Established in 2015
Head of the Department: Dr. Mercy Thekkekara

Department of Law was established in the year 2015. The Department offers LL.M course with double specialization of two years. The main objects of the Law Department are: (a) to equip the students with sufficient skills to become excellent teachers, (b)to advance and disseminate learning and knowledge of law and legal and judicial processes, professional legal education and their role in national development; (c) to develop in the students and research scholars a sense of responsibility to serve the society by developing skills with regard to teaching, advocacy, legal services, legislation, law reforms etc., and (d) to promote legal and judicial reforms needed to strengthen the administration of justice in India.This Law Department was established with a view to cater to the requirements of the legal profession, law teaching ,research, and judiciary and it is expected that the students who study in this Department will eventually become legal practitioners, law teachers or engage in legal research or enter the judiciary in due course. The opportunity to specialize in two areas of law is the main speciality of this programme. Apart from the compulsory core papers, the specialized branch of law includes criminal law, business law,human rights law, environmental law and intellectual property law. Various elective courses are also offered along with these core courses. To make the study of law relevant to social needs and encourage focused research, the Department has introduced clinical legal education in the curriculum. The Department intends to provide adequate academic infrastructure - dedicated internet access,Wi-Fi Connectivity, on-line legal resources including Hein online, Westlaw India and Manupatra, a computer lab, besides a good collection of standard books and reports, both foreign and Indian.


To develop in the students a sense of responsibility to serve the society by developing skills with regard to legal services, legislation and law reforms needed for the society.


The LLM programme is developed to integrate Indian and global perspectives on aspects of corporate, international trade , intellectual property rights, criminal law and varied areas of Law and emphasizes on an international, transnational and comparative approach to research in the aforementioned fields of law. The program aims to equip students with skills for global research enabling them to adapt, innovate and apply their knowledge to international legal issues. The Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies aspires to be an independent research driven centre in the School offering more specializations/electives in areas of criminal law, business law, international law and comparative law and aims to start a doctoral program in law


The Department follows semester system which combines a rigorous academic schedule with ample opportunities for internships and training programmes. Each academic year consists of two semesters, one starting in June and other in December. A credit system is followed, where eachcourse is assigned a certain number of credits, depending upon the lectures. Legal education classes and weekly seminar hours in a semester. Recognizing the importance of rhetorics, research and drafting skills in the legal profession, curriculum requires each student to undertake research papers and dissertations. The research papers and dissertations are supplemented by compulsory presentation and discussion session including viva-voce

Thrust Areas

Criminal law, Business law, Constitutional law, Intellectual property law, human rights law, environmental law

Courses offered

LL.M 2 year with double specialization in Criminal Law and Business Law,

intake- 20


1. Dr. Mercy Thekkekara - Co-ordinator

2. Preethy Thampan - Assistant Professor

3. Najla Pazhayakath 

4. Veena Venugopal

5. Sruthi Bahuleyan R


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