Application Forms
     1. Proforma for Deputation of NSS Volunteers for NSS Youth Excahnge Programme.
     2. Proforma for Recommending College for Calicut University NSS Scheme Award
     3. Proforma for Recommeding NSS Unit/Programme Officer for Calicut University NSS Award
     4. Porforma for Recomending NSS Volunteers for University NSS Award
     5. List of Colleges with Alpha Numerical Code
     6. Application for National Service Scheme Certificates
     7. Enrollment Form
     8. Proforma for Submission of Monthly Report
     9. Application for Regular Work & Special Camp Advance
     10. Application for the Award of GRACE MARKS _NIC, PRD, YEP etc
     11. Proposal for Special Camp
     12. Proforma for applying for new NSS unit
     13. Monthly & Quarterly Report Form
     14. NSS Manual 2006
     15. General Instructions Regarding the implementation of NSS