Established in 1996
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Educational Multimedia Research Centre at the University of Calicut is one of the 17 Centres set up by the UGC to produce video programmes for broadcast on Doordarshan network, and conduct research in the hardware and software aspects of audio visual technology. The Centre is also expected to produce interactive educational multimedia CDs and WBTs.

Organised as a professional media production house, the Centre became operational in September 1998 as a non-vacation academic department funded fully by the UGC. Currently, the UGC broadcasts are available on DDI, Gyan Darshan, DD Bharathi and Vyas, the Higher Educational Channel.


The Credo

The primary target audiences of the educational video programmes are undergraduate college students studying in colleges located in small towns and rural areas. As per the latest audience survey conducted by ADMAR, the UGC broadcasts have an estimated audience of 22 million.

In consonance with the credo provided by the UGC, the educational video programmes produced at the Centre are aimed to upgrade, update and enrich the quality of education. While extending the reach of education, the programmes seek to arouse the interest of the students, whet their appetite and broaden their horizons. The programmes bring in new findings and take students on vicarious tours of places and laboratories they would rarely see. Besides conveying information, the programmes lay emphasis on the process of converting information into knowledge and hopefully, knowledge into wisdom.

With this kind of a policy, the programmes while providing a thorough understanding of the undergraduate topics in various disciplines, go beyond the syllabus and provide student-viewers a new insight into the principles, practices and procedures of various areas of their curricula. At the same time, the programming policies pay adequate attention to art, culture and environment by documenting the efforts of individuals and groups in preserving and enriching these facets of life.

The Centre has produced over 60 programmes of high quality in the areas of science and technology, art and culture, women empowerment and development issues.