Department of History
Established in 1963
  Head of the Department : Dr. Sivadasan   P


    The Department of Post Graduate studies in History was established in 1963 as part of the Calicut centre of Kerala University in the Guruvayurappan College. Prof. P.K. Karunakara Menon was appointed head of the department with Dr. T.K. Ravindran to assist him. Sri. M.G.S Narayanan joined them in 1964. With the establishment of Calicut University in 1968 the centre became part of the new University with full-fledged research activities. After Prof. P.K. Karunakara Menon, Dr. T.K. Ravindran took up his place in Kerala University (1971) and Dr. M.G.S Narayanan was appointed as the Head of the Department in his place at Calicut.  

  During the headship of M.G.S. Narayanan, the Departmentís reputation as a serious research centre of international standard was accepted by the academic circles and many historians and scholars used to visit and collaborate with the Department. Stephen Fredrick Dale, Ronald Eric Miller, E.P. Thompson, Noburu Karashima, Romila Thapar, Bipan Chandra, Nurul Hasan, H.D. Sankalia etc. were prominent scholars to associate with the Department. There were also occasions of national and international seminars, workshops, summer schools etc. to provide opportunities to the young scholars to familiarize with distinguished scholars as well as the issues of research.

    The support of the faculty members such as Prof. Ibrahim Kunhu, Prof. Raghava Varier, Prof. K.K. N. Kurup, Prof. S.M. Muhammed Koya, John Ochenthuruth , Dr. V. Kunhali etc. were enormous in the flourishing of the Department. After the retirement of M.G.S, a team of historians under Prof. K.K.N. Kurupís stewardship undertook a number of research proposals and which resulted in publications. Archaeological surveys, field visits, compilation and editing of the pre modern texts such as Vanjeri Grandhavari, Kootali Grandhavari, Kavalappara Papers and Keralolpathy Grandhavari made the research in Kerala history a serious affair.

  Major Achievements of the Department:
  1. Granted SAP by the UGC in 2004-09
  2. Second Phase of SAP (DRS-II) granted for 2009-2013
  3. Produced  81 PhDs
  4. Produced 172 MPhils
  5. Memorandum of Understanding with University of Tubingen, Germany.

 Faculty Members
Dr.P Sivadasan
Dr. Asokan Mundon  
Dr. T. M. Vijayan
Dr. Muhammed Maheen A
Sri. K.S. Madhavan
Dr. V. V. Haridas
Sri. Mujeebu Rahiman
Sri. Vineeth R
Courses Offered
Course NameIntakeDuration
M.A.History 20
4 Sem
1 Year(2 Sem)