Syllabus (Course Wise)


Model Question papers of CUCBCSS

Syllabus & Regulations

    2.  B.Tech / B.Arch
  M.Sc (Affiliated Colleges/Teaching Departments)
  M.A Programme Under CUCSS - Faculty Of Language And Literature Syllabus of Affiliated Colleges
  M.A CCSS Syllabus of the University Teaching Departments
  CCSS PG for Teaching Departments - 2014
  Choice Based Credit Semester System (UG) -Regulations 
  CUCBCSS -UG - 2014 - Syllabus

General & Academic- CUCBCSS UG Regulations 2014-Choice Based Credit Semester System -Modified Regulations - for all UG Programmes under CUCBCSS- Regular and SDE-w.e.f 2014 -implemented -Orders issued.

  Syllabus for other Programmes - (MJT,MCJ,MVC,B.Voc,BVC,M.Ed , B.Ed ,MPEd, M.Phil , MCA , MBA , Ph.D , P.G Diploma , IT Mission Programmes & Other Diploma Courses)
  Afzal ul Ulama Preliminary
  M.Ed-Revised Curriculum-Regulations, Scheme and Syllabus with effect from 2013 Admission
  Calicut University Credit Semester System for all regular Post Graduate Programmes in affiliated Colleges (CUCSS-PG-2010) Modifications implemented Orders issued. 
  Bachelor of Visual Communication (BVC) Under CCSS-UG 
  B.Ed Programme- 2 year B.Ed. Curriculum (Syllabus, Scheme of examinations and Regulations)-implemented with effect from 2015 admission -Erratum issued.
  B.PEd Programme- 2 year B.P.Ed. Curriculum (Syllabus, Scheme of examinations and Regulations)2015 admission
  M.Ed Programme- 2 year M.Ed. Curriculum (Syllabus, Scheme of examinations and Regulations)-implemented with effect from 2015 admission-Erratum issued
  Master of Science (M.Sc) programme in Statistics (offered by SDE)-Rules, Regulations and Syllabus-Approved-Implemented-w.e.f 2015 Admissions-Orders issued
   26.  Adib I Fazil Preliminary Course - 2016 Admission
   27.  Regulations for Community Colleges 
   28.  CUCSS PG Regulation 01.08.14
   29.  CUCBSSPG-2017- Regulations


Draft Syllabi for obtaining suggestions from teachers 

Change of Eligibility Criteria 

Change of Nomenclature 

CCSS-UG Under SDE Private - Syllabus & Regulations

Model Question Papers  

Choice Based Credit Semester System UG (CBCSS-UG 2014)-Steering Committee-Constituted-Orders issued