Administration 'A' section

No.Ad.A4/67/2012               Dated, Calicut University P.O.,2nd January 2012
Read: 1. Minutes of the meeting of the Syndicate held on 08/12/2011 vide Item No.2011.813.
           2. Order of the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor dated 31/12/2011.


             The Syndicate at its meeting held on 08/12/2011 considered the proposal for decentralising the work in the Pareeksha Bhavan under seven Branch Heads for the purpose of administrative efficiency , quick governance and to provide better service to the student community and resolved vide Item No.2011.813 to accept the proposal. The Hon'ble Vice Chancellor has ordered to implement the decision of the Syndicate.

The following orders are, therefore ,issued:
             New System of Restructuring: In the new system, there will be 7 divisions in the CEs office(Fig 1 appended), each with independent responsibilities for a particular set of examinations alloted to each division. The head of the division is re-designated tentatively as Joint Controllers of Examinations(JCE) with total responsibility of each division. This new designation(JCE) is just for convenience and Statutory amendments for same may be made in due course. The following divisions under JCEs are created, under The Controller of Examinations, with independent charge and responsibilities.

          JCE-1: Central Confidential And General section.

               (The senior most Joint Registrar will work as JCE directly under Controller of Examinations)

          JCE-2: B.A. and Oriental Title Courses.

          JCE-3: B.Com And B.B.A.

          JCE-4: B.Sc.,B.C.A and Medicine Courses,(EPR-1)

          JCE-5: P.G. Courses and B.Ed /M.Ed Courses.

          JCE-6: B.Tech. Courses.

          JCE-7: Professional Courses.

Responsibility of JCE-1

     The following 5 sections will function under JCE-1,with specific responsibilities.
1.Central Confidential and General Section:
     Central Confidential Section is entrusted with the responsibility of preparation of question papers of all divisions(JCEs) of University
2.Central Tappal:
     Central Tappal will enter current details of the inward Tappal, give the current number and transfer it to the JCE concerned.
3.Central Store:
     (a).Store for keeping the answer scripts before revaluation.
     (b).Storing answer scripts after revaluation.
4.Monitoring Cell:
     *The distributions of question papers and answer scripts to the examination centres.
     *Collection of written answers scripts from Examination centres.
     *Redistribution of the scripts to valuation camps and
     *Transmission of valued scripts to the stores.
5.Any Other Responsibility assigned by the CE from time to time.

Responsibility of JCE-2 to JCE-7

Each JCE will have the following specific responsibilities and JCE of each division will be personally responsible for ensuring that the entire work assigned to each section is completed well in time.
     (1).Confidential Section (along with JCE-1)
     (2).Despatch Works
     (3).Conduct Of Examinations And Valuations
     (4).Tabulations, Revaluations ,& Degree Preparations
     (5).Any other work assigned by The Controller of Examinations /Registrar from time to time.

Wings Under JCE

     (A).Personal wing or General wing.(directly under the control of each JCE)
     (B).Operational wing-under the direct control of Asst. Registrars/SOs.

A.Personal wing or General wing

(Officer Responsible:JCE and section Officer)
     * Tappal Work
     * Transit & re transit of files from the JCE to higher authorities
     * Despatch of certificates,mark lists,letters etc., from JCE.
     * Transit of data sheets of degree certificates,RV applications to and from sections and its recording.
     * Recording and maintenance of record of degrees of certificates prepared and send through the JCE.
     * Sending appointments letters to examiners,fixing examiners for Revaluation,arranging CV camps, home Revaluation, making any arrangements for valuation of exigencies, etc
     * Assisting the monitoring/tabulation sections
     * Assisting camp valuation, transmission of answer scripts from centre to University or to camp centres.
     * All typing works
     * Assisting tabulation section in entering marks in the computer, publication of result
     * Convening Pass Board meeting after the completion of valuation and tabulation.
     * Convening spot payments to examiners on completion of the valuation.
     * Arranging valued answer scripts orderly with the help of monitoring cell.
     * Issue of result notification with revaluation dates, dates of next supplementary examination and date of its receipt of applications.
     * making communication and contacts with other JCEs.

B. Operational wing-under the direct control of Asst. Registrars/SOs

     * Verification of Registration of the students admitted in the Departments of University
     * Ascertaining the number of students registered for the examination and assigning the number of candidates to each centre
     * Preparation of Question paper Statements and Covers
     * Tabulation
     * Preparation of Issuance of Mark List and Provisional Certificate
     * Revaluation
     * Degree certificate preparation
     * Any other work assigned by section officers

Most Important: Since examination is a very serious, more responsible and time bound activity, it should be attended to more responsibility to complete all components of the task in an integrated manner,to publish the result in time. As such, it is the responsibility of each JCE to ensure that person with specific responsibility with respect to each item of work under the JCE are assigned to each staff(AR,S.O and assistants). The JCE should also ensure that the allotted work to the subordinated staff is completed on a time bound manner, and the result are published well in time. The result of each examination should be published with in 30 days from the last date of examination and work distribution and planning should be done accordingly.

The JCE will be the officer responsible for mobilizing the team in a disciplined manner and completing the examination work as per schedule fixed. If the JCE is need special assistance to manage any contingency during the course of the examination related work, the CE should arrange to provide the same. The overall responsibility with respect to conduct of examination and publication of result as per act and statue will continue to remain with the CE himself

Selection of JCEs: The senior most Joint Registrar or senior most Deputy Registrar(preferably with atleast 2-3 years of service to retire) Working in the pareeksha bhavan will be nominated as JCE of the respective division.

JCEs during leave: The JCEs may hand over the charge of their division to the next senior most persons in their divisions, assigning specific task to be completed during their absence, whenever they go on leave.

                                                                                                                                                                  Deputy Registrar(Administration)
                                                                                                                                                                               For Registrar


1.Central confidential
2.Central Tappal
3.Central Store
3.Examination and Valuations
4.Tabulation, Revaluation & Degree certificate preparation
3.Examination and Valuations
4.Tabulation, Revaluation & Degree certificate preparation
3.Examination and Valuations
4.Tabulation, Revaluation & Degree certificate preparation
3.Examination and Valuations
4.Tabulation, Revaluation & Degree certificate preparation
3.Examination and Valuations
4.Tabulation, Revaluation & Degree certificate preparation
3.Examination and Valuations
4.Tabulation, Revaluation & Degree certificate preparation


1. Tappal
2. Transit and Retransit of files
3. Despatch of marklist, certificates and RV Applications
4. Record of Degree certificates.
5. Sending appointment letters to examiners(Theory and Practical
6. Arranging Valuation
7. Assisting, monitoring/Tabulation Section and Camp valuation
8. Typing
9. Assisting publication of result.
10. Convening pass board meetings and spot payment camps
11. Systematic arrangement of valued answer scripts in the store.
12. Result notifications
13. Communication with other JCEs.
1. Registration of students
2. Assigning students to examination centers.
3. Preparation of question paper statements and covers
4. Tabulation.
5. Mark list and provisional certificates(preparation and issue)
6. Revaluation
7. Degree certifiacte preparation