences (www.ecochronicle.org)

Selected papers published
  • Studies on the effect of domestic sewage on the growth and yield of Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper., B. Kannabiran and C.C. Harilal, Pollution Research 17 (1): 1998; pp – 33 – 37.

  • Hydro geochemistry of two rivers of Kerala with special reference to drinking water quality., C.C. Harilal, Aknees Hashim, P.R. Arun and S. Baji, Ecology Environment and Conservation 10 (2): 2004; pp. 187 – 192.

  • Bacterial contamination of well water in and around Thiruvalla municipal area of Pathanamthitta District., C.C. Harilal and K. Sasikala, Indian Journal of Environmental Protection 24 (1): 2004; pp. 25 – 28.

  • Minerals and nutrients accumulation in Salvinia molesta (Mitchell.) with changing water quality., V. Sobha and C.C. Harilal, GEOBIOS 32 (2-3): 2005; pp. 137 – 140.

  • Phytoplankton diversity of two rivers of Kerala with special reference to aquatic nutrients., C.C. Harilal, Pollution Research 24 (4): 2005; pp. 773 – 776.

  • Minerals and nutrients accumulation in Pistia stratiotes L. in changing water., V. Sobha and C.C. Harilal, GEOBIOS 33 (4): 2006; pp. 237 – 240.

  • Influence of changing water quality on Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms. In the uptake patterns of various minerals and nutrients., V. Sobha & Harilal C.C., Ecology, Environment & Conservation 12(1): 2005; pp. 1-6.