Department of Statistics
Established in 1988
  Head of the Department : Dr . K   JAYAKUMAR

 The Department was set up in 1988 to provide facilities for teaching, training and research in Statistics. Since then it is actively involved in theoretical studies of real life situations from modeling point of view. The faculty of the Department have collaborative research work with scientists of various organizations within and outside India. Some of them have held common wealth fellowship and scholarship tenable at U. K. In addition the faculty advises and assists teachers and research scholars of other Departments of the University in Statistical Analysis of their data. As of 2010, 27 research students of the Department have been awarded Ph. D Degree. The Department Library has over 2100 books. The Department has a Computer Lab with 26 Personal Computers. Also it has packages such as SPSS and SYSTAT and other equipments such as OHP and LCD Projector. The Department has an active Alumni Association.

 Thrust Areas

Stochastic Processes and Applications, Reliability and Survival Analysis, Extreme Value Theory, Time Series Analysis, Applied Probability, Distribution Theory and Sampling Theory.

 Faculty Members
Dr. K. Jayakumar
Dr. M. Manoharan
Dr. N. Raju

Dr. C. Chandran

Smt. R.M. Juvairiyya

Guest Faculty Members:
Nishana K.
Mithun Kumar B.M.

       From 2008 onwards, the M.Sc Programme in Statistics has been shifted to the Choice-based Credit Semester System (CCSS). The Programme is so designed as to give intensive training to students covering the important branches of Statistics. The employment prospects for individuals with strong technical skills in statistics is excellent in research organizations, government, industry and education.                                        

Courses Offered
Course Name Intake Duration
M.Sc.  20  4 Semester
 2 Semester

  M. Sc. Statistics Programme under CCSS at the Department of Statistics, University of Calicut

Admission Criteria: Candidates with B.Sc. Degree (Minimum 50% marks) with (i) Statistics Main or (ii) Mathematics Main with Statistics as one of the Subsidiary Subjects are eligible. Applicants will be ranked on the basis of the total marks obtained for Part III of B.Sc. Examination. 30% of the total number of seats shall be reserved for B.Sc. Degree holders with Statistics Main. 

Course Structure & Syllabi

(With effect from 2010 admission onwards)

Duration of programme: Two years - divided into four semesters of not less than 90 working days each.


  Course Code              Type                          Course Title                                    Credits

I SEMESTER (Total Credits: 20)

STA1C01                     Core         Mathematical Methods for Statistics – I                  4

STA1C02                     Core         Mathematical Methods for Statistics – II                 4

STA1C03                     Core         Probability Theory – I                                              4

STA1C04                     Core         Distribution Theory                                                 4

STA1C05                     Core         Sampling Theory                                                      4


II SEMESTER (Total Credits: 18

STA2C06                     Core         Probability Theory – II                                           4

STA2C07                     Core         Statistical Inference – I                                            4

STA2C08                    Core          Design & Analysis of Experiments                       4

STA2C09                    Core         Regression Methods                                                4

 STA2C10                   Core         Practical – I                                                                 2 

III SEMESTER (Total Credits: 20)

STA3C11                     Core       Statistical Inference – II                                           4

STA3C12                     Core       Multivariate Analysis                                              4

STA3C13                     Core       Stochastic Processes                                               4 

STA3E--                     Elective    Elective-I                                                                 4

STA3E--                     Elective    Elective-II                                                                4 

IV SEMESTER (Total Credits: 18)

STA4C14                     Core         Project and Dissertation                                        8

STA4E--                    Elective       Elective-III                                                            4 

STA4E--                    Elective       Elective-IV                                                            4

STA4C15                     Core          Practical – II                                                           2 

Total Credits: 76 (Core courses-52, Project and Dissertation -8 and Elective courses-16). 

The courses Elective –I, Elective –II, Elective –III and Elective –IV shall be chosen from the following list.



  Sl. No.                                             Course Title                                   Credits

  E01                                            Time Series Analysis                                 4

  E02                                           Operations Research – I                             4

  E03                                            Lifetime Data Analysis                              4

  E04                                          Operations Research - II                             4

  E05                                               Queueing Theory                                   4

  E06                                         Statistical Decision Theory                          4

  E07                                               Reliability Theory                                   4

  E08                                              Actuarial Statistics                                    4

  E09                                      Statistical Quality Assurance                           4

For other P.G. Programmes under CCSS Scheme:

   E10                                  Statistics for Biological Sciences                        4



  Master of Philosophy (M. Phil.) Degree Programme in Statistics

Duration: One year programme in two continuous semesters.

Total Credits: 24

Semester-I (Total Credits: 12)

Paper-1: Research Methodology (4 Credits)

Paper-2: Advanced Trends in Statistics (4 Credits)

Paper-3: Specialization (4 Credits) 


            E01: Longitudinal Data Analysis

            E02: Stochastic Models in Queueing Theory

            E03: Advanced Queueing Systems

            E04: Laplace Distributions

            E05: Circular Distributions

            E06: Limit Theorems and Stability of Random Sums

Semester-II (Total Credits: 12)

            Dissertation & Viva-voce      (12 Credits)